I have some big ideas

Water damage scares me.  Not sure where that came from.  It’s not as though I went through a traumatic flood.  Pretty close a few times, but very lucky so far. For some reason, I am forever checking to be sure the pipes are fine and the water is turned off.  Add electricity to the mix and you can keep me awake at night. I hate all those movies where some unsuspecting bather finds the one loose wire in the house with a luffa.  Big, healthy respect for the water and electricity combo. That’s why I don’t feel lame at all for having the HVAC tech come to my house twice a year to be sure the HVAC unit is working properly.  No matter what you do, an HVAC unit is going to produce some condensation. The system is set up to ensure the water is channeled away from the components. But, sometimes the channels get clogged.  There is a drain line from the HVAC unit which carries away condensation. However, this line can become clogged and push water back inside. The water can then overflow the water pan under the inside HVAC component.  And, you guessed it, water seeps over the edge and all over wherever the inside HVAC unit is placed. That spells water damage. Worst case, there is a loose wire which comes into contact with the water, thus causing a short. A short would hopefully, and in most cases, only trip the breaker.  But, water damage and a fire would just ruin a person’s day. That just isn’t happening on my watch. Thanks to my professional HVAC technician, I actually don’t worry so much.

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I have to work on my condenser

There is a friend of mine down the street who has an air conditioned garage.  Can you imagine that, an HVAC treated garage? Perhaps it’s not that big a deal, but it seems fairly fancy to me.  My two car garage has room now for barely one car. And, that was because I dug in my heels over the garage being taken over by degrees of junk.  To be forthcoming, I too am responsible for much of the junk in our garage. I have leftover paint, bike parts, tools and stuff stacked in the garage.  But, my buddy’s fully HVAC treated garage got me to thinking. I am certainly not going to spend the money to air condition my garage. But the V in HVAC got me to thinking.  My garage could certainly benefit from some ventilation. With all the VOC’s from the paint, the gas cans, not to mention the car, the garage reeks. I have a heat pump for heating and cooling.  The air handler is placed in the garage. Now, perhaps I am being paranoid, but I really don’t like the thought of all the VOC’s leaking into the HVAC system. I know it’s sealed and pulls air from outside and the returns.  But, still why take the chance. And, this garage really stinks anyway.

I called my HVAC guy to check with him.  He said since I don’t have any actual CO2 producing HVAC components, installing a small exhaust fan would be fine.  So, that’s what I did. I went online to purchase an exhaust fan, then was able to install it myself. The little exhaust fan is programmed to turn on and off at scheduled times.  What a difference it has made! Not only does it smell better but it’s not nearly as hot.

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I am on board

I’ve put in my time and paid good money to live the way I do.  I want for nothing. Not trying to brag here, just truth. The career I have experienced has been fraught with sacrifice.  So, I if I want to own a certain painting, I most certainly will. I get my way now. My loft in the city is a designers dream.  I have a walk in closet which contains its own shoe closet. I get the best but I also take care of it. I have two other women as assistants.  And, it looks as though I may have to fire one of them. Having just returned from 6 weeks abroad, I came home to my loft to an 87 degree slap in the face.  The HVAC had been turned off. I was hoping against hope it had not been off long. The two assistants take their 2 week vacations during my travels. But, someone is always there to check on my precious possessions.  Once I brought up the lights, I knew it was bad news. The sight of mildew hit me just as its pungent smell touched my nose. The HVAC system must stay on to maintain the correct humidity levels. This is a must. Now, I am seeing hints of mildew on far too many things.  If the HVAC is not left on, I could very well be looking at thousands and thousand of dollars in damage to artwork alone. My first call will be to my assistants asking them to join me at my home. The next call will be to a deep cleaning crew to save what they can. But, first perhaps I’ll turn on the air conditioning.  I want to be sure the HVAC is on when the ladies get here.

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I would like to change our heater

Monday is my lazy day! I usually slack off until the early afternoon. I get up, throw myself on the couch, & remain there as long as I possibly am able to. It’s the greatest feeling! I don’t ever have to get up to switch the temperature control… I possess a smart temperature control which connects my Heating & A/C system with my smart iphone. I have been finding that on Mondays I use that feature a lot. I cannot help but laugh at myself. How lazy can a lady get? I cannot help it, the single thing I get up for is to use the restroom & beer. I don’t desire my unit to be marred by respected temperature controls. I do not even need to stand up for food. It comes directly to the front door. I was aware that when I bought this smart temperature control for our Heating & A/C proposal that I was going to love it. I suppose my hubby was particularly skeptical in the beginning but now I suppose that his worst fears about it have been verified. He has called myself and others lazy several instances. It’s perfectly accurate. He can control the smart temperature control from his iphone, as well, so the people I live with and I will occasionally have iphone fights over that temperature in the house… I’ll switch the heat up from my iphone, then the moment it kicks on for a while, he will be too sizzling & turn it back down on his iphone. We go back & forth sometimes more than four times a day until I am forced to get up off our couch & go grocery shopping. I sometimes reward myself for returning to the house as a grocery shopping winner & plopping right back down on my favorite spot. Ah sweet victory.

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I haven’t worked for a while

The invention of the smart thermostat has to be one of the greatest inventions to come out of the current digital age. This Marvel in HVAC technology has changed the way we consume energy. While they are not widely accessible as of right now due to pricing, they will soon be in more and more homes throughout America. Just like any technology it’s expensive at first but as it grows the prices come down. This particular aspect of HVAC systems is changing how we save energy because the artificial intelligence and machine learning of these thermostats. So the smart thermostat as you use it gathers information about your personal HVAC preferences. Through this Gathering of information it is able to deduct your behavior. So over time it will know when you want the house warm and when you want the house cold. It will learn when to conserve energy and when to use it. These smart thermostats will not make mistakes as soon as you leave for work in the morning the system will go on standby and conserve energy because it knows you are not there. We all try to save on our energy consumption but as in anything in science we are fallible. The human error in things will always be present and with a limited supply of energy on our planet today anything that we can do to conserve it can make all the difference. Because of this I think that it should be a top priority to get smart thermostats standardized. Every home should have a smart thermostat to control their energy consumption.

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The effective means of heating a home

I graduated from grad school last year and was able to secure a job in my career right away. This is unusual as most college graduates struggle to find their way into their careers. I was making six figure sums within the first year and after years in tiny apartments and dorms for many years my first big investment was a nice condo. This was my first nice place to live since I left home. All of my dorms had electric baseboards with no central thermostat. The apartments that I had lived in all had either an old furnace or an old gas stove. So my homes had not been particularly warm for years, I was looking for something that had a different HVAC method. The place that I decided on had something called a ductless mini split system. I had never heard of this but i was ready to give it a try, I could not be worse that the systems I had previously. So basically all a ductless mini split system is a tiny furnace that can be set in a ceiling or a wall and provide the heating and cooling needs for a single room. So this in turn creates a zone control system because each room had their own thermostat. I was skeptical at first as anyone would be but I have been pleasantly surprised. These mini splits keep the rooms perfectly heated and cooled. There are many things about my new condo that I absolutely love, but I think that having an effective HVAC system is my favorite thing.

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The adjustment was important

I have moved a few times in my twenty two years, and there is so much that I hate about it. But I will never forget the first time I moved from one state to another. We took a few weeks to pack up the house and everything we couldn’t leave behind, and then we had to get three different trucks to take everything two states away. Those trucks do not have very good AC’s in them, and the whole ride was really hot. The worst part though is when you get to a house that hasn’t been lived in for a while it is really stuffy and very hot, especially in a southern state. I hated walking into every new house we got, but that one was the worst. I will never forget how much I wanted to just take a shower and relax, but the AC wasn’t working and we got in so late we weren’t even able to sleep in our beds that night because we got in so late. We had to call a HVAC technician to come out and look at the system, but they couldn’t come out until the next day. Once they finally got out there they said they just need to tune up the system and it would be good to go. He said it wouldn’t work right because it was so hot and the system hadn’t been used in so long. After that day I told myself that I would always make sure that the HVAC system would work before I actually moved into a new house.

air duct sealing 

I am unsure what I should do

A few years back I moved into a much older house, and I didn’t realize just how much work I needed to get done until after I signed the papers and moved in. The day after I moved in I went to turn on the AC unit and it made some horrible noise and then turned right back off. I called a certified repair man to come out and look at the system, but since I moved in during the middle of the summer I had to wait a few days. Once he got out to my house I was told that I would have to replace my whole split system unit, which was money I didn’t have right then. I was given an estimate and I have since started to save the money I will need. I am not going to just replace the unit, but I am also going to update a few things. I am getting a new smart thermometer for my house so that if it gets warm throughout the day I can change the temperature while I am away. I have been telling anyone who can listen about what kind of system I am going to be getting, and while it is going to cost me a lot of money it will be worth it in the long run, I will be able to save on my electric bill every month. I have been recommending a smart thermometer to anyone who mentions it, because it seems like the smartest thing to get.

air conditioning 

These people are acting weird

Last week I returned home from a two day long fishing adventure and was welcomed with quite a surprise. The heating and cooling system in my apartment was showing no signs of life at all. I was super confused because it wasn’t even all that old. I decided to call the local HVAC company to come and take a look, and they said they would be out in around four hours. That’s a long time to go without any air conditioning in my opinion, so I decided to try and take matters into my own hands. I started messing around with the inner workings of the heating and cooling system in the hopes of getting it to turn back on. Looking back, I really should have waited for the HVAC repairman to come and help, because I had no clue what wires I was messing with. After messing around for a while, I must have hit the wrong wire and the entire A/C unit began making popping noises and was shooting out sparks for at least a minute or two. That was when I finally made the decision to stop and wait. When the repairman finally got to my house later that evening, he had some really bad news. The heating and cooling unit was completely fried on the inside. Apparently it would have been an easy fix if I would have just left it alone. Unfortunately, my know it all attitude is going to cost me thousands and thousands of dollars in air conditioning replacement costs.

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I do understand a lot

The air conditioning system that we have in our house needs to be replaced. My wife and I have been talking about taking this step for months, but we don’t want to spend all of the money for the brand new one. We are a young couple and we have tons of other expenses to worry about at the moment. One of the biggest ones being our mortgage and food costs. After doing a ton of research online, I think I have found a possible short term fix until we save up some more cash to afford to have a brand new heating and cooling system. I was online and found a very sweet deal on a portable mini heating and cooling system. This mini unit uses very little energy and also runs very silently, which is awesome in my opinion. Wherever we end up being in the house, we can just bring along this mini portable heating and cooling unit with us into the room. The mini A/C unit can cool off rooms of pretty much any size, so it’s going to be much more useful than the broken down air conditioning system that we are currently using at the moment. I talked to my wife about pulling the trigger on this last night before heading to bed, and she was even more excited than I was! I placed an order on the mini unit and it is supposed to arrive on our doorstep this weekend. I’m glad that we won’t have to be hot and sweaty all day at home now!

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