Home improvement with HVAC

Me and my wife love to watch home improvement shows on TV.  We both got the idea in our head that we can do this home flipping thing that was so popular on cable shows. So after a few years of bragging that we could do it we finally decided to!  We investigated the neighborhood auctions of delinquent tax seized homes and started to go to the auctions. Finally, a home came up that we thought would make a fantastic flip and we bought it!  The both of us had amassed our savings to buy this house, but it seemed like a good risk to take. After the home was ours it was almost Wintertime. It seemed like we had a couple of cold weeks of renovation ahead of us.  My wife proposed that the first thing we should do is have the whole Heating and A/C system of the home maintenanced and cleaned. I thought it was a reasonable plan and called the HVAC company that I used at our own home.  A serviceman came out abruptly and ran a number of tests on our oil furnace as well as the central air system. It turns out that it did indeed need a some routine repairs and tuneups and a cleaning of the air ducts. The cost was quite reasonable, and we knew it was going to be a very comfortable house once all the renovations were complete. We learned that house flipping is a lot of work regardless of how easy the TV shows made it look. We learned quite a bit on that first house flip, and now after 10 houses renovated and sold for profit we know darn well of the importance of having an HVAC system maintenanced and cleaned early on.

HVAC check up

A certification letter

The International Energy Agency reports show that over the next 30 years, global demand for air conditioning is expected to triple by the year 2050.  This research indicates that the pursuit for energy-efficient cooling and heating systems is a top priority. Over a billion buildings around the world have air conditioning currently, with that number growing to over 5 million buildings under A/C by 2050.  The mathematicians have come to the conclusion that the numbers amount to 10 new air conditioners sold every second for the next 30 years, according to this report. I’m just graduating from high school, so this type of information is the exact reason why I’m going to a technical school to learn all about HVAC technology. I want to have a career that will keep me working and making money, and let’s face it, everyone wants working air conditioning and heating.  I already know a few things about A/C, but I need to get the formal training and certification to be fully licensed, and I know that is the key to success in the HVAC industry. Most people prefer that their air conditioning and heating system be worked on by a certified HVAC technician, and later, with that certification, I can move up in the HVAC industry to supervisory positions, cost estimator, or maybe even marketing the A/C systems. With the need for good heating and cooling growing to the degree that it is, it only makes sense for me to learn as much about the HVAC industry as I possibly can.

air conditioner tune-up 

She had to call for HVAC help

My youngest sibling was experiencing problems with her HVAC unit some time ago. Well, that’s when she called an HVAC company for assistance. When the HVAC contractor arrived at her door, he went straight to work on her HVAC unit. Soon he got everything fixed, but when she asked him what it would cost, he just smiled. He told her it wouldn’t cost her a dime as it was on him. Of course, she was shocked; she even blushed. Then he provided her his number, instructing her to call him if she ever needed help with her HVAC unit or anything else. I must say, that guy left a drastic impression on her. For the longest time, he was all she could ever talk about. She has even tried doing weird things to her HVAC equipment simply to have a reason to call that HVAC contractor back over to her house. One time, she took out the air filter and pretended she didn’t really know what was wrong. Another time, she even placed dead batteries in the thermostat. He ended up helping her out on several occasions. Then, one time she asked him why he was always so nice to her. He responded that he hoped she would fall for him. He then asked her out for lunch and she said she accepted. Honestly, the guy is a real gentleman who is really great to my sister. She has gone her whole life trying to find a nice guy like that, and now he has finally come into her life. I always thought it was a romantic story of the way they got together. And I really adore the guy; in fact, our whole family does.

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A ductless mini split

The supplies for the add-on will be delivered on Saturday.  I have several sheets of drywall, 2 X 4 planks of wood, wiring, flooring, a smart thermostat and a ductless mini-split HVAC system ordered for the room remodel that I’ve scheduled.  My teenage son will finally get his own bedroom, and he’s excited. He’s been working hard at school, getting excellent grades, and my wife and I promised him his own room for all that hard work.  My brother and I are construction workers, so I truly believe that we can get the remodel done quickly. I’ll need the help of a friend to get the smart thermostat installed, as well as the ductless mini-split system.  My son, Michael will certainly appreciate having his own thermostat, all to himself. That is just one benefit to the ductless mini-split HVAC system. Another reason we chose the ductless mini-split for his new bedroom is because it is a cost-efficient way to provide heating and cooling to a new home addition, or to simply improve temperature control to specific rooms, both of which we need help with for his bedroom.  I’d say, that if not for a new addition or remodel of some type, most HVAC users will choose the ductless mini-split because of the cost-savings associated with that technology. Ductless systems operate on less power and they are smaller than forced-air systems, and because temperature-controlled air is delivered directly to a certain room, the ductless mini-split system is more efficient. I expect that Michael will be very comfortable in his new bedroom, all to himself.

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Bad idea touching the HVAC

Just the other day, I was relaxing at my best friend’s house! The two of us were hanging out playing some video games and eating snacks when a terrible thing happened: the cooling system broke down! My buddy was trying to figure out what to do. First he checked the temperature control and messed around with it. But not matter what he did, he couldn’t get the cooling system to turn on again. He then checked the HVAC component and the outdoor condenser unit. He didn’t know what to do, honestly. I advocated for calling an HVAC company yet he said he didn’t want to do that. He was convinced that it would cost too much for the service call. He started searching the internet looking for DIY service videos for HVAC systems. Most of the videos made it seem incredibly complicated. I told my best friend that there is a reason the professionals go to school to learn the ins and outs of this trade. He thought he could still repair it himself, however, so he grabbed some tools and started working on the HVAC unit. I told him this was an awful idea and still, he wouldn’t listen to me! When he was dismantling the HVAC component, there were suddenly flames and the electricity in the condo all went out at once. I told my best friend that is why it’s best to go with the professionals! I found a number for an electrician and for an HVAC company and then I handed him my phone! He knew at that point that he truly had no option aside from contacting the professionals to repair this mess! The electrician had the power restored shortly, luckily. Before leaving, the HVAC worker said that my buddy shouldn’t have messed with the HVAC unit.

HVAC expert

We need a digital thermostat

We have such an old fashioned thermostat at our house that I’ve actually had friends make fun of it! It’s one of those super old round dial looking things with the little red arrow and the bubble inside. I think it probably dates all the way back to the 50s or the 60s. My husband Jack is of the mindset that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! Well, we’ve lived in this house for the past 12 years and all that time, I’ve had to deal with this ancient thermostat. I feel like if we got a new digital programmable thermostat, it would actually help to make our old home more energy efficient. See, a programmable thermostat would allow us to set the temperature in the house to different levels when different areas of the house (or the entire house) are empty. I’ve always thought that it makes no sense at all to keep our house heated and cooled all day long just so we can come home to a warm or cool home at the end of the day. It would be awesome if we could program the thermostat to come on half an hour or so before we get home from work! Then the A/C or the furnace would kick on at just the right time and it would save us tons of money. Plus, there are all kinds of different thermostats that you can choose from, depending on your family’s specific needs. I wish my husband would just see the wisdom in this and let me schedule an appointment with an HVAC technician to come out and at least give us an estimate on a new thermostat! We certainly could use one, even if our old, antique thermostat is technically still working.

programmable thermostat 

A furnace issue

During the last winter season, my hubby and I ended up with an oil furnace emergency! If you’ve never dealt with an oil furnace emergency, then you might not realize what a crucial concern it can be, especially if you reside in the northern area of this country as we do. It often drops below freezing here, which means if your oil furnace isn’t working, you could easily freeze to death in your house! We soon realized that space heating systems and kerosene heating systems really don’t cut it when you’re trying to heat an entire house! You certainly must have an oil furnace that is in good working order. And that is why this fall, my hubby and I agreed to have a heating preventative maintenance check done on our furnace. We were sure to schedule it before the cold temperatures outside grew even colder. When the HVAC specialist came out to the house, he explained that the safety check and furnace tune-up would include cleaning the burners and the heat exchanger as well as the pilot light, in addition to checking the main gas valve, the blower belt, the furnace controls, the safety pilot operation, and the oil blower. When the HVAC specialist got finished telling us about all of the things he was going to check for us, I felt a lot like giving him a hug! No way would we end up freezing in our house this year during the winter! I know that going forward, I will schedule one of these heating preventative maintenance safety checks every year in the fall.

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Having to do HVAC wrok

One of my favorite places to spend holidays is at my family’s house in the mountains. A few years ago, my siblings and I went in on the house because we very much desired to have a place to use throughout the year when we just needed an escape. When we bought it, we all split the price equally. Plus, we all signed up for varying maintenance tasks so that we could be certain we kept it in good shape! One thing that I’m primarily responsible for is taking care of the HVAC unit. I have to make sure that the air filters are changed often and that the coils get cleaned, too. On top of this, I schedule a routine service visit with an HVAC company once a year so that the company can come and check everything to be sure it is in good shape. I believe that it’s good to do this so that any small issues can be weeded out before they grow worse. Luckily, so far we haven’t had to deal with any unexpected air conditioning troubles, a good thing because we use the house fairly frequently. It’s about four hours away from the town in which we all live, so we take turns going up to the vacation home with our own youngsters. Occasionally, we will pick a weekend where we are all there together in order to catch up and just spend quality time together. I really don’t mind taking on the job of maintaining the air conditioning because it’s something I’m very familiar. I know how pressing it is to have it stay in good shape. It is vital to ensuring out ability to really enjoy ourselves at the house!

a/c specialist 

There’s a defective wire in here

Isn’t it funny how when one thing goes wrong, they all seem to go wrong? Well, I guess it’s not really funny, but it certainly is ironic. For instance, when the part of country that you live in is in the middle of a heatwave, of course that’s when your air conditioner won’t start. It seems like any kind of air conditioning disaster always happens on the absolute hottest day of the summer. This past summer, the temperatures outside were so burning hot that all I really wanted to do was sit in my bedroom with the window A/C unit running full blast and the air vents blowing right in my face. Well, of course, when I finally had time to do exactly that, of course my air conditioner just wouldn’t start. I was so upset and so overheated that I nearly started crying. I started wondering what the problem was, since the A/C unit was fairly new. I wondered if there was a defective wire in the unit somewhere or if maybe a breaker had flipped somewhere. I started to check out the A/C unit, but I couldn’t seem to find anything wrong with it. Before I gave up and called an HVAC professional to come and check it out for me, I happened to think that there might be one more thing that could be the problem. The window unit just seemed like it wasn’t receiving power. I had the phone in my hand to call the heating and A/C company down the street when I checked one more thing: the power cord. It turns out that the power cord had come unplugged from the wall and that’s why the A/C wouldn’t work.

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Smart thermostat does it all

My brother offered to move our parents into his apartment that was above his place.  I am not ecstatic about the idea, although I didn’t have the heart to put them into a home at their age. They weren’t super old, but they were having troubles living alone. Having them live at the same location with my brother made a lot of sense. He called me the other day, however, and he was not happy. He had offered to pay the utility bills for our parents and he just got the first months bill. It was way higher than any that other tenants had experienced and he wasn’t sure he could afford to keep them there.  I asked my mom about it, but she said she used the temperature control the normal amount. I knew we needed to do something about this raise in heating as well as cooling cost. I offered to take mom and dad out for a bit so that an HVAC tech could check out the unit in the apartment. The guy was awesome and filled with suggestions. In the end he advised my brother install the Smart App for the temperature control. It would allow him to see the daily usage. In the worst case scenario, he could can make adjustments to the temperature control from his phone. He felt awful spying on our parents, although he had to find out what was happening. He watched for one month and saw how they would leave on the heating or air conditioner when they weren’t home. He couldn’t believe how much they used both the heating and air conditioner.he began to watch for them to change the temperature and change it back without them ever figuring it out.

programmable thermostat