A trip without air conditioning

I love traveling and exploring the world. I have taken a few trips so far to Europe and have loved each one. I’m retired and now have the means to see the world like I always wanted. It is thrilling to see historic places that you read in books with your own eyes. I was a salesman professionally, and my favorite part of the job was meeting new people. That’s why I like to rent rooms from people in their own country when I travel instead of using a hotel. The only small complaint I have is that usually, there is no cooling unit to make the houses comfortable in the summertime. Perhaps I’m getting old, but I don’t enjoy being hot in the summer months when I’m relaxing. My hosts are very kind, and last trip the family even found a shop nearby where I could rent a portable HVAC unit! It was such a relief to feel the cool breeze of the A/C unit while I slept. I don’t try to force my preferences onto my gracious hosts; many aren’t bothered by the heat but I can’t lie, they do appreciate the cool, comforting breeze the A/C makes when it’s available! I’ve usually traveled in warmer climates, but sometimes during the cooler mornings it’s nice to have a little warm boost from a trusty furnace. None of the families I’ve stayed with lack for heat, which is a comfort to me. I can’t wait to explore more areas of the globe, but maybe I should research more thoroughly if an air conditioning system is available for those sunny, muggy days.

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Zone control and my pregnancy

As we already have five children, I was not expecting to get pregnant again. You can imagine the look on my face when my doctor came into the room and said, “congrats!”. I didn’t even know how to tell my husband because we thought I just had a flu bug or something. For the most part, my pregnancies have never been too bad. But, this one has been quite different. It seems that I am experiencing every stereotypical symptom that there is.  My moods swings are all over the place and I can’t figure out why it is so different. My body temperature fluctuates constantly.  One minute I am boiling and the next I am freezing. At first, I was only changing from air conditioning during the day to heat at night.  But, once I hit our six week mark, all bets were off and the settings were changed hourly sometimes. This has really started to take a toll on my family and my marriage.  Not only do they all have put up with my moods but they are always complaining about being too cold or too hot. My husband has told me he is going to check me into the crazy house if I keep it up.  I told him, that he could carry the baby if he wanted!  He decided instead to call our HVAC dealer to see if there was something they could do. They arrived promptly and proceeded to do an energy assessment on the entire house. They said that the best suggestion they could offer us was a Zone Control System. This would allow us to change the temperatures in each room. It was a dream to think that we would find finally have some peace and comfort in our home again.  

Getting some more information

My hometown team is going to be in for a super important game next Friday. My son’s team made it to the playoffs, and his team really won! His team will be playing in the district championship game. This is particularly great, however it is also bad, and it is terrible because my son’s team is playing the team that my other son coaches for. I don’t know who to root for! I moved down south  to get out of the harsh freezing of the north! A a matter of fact, I have a Heating and Air Conditioning repair appointment coming up this week that I need to attend to, when my heating and cooling idea gets checked out and cleaned out twice a year. I will even get my ductwork cleaned up. I do this to make sure that myself, and my family, has the best heating and cooling idea that we all can. Air quality is also a actually important aspect to us. I suffer from some pretty terrible seasonal flu symptoms, so dust and pollen have a tendency to get stuck in the ductwork. I was really debating on getting a up-to-date air purification idea to work in tandem with my special air filter. I will have to get some information form the heating and cooling idea worker when he comes over for my Heating and Air Conditioning idea inspection later on this week. If it is not too pricey, I am going for it; Now I just need to figure out what team I am going to root for this coming weekend! Either way, I believe I’ll have a well working heating and cooling idea in my awesome home in time to leave for the big game.

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My family enjoys football

My hometown is going to be in for a super huge game this coming Sunday. My team somehow managed to make it to the playoffs, and I was absolutely surprised when we won! Now, my team will be playing in the regional championship game. I believe that this is absolutely good, however it is also bad, and then it is terrible because my current home team is playing my old hometeam. I don’t know who I am supposed to root for! I moved down to the south  to get out of the extreme frigid of the north, then as a matter of fact, I have a Heating, Ventilation and A/C idea maintenance appointment coming up this weekend that I need to attend to. My heating plus cooling idea gets inspected, checked, plus cleaned twice during every year. I will even have to get my air duct cleaned out. I do this to reassure myself, plus my family, that every one of us will have the best heating plus cooling idea that every one of us possibly can. Air quality is also a easily important thing to us. I suffer from some pretty terrible seasonal dust irritations, and dust plus pollen have a propensity to get all gunked up in the air duct. I was absolutely debating on getting a new air purification idea to work together with our special air filter. I will have to get some information about this from the heating plus cooling idea worker when she comes over for our Heating, Ventilation and A/C idea inspection later on this week. If it isn’t too ridiculously expensive, I’m going for it, and then I just have to figure out what team I’m going to root for this coming weekend! Either way, I know I’ll have a good working heating plus cooling unit in our awesome home so I can watch the game comfortably!

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This boiler is affecting our happiness

I have a ballet studio that is in a basement of a shopping center. It really is not a bad location. The shopping center is a huge landmark where everyone goes. So I get a lot of foot traffic and people looking in and getting interested in classes. Also the basement is nice and cool in the Summer. I don’t have to worry about an air conditioner or my girls passing out. The ceilings are high and the floors are in good shape. The problem with my location is that in the Winter my basement gets super hot. I know, that seems weird that a basement would get warm. My theory is that it is the boiler systems fault. The shopping center uses a boiler system for their main heating source. The heater is set up in a supply closest in the basement. The boiler is literally in the basement with all of my equipment. I have a separate thermostat for the store. The supermarket can be set at 70 degrees and I can set the basement at 50 degrees. They should not affect each other’s temperature control. But I think the presence of the boiler system affects it. Even though I have my thermostat set as low as it can go, the boiler is still heating up then closest. It heats the whole closest and the warm air goes up to the supermarket. That heating still is in my basement. So the girls and I are dying all Winter long with that heavy heating. I have thought of getting AC for the Winter season.

We’re looking for a new heater

I am a superintendent at my local school. I have a lot of things that I need to take care of on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. One problem occurred in our school that I have never done before. I had to figure out a heating replacement in the school. Our school had been using radiators for years and years. The heating system finally quit and we needed a new one. So it was up to me to choose the heater device. I had to do a ton of research on heating and talk to a lot of HVAC businesses. Through my research and talking to a HVAC contractor, I decided that a boiler system would be best for the school. A boiler is best for a school since it has such large heating capabilities. The boiler can heat the entire school building all on its own. Our school already had air ducts in place too. So the boiler heats, and the warm air moves through the ductwork. This then creates one centralized school temperature. What also is a perk of a boiler unit is that a boiler can last a really long time. A furnace lives around 10-15 years. A heat pump has an even shorter lifespan. With no heating service, a boiler will live around 30 years. Honestly, if you care for your boiler system it can live anywhere from 50-80 years old. The main reason people get rid of boiler is because they are out of date and no longer make replacement parts anymore. I like that idea for our school.

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What do I do with my heater?

I am starting new and moving to the north. I always wanted to try out northern living. I want to see four distinct season. I want to experience changing leaves and snow for the first time. I also want to try a faster pace and new type of culture. Right now I am packing up all of my things to take up north. The problem is that I don’t know what to keep and what to toss. Where I am going does not get too warm. So all my shorts, tanks and flip flops are not necessary. Maybe only a few of each. I need more warm clothes. I also am not sure what to do about my space heater. I’ve lived in the south my whole life. I have only needed a space heater to be honest. The Winter’s here just don’t’ get that cold. The space heater is only for really cold days. I run it for a few hours and my little apartment is toasty warm. The new place I am moving into has a gas fireplace. So I feel like I don’t need my little heating system. Everyone I talk to about the north though says how cold it is. I heard that some people have multiple heating systems. People want a heater in every room. It might not be a bad idea to take the little heater. I could use the fireplace for my main apartment. Then at night time I could plug in the space heater for added warmth. The space heater does take up a lot of space though.


I don’t want to do this heat pump repair

I hate being an adult. I recently moved out of my parent’s house and in with my boyfriend Jimmy. Jimmy can’t handle all of the tasks that my parents did for me. Jimmy does not cook and fold laundry like my mom. Jimmy does not repair and do taxes for me like my dad. My boyfriend insists that we share the burden and do these horrible jobs ourselves. The two of us are not very impressive. For example our heat pump system with our apartment just stopped working. Normally I would just tell my dad and he would fix it. Well I now live with my boyfriend. So I told him and he did not know what was wrong. So the two of us took a look at the HVAC unit. A heat pump is pretty complicated. It has an indoor and outdoor unit. It also controls the heat energy inside and outside of the home. If you want heating, the heat energy is inside. If you want cooling, the heat energy is pushed outside of the home. What really is bad is that our heat pump system is a geothermal system. That means that the outdoor unit was buried under the lawn. How do you access that unit? Did we need to get shovels? Also the heat pump can do both heating and air conditioning. So Jimmy and I had no clue what was the deal with the heat pump. Was it the cooling function? Was it the outdoor unit? Are there batteries with it? We had to call my dad to deal with it.

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My parents don’t let me touch the thermostat

My parents have a vacation condo. To get away from work and stress, I stayed at their condo for a week. The condo was really nice, clean and cute. The issue is that my parents have all smart technology installed. My parents have a nest camera and smart thermostat all hooked together. Typically the camera would be set outside of the condo to monitor if anyone comes in. Then the smart thermostat is controlled by your phone inside of the home. You can decide if you want heating or cooling. Well my parents are not at their condo enough. So they decided to put the camera inside of the house to see burglars. Well they did not tell me where the camera was. So I know I am constantly moving in front of the camera alerting my parents what I am doing. They love this, and I hate it. I don’t like that they know where I am 24/7. Also my parents run the smart thermostats from their computers. So I can’t even change the heating or air conditioning. I actually have to call my parents and ask for more or less cooling. They forbade me from manually adjusting the climate control. Apparently the thermostat is set to a specific temperature control program. They don’t want me to change it accidentally or make a new program. So they felt it was better for them to do it for me. Was that horrible? Yes it was. It was especially horrible when my father would not turn on AC for me since it was not an energy efficient temperature according to the thermostat.

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Repairing the boiler

Tommy and I recently moved into a house of our own. We are renting it out, which is better than owning. The main reason I say this is because Tommy and I have realized that we are not handy. Anytime something goes wrong in our apartment, we have to call someone. Tommy and I are totally helpless. For example, we have a boiler unit in our home. The boiler literally does everything for the house. First, the boiler is the main heating system in the house. It provides heating for every area and surface in the house. Second, the boiler also is hooked up to our hot water tank. So the boiler serves as a water heater simultaneously. Third, we were told that the boiler could be hooked to piping in the floors to created heated floors. Tommy and I are very interested in that. Well the heated floors had to wait because the boiler died on us. Again, so glad we are renting rather than owning the house just the two us. The boiler just turned off and would not turn on. My boyfriend and I messed around with the boiler for a long time before we finally gave in and called the landlord. The landlord messed with the boiler for only 30 minutes and got it up and running again. If Tommy and I were on our own, we definitely would have called a HVAC business and been charged a ton for this. So maybe it is good that there are still people looking out for the two of us. We are still sort of helpless.