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If you look hard enough, and use the internet to do the right kind of research, you can find almost anything you need for a good price. Sometimes it’s easy, you can just go to Amazon or one of the major sites and click to order, whatever you want can be delivered within a few days. Sometimes the web doesn’t have the right answers, or the item you want is too big and bulky to ship inexpensively. That’s when you have to get creative. You need to peruse swap meets, flea markets, and garage sales, and start hunting through online classified ads. It happened to me recently when my central air conditioning system broke in my home, leaving me sweltering in the summer heat. Ordering a used one offline was ridiculous, they are so heavy the shipping for the AC unit cost more than the thing itself. And to buy a new air conditioner meant going through a dealer or an HVAC contractor, and those were also out of my price range. So I started thinking smaller, and looking for the box style air conditioning unit that you can mount in your window. Since they were not current technology, I found there were a lot of these old AC units out there, and could be purchased for a fraction of what a nice new HVAC system would cost me. I found an old but working window AC unit at a nearby flea market, and it wasn’t the prettiest thing you’ll ever see, but it’s job was cooling down my room, and it did it’s job very well.

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Reviewing the company

My husband and I recently purchased a new home. We are first time home buyers and it was a new and exciting exciting experience for us. However, it is in a different part of town than we are used to and about a forty-five minute drive from everything we have grown to love. The reason we moved was because we are about to start a family and the school district is much better on this side of town. So, we went ahead and bit the built and moved. The only downside is now I don’t know who to call when I need maintenance done on my house, my car and even my hair. I don’t want to have to drive all the way across town to go to the places that I know best. When my air conditioner stopped working last week, I thought it was the perfect time to look for a new HVAC technician that my family trusted. I honestly had no idea where to start so I did some research on the internet. I found a lot of local HVAC companies but only one had a five star review. It also had many reference from people in the area, so I decided that I would call one or two of them. After speaking with a couple of people about the HVAC company I felt comfortable calling them to schedule an appointment. Everyone I spoke to said the HVAC company was always prompt and did their work in a timely fashion. This was definitely an important factor for us because my husband and I both have full time jobs!

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This concert is freezing

I am incredibly lucky to have a super supportive boyfriend who encourages me to do anything that makes me happy. He wants me to follow my passions and find whatever makes me happy in life, and I’ve never had someone act so enthusiastic and helpful about my personal creative projects. Because he’s so great, I really try my best to be a supportive girlfriend back. This means I attend a lot of progressive academic musical concerts, as he’s a professional percussionist in the new music movement. I have to say, one of my only complaints is how cold many of these shows are. It’s like they have the air conditioning running at full power, making it frigidly cold in the venue. I’m sure that these cold temperatures are great for the instrumentalists on stage who are likely getting too much heat from the lights overhead, but the AC gets way too intense when you’re just sitting still in the audience. I always end up directly beneath an air vent somehow, and can feel the AC flowing all over my body. I bring sweaters, but they never keep me warm enough when I’m combatting the full power of the central cooling unit. This is exactly the scenario experienced last Friday night. Though the outside temperature was about 80 degrees, the indoor air temperature hovered around 60. I couldn’t get away from the ventilation system, and although I had a sweater on, I also put a sweatshirt on over it. I swear to you, my fingers were blue by the time I was finally able to escape the air conditioning.


A strange time of year

I love the fall season. I enjoy all of the autumn activities, like picking apples, carving pumpkins, and going for long walks through the colorful forest. I enjoy the relief from summer heat, and relish in the seasonal fashion. I think it feels amazing when the air suddenly drops ten degrees and becomes crisp and clear. The sky is always brilliantly sunny or a warm overcast gray, and both of which feel amazing when the temperature is just right. The biggest challenge of fall is the first few months, when it remains quite hot during the daytime, but drops thirty degrees at night. This wild fluctuation in temperature makes it very difficult to plan your wardrobe every day, but is also extremely wasteful when it comes to HVAC usage. At night it’s so chilly that you want to employ your furnace, especially to help ease the transition in the brisk mornings. If your heater isn’t operating the early morning is brutally cold, but the temperature quickly increases as the sun rises. By eleven in the morning, it is no longer in the 40s or 50s, but climbs into the 70s. If you’ve forgotten to turn off your central heating before you leave the house, you waste a ton of energy heating your house all day long. As the sun sets, the temperature plummets again and it’s suddenly necessary to turn up the furnace once more. And so the cycle continues. All of this thermostat adjusting costs a pretty penny in energy bills and really tests your memory every morning and night!

An old furnace repair

My family and I use to live on a farm when I was in high school.  We had about 50 acres of pastures and lots of farm animals.  My mom really enjoyed horses so she had 4 of them and would ride them around the property.  We also had lots of chickens, some ducks, a cow, and a couple of goats to help keep the pasture grass down to a minimum.  On the land was also an older farm house which we had remodeled on the inside.  It was quite nice once we were done with it and it turned out to be one of my favorite places to live.  The only downside to the place was the furnace.  It was really old and very temperamental at times.  I felt like every time I was home alone, it would stop working and I could never get it going again.  Luckily, I had a back up which was our huge wood stove that was located in the center of the house.  So, everything the furnace went out and my parents weren’t home I could still heat the house on my own.  One weekend when my parents were actually home, the furnace went out yet again.  My dad went down to see what was the matter and realized the pilot light wasn’t staying lit.  So, he called one of his friends who was an expert in furnace repair.  Unfortunately, he said the furnace really wasn’t worth fixing and we should just purchase a new one.  It would be worth the money just to have the peace of mind knowing it was going to work everyday.  Thankfully I didn’t have to worry about the furnace after that.   

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A new mini split system

Last week, I was promoted at work! I was super excited and thrilled to receive a higher paid position, along with a brand new title. With my new promotion, I had the opportunity to work from home. Most of my responsibilities were handled over the phone or internet, so there wasn’t much need for me to be in the office, except for meetings. They told me that I could have my own office space if I wanted, but I thought it would be nice to work from home. I had two kids in middle school, and knew they would be gone during the daytime so I could get my work done in peace. However, I would be home by the time they got off the bus and I could be around for any emergencies. There was a spare room in my home, which I thought would make the best place for me to concentrate and get things done. The only problem with my spare room, was that it was an add on to the house a few years back. This meant that it wasn’t attached to the HVAC system, and I wouldn’t be able to feel the heat or air conditioning like the rest of the house. My HVAC dealer recommended that I invest in a mini-split system. I didn’t know what that was, and he informed me that it was specifically for additional rooms that weren’t attached to the ductwork. He offered me their most efficient system, which would keep the room at a reasonable temperature, without making my monthly utility bills increase. It’s too soon to tell, but I think this is going to be the best option for me.

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HVAC services

There are some things in life that are worth waiting for. I do not mind going to a nice restaurant and waiting for a great meal to be prepared. Other things, however, should not be waited for. I’d like to consider myself a patient person, but I guess there are times where I am not entirely patient. When I am in a rush, for example. If I am rushing around or late to something, I have no patience for other things that get in my way. Just last week, I experienced something like this when my air conditioner broke right before my business meeting. I was getting ready in the bathroom and noticed that it felt considerably hot. Being in a rush, I quickly went over to the thermostat and turned down the cool setting so that my air conditioner would pop on. After five minutes of running around, the air conditioner had still not come on. Once again, I checked the thermostat and nothing happened. Then, I was startled by this loud bang coming from my floor vents. Immediately, I knew I needed to call the HVAC services before things got worse. They claimed to have rushed an HVAC technician to my house, but I waited for over an hour for one to show. I was furious, missed my meeting, and had a broken air conditioner on my hands. Not only did it take them forever to show up, but the actual services on my air conditioner took days to complete! For what I pay for HVAC service calls, I should have never had to wait that long!

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Smart homeowners

When you first buy a home you are clueless! Many homeowners fall into the same pitfalls of making either unnecessary repairs or not doing them right the first time. We were no different when we bought our first house. I now have many regrets about what we did and did not know at the time. Our biggest mistake came in not knowing anything about the heating system that was in the house when we bought it. All we knew was that we didn’t like the look of the large gas space heater that was located in the middle of the living room. We wanted it replaced, and we decided that because there was no duct work, we would go with a boiler. My husband had plumbing experience, and he figured he could do most of the work himself. He decided to order a boiler without getting anyone to tell us how large our system should have been. We now have a house that has many cold spots because the boiler is not powerful enough to heat the entire house. We supplement the heat with a wood burning stove, but we know that if we ever try to sell the house, we will have to upgrade the system first. Being an uneducated homeowner is not the best thing. If you are unsure about anything at all, you should always contact a professional to install or at least sell you the right size unit for the space you have. It will save you so much in the long run, and you will have peace of mind.

professional HVAC 

We should get a new heater

Most homes are now equipped with the most modern pieces of equipment. Since more and more people are building homes that match their own personal criteria, it is very easy to install exactly what you want in your home. However, it is more costly to build a dream home than it is to fix up an existing home. As a realtor, I like to take a look at the things that people are most interested in having in their homes. Lately, I have noticed that people are drawn to installing fireplaces. So, when a couple comes to me and wants to try and put their house on the market at a higher price, I tell them to install a fireplace before anything! There are so many options today to install gas or electric fireplaces that it is nearly effortless! An HVAC company can come right to your house and decide on the perfect placement as well as style for installing a fireplace. Unlike the older houses that were built with original fireplace brickwork, you can easily install a brand new fireplace with little remodeling! With a new fireplace in your home, it can increase the assessed value and also make it more favorable to potential homebuyers. Even a small, low cost fireplace can increase your selling price by a great deal! Before putting a house on the market, I suggest every homeowner to get in touch with an HVAC company to simply get a quote on installing a brand new fireplace. Both the homeowner and the buyer can benefit from a fireplace installation prior to selling.

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It’s very expensive in here

When it comes to making any kind of purchase, it is wise to compare all of your different options. It doesn’t matter if it is something as simple as grocery shopping or as complicated as purchasing a major appliance for your home, you can save a lot of money and heartache if you do your homework. Additionally, you can find significant savings for your wallet because if you shop around you may find a better deal. In the instance of grocery shopping, it can be good to take your time, make a list, and use coupons. This can allow you to save up  to 50 percent on your bill. When it came time to purchase a new HVAC system for our home, we approached it in the same way. We contacted three different dealers to find out what their recommendations were and what deals they had to offer. In the end, we chose one that had a great financing deal going because they truly took the time to thoroughly explain all the features to us before we made a decision. Purchasing an HVAC system is something that you have to be careful with because there are some companies out there that will simply sell you the most expensive one. This is because they want to get the most commission. We ended up going with a company that was slightly more expensive than the others, but we felt comfortable with them because they ensured us that we could trust them to install and care for it for years to come. This is an important investment because it is what keeps a house comfortable and healthy throughout the year.

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