We have very big windows

When it rains, I tend to be at my happiest. I think it might have something to do with the the lack of sun actually. For as long as I can recall, my eyes have been very sensitive to sunlight. As a result, I usually get headaches on sunny days. This also means that I probably associate being indoors with not having headaches, so it kind of comes full circle on rainy days, as I need not make any excuses as to why I am staying home and inside. Also, I love the fresh veggies that come from my mom’s garden and those need the rain, so it’s a win win situation. Rainy days are also nice though because my HVAC system at home is second to none. When I bought this house I loved the huge windows, but climate control was a little trickier than in normal houses as a result. In the winter, I found that the furnace had to work extra hard to keep the temperature comfy. Likewise, in the summer, our air conditioner could hardly keep up. So I decided to shop around a bit and get opinions from some HVAC experts. A few of them recommended the same thing; upgrade to a more powerful heating and cooling system. With more power, the machines have to work less and that means the thermostat temperature settings are met and sustained with more ease. Ultimately, this decrease in climate control strain results in lower power bills. Granted, with these windows, heating and cooling will be expensive to a certain degree, no matter how you go about it.

heating and cooling

Chilling out

One of my favorite opportunities to relax comes at a rather unusual weekly occasion. My father would always go on about how great his weekly fishing outings were for his overall well being and clarity of mind. For me, it is my trip to the laundromat that I look forward to all week. At my house, the kids are always running around and making noise, so even when I get home from work, it can be tough to get in any real relaxation. Therefore, the normally burdensome chore of doing laundry, has become my time of zen. It is almost like church for me. I don’t just go to any laundromat either, I go to the nice one. Even the HVAC system at this place is luxurious. You can really enjoy your time there. Right underneath the air conditioner vents are comfortable chairs where I just sit and zone out. At home, we run our climate control rather conservatively to save money. Typically, during the summer, our thermostat is set to around 79 and in the winter we tend to keep things around 68. This way, the heating and cooling equipment isn’t running the whole time. At the laundromat though, the air conditioner and heater are always kicking out the best air a person could ask for. The temperature and air quality over all there goes well with the concept of getting things clean. In a way, that HVAC system makes me feel like my clothes get cleaner there than at any other laundromat… climate control mind tricks perhaps, but it’s all very comforting.

heating unit 

A rise in my HVAC settings

As I previously mentioned, ductless HVAC systems are the current trend in the HVAC industry. My employer is currently analyzing the benefits of the ductless system to determine whether we want to purchase one. The first benefit of the ductless HVAC system is efficiency. Without the use of a connected ducting system, one is able to better regulate the flow of air into each individual room. While technology has greatly improved the ability to zone air within ductwork, the ductless HVAC system guarantees zone-control. You never have to worry about your system overworking to regulate temperatures in a room located away from the HVAC system. This efficiency with the ductless HVAC system results in a twenty to fifty percent decrease in energy-related expenses. The other advantage of a ductless HVAC system is the elimination of leaky ductwork. If you own a standard HVAC system, you will experience a leaky duct at some point. Leaks in ductwork can cause a significant increase in energy consumption and can lead to additional strain and wear on your HVAC system. Once you transition to the ductless HVAC system, you will never again have to worry about the maintenance involved in standard HVAC ductwork. Of course, the other benefit that I mentioned to my boss was that the office will look much nicer without ductwork. I hate seeing those ugly ducts hanging from the ceiling. Ductless systems are also better for local municipalities, as they put less of a strain on their power grids. The standard HVAC systems have always been built to operate at maximum power regardless of the need.

HVAC service plan 

Helping my staff

The biggest complaint that I had heard from potential customers was that their current HVAC shop never seemed to respond fast enough to their A/C issues. The reality is that no one wants to wait very long when the air conditioning in their house stops working. This realization allowed me to quickly grow my customer base, as I was meeting their demands much faster than they had experienced with any HVAC shop before. The issue with the large HVAC companies is that they had become too big to the point that they could no longer handle rush requests. My biggest challenge with my one hour guarantee was the potential for two A/C service calls to happen within the same one to two hour window. If I received a call while on-site working on someone else’s air conditioning system, there would be no way to make it to the potential customer within an hour. I also could not afford to hire additional staff to assist me in emergency HVAC requests. Thankfully, I had a friend of mine who worked from home and set his own schedule, and I enlisted him as my on-call assistant to cover me when I was already on a HVAC service call. He did not have the expertise or experience in working on air conditioning system, but he was a very quick learner. I took him with me on a handful of HVAC service calls, and he was able to fill in for me in a matter of days. Last week, I celebrated my fifth year for my HVAC company, and I was able to officially hire my friend as my first full-time co-worker.

HVAC contractor 

Forcing the heater to run

I think that the fall season is the best time of year.  In the area where I live, the summers tend to be extremely hot and humid.  There are a ton of bugs and pollen flying around.  It is necessary to keep the windows closed and run the air conditioner.  Anytime I step outside, I end up sweaty and overheated.  Our winter season is equally as severe, with temperatures well below zero, bitter windchill and tons of snow.  We rely on the furnace for approximately six months straight.  It is necessary to bundle up in layers of sweaters, wool coat, and heavy boots to step outside.  While I look forward to spring, it is typically short, chilly and wet.  Very rarely can I shut down the furnace, and it seems that as soon as I no longer need the heating system, it’s time to start the air conditioner.  In the fall, we finally get some milder weather and go without heating or cooling for a couple of months.  I look forward to a break from ungodly high utility bills.  I am delighted when I can finally open the windows and allows some fresh air inside.  When the air conditioner or furnace are running, I need to be very conscious of energy usage.  I do everything possible to prevent the heated or cooled air from escaping outdoors.  This means keeping the windows shut tight and sealing up any crack or leak.  With no influx of fresh air, the house can become horribly stale and stuffy.  I have considered investing a ventilation system to improve indoor air quality.  

temperature control 

Making some more upgrades

I have a sizable collection of very old books.  Some of these editions are extremely rare and worth quite a bit of money.  I have spent the past twenty years searching book stores, flea markets, estate sales and antique stores for books.  I sometimes purchase volumes simply because the leather bindings and parchment pages appeal to me.  I take very good care of my collection, and never handle them without wearing gloves.  The oils from my fingertips could cause irreparable damage.  I am very conscientious about temperature and humidity control.  Excess moisture could lead to mold and mildew, while insufficient humidity might cause the pages and bindings to crack and crumble.  I have invested into a modern heating and cooling system with zone control.  This allows me to target and control the conditions in the room that houses my collection.  Along with the heating and cooling system, I’ve installed both a humidifier and dehumidifier.  In the winter, with the furnace running, the air tends to become overly dry.  The humidifier introduces necessary moisture and gives me the capability to determine relative humidity.  In the summer, the central cooling system handles the heat, but is not effective against excess moisture.  The dehumidifier combats the sticky feeling and combats the growth of harmful bacteria.  Although the upgrades to my HVAC and air quality were expensive, my home is more comfortable and much healthier.  Plus, the humidifier and dehumidifier promote more conservative thermostat settings, and I spend less on my monthly energy bills.  I am thankful that the integrity of my rare book collection is protected.  

air quality 

I need an air conditioner

Buying items through local classified advertisements is always a risky proposition. I have made many great purchases by those means throughout the last several years, yet I still find myself getting nervous before each transaction. Last week, I decided to purchase a used air conditioning unit from a person selling one online. They had posted several pictures of the air conditioning unit on their listing, and it was very clear that the A/C unit was in great condition. We set up a time for us to meet to look at the A/C system together, and I rearranged my entire schedule to accommodate the seller’s preferred time for the meeting. When the meeting time was almost here, I texted the A/C unit seller to confirm the exact location of the meeting. They had given me the name of the subdivision where we were going to meet to inspect the air conditioning system, but they told me that they would give me the specific address shortly before the meeting. I could understand why the air conditioning unit seller wanted to withhold their address, as they did not want me showing up at their home while they were not there. Unfortunately, the man selling the A/C unit was not responding to any of my messages asking for the specific address, and I was forced to sit at the front of the subdivision and wait for him to respond. After sitting there for nearly twenty minutes without hearing from the seller, I decided that the used air conditioning unit was not worth sitting there all day. I sent one more message to the man selling the A/C unit, and then I drove back home.

air conditioner service plan 

Something is happening in my air duct

This past weekend consisted of an event of epic proportions. I don’t even know where to begin with describing it. My Dad had scheduled a big house party for the end of summer celebration we always had as a family. We were going to have a big barbecue outside, and just have a grand old time. Unfortunately, we also had some HVAC system repairs scheduled for the same day. My cousin Larry is extremely handy with tools. Him and his best friend Donald agreed to tackle our heating and cooling system repairs for a “reduced price.” My Dad is very tight with his money, so he quickly agreed. The fun began when Donald found some “disturbances” is the ductwork. He was looking for cracks and leaks, but he found “proof of life.” Some type of animal had been nesting in the ductwork. It didn’t take long for Donald to run down the attic stairs screaming, with a small rat chasing him. I never laughed so hard. Meanwhile, my cousin Larry was trying to fix the outdoor portion of the HVAC system. He was tinkering around with his tools, when all of a sudden a giant goose snuck up behind him and honked right in his ear! He threw down his HVAC system manual and ran like a marathon athlete! After all the animal induced humor, my cousin got back to fixing the HVAC system. It took them a couple of hours to get the whole cooling system back in running order, but it sure gave us some great comedy relief.

air duct 

We know we need something new

Just recently I had noticed that our air conditioning wasn’t as cool as it has been in the past, and I thought that was strange because I did have respectable repairs done with our local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C Company. I did remember that the specialist who came over said it would be nice to begin thinking about an update in the near future. I didn’t think a lot about it until now because our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C unit has consistently been working well until recently. I consistently changed the air filters so I knew that wasn’t the issue. I called up our local HVAC repair store and they sent over an HVAC repairman to check things out. The woman did confirm that the system was just old, and she proposed that I would do well by having a modern system installed. She talked to me and my wife about the possibilities as she made an assessment. She proposed a few possibilities such as the radiant heating flooring and smart thermostat. She basically said that having this type of Heating, Ventilation, and A/C method would save myself and others a lot of money in utility expenses. She explained by having the smart thermostat, I would be able to control our household thermostat from anywhere using my cell phone. I could monitor the heating and cooling system plus collect updates telling me and my family about how I’m saving money. Also, the program within the smart thermostat would begin to understand our preferences and automatically program itself. For example, if I tended to turn the cooling system on in the day, it would remember that and begin to cool by itself at that exact time. I thought that was pretty neat. The radiant heating flooring would heat all our floor surfaces making sure everything is nice and comfortable in the cold weather seasons. I knew my wife would love that since she constantly complains about the ice cold floors through most of the year. I decided to go for it and before I knew it, I had an awesome and modern heating and cooling system.

heating and air 

I’m happy about this heating and air

Just recently I had noticed that my air conditioning wasn’t as cool as it has been in the past. I thought it odd because I did have regular maintenance done with my local HVAC Company. I did remember that one technician who came over said it would be good to start thinking about an upgrade. I didn’t really think a lot about it because my HVAC system has always been working great, until recently. I always changed the air filters so that wasn’t it. I called up the HVAC Company and they sent over an HVAC repairman to check things out. The guy did confirm that the system was just old. He recommended that I would do well by having a new system installed. He talked to me about the options as he made an assessment. He recommended a few options such as the radiant heating flooring and smart thermostat. He basically said that having this type of HVAC system would save me a lot of money in utility expenses. He explained by having the smart thermostat, I would be able to control my thermostat from anywhere using my phone. I could monitor the system and receive updates telling me about how I’m saving money. Also it would start to understand my preferences and automatically program itself. For example, if I tended to turn the A/C on in the morning, it would remember that and start doing it after I set it that way often. I thought that was pretty neat. The radiant heating flooring would heat all my surfaces making sure everything is nice and warm in the heating season. I knew my wife would love that since she always complains about the ice cold floors in the winter time. I decided to go for it and before I knew it, I had an awesome new HVAC system.

air conditioner tune-up