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When you make it to the point in your life when you finally stable and in a good place, all the hard work and difficult times seem to have been worth it. There is no doubt that getting to that point can be incredibly exhausting though. I know some people who never really made it there. Others seem to have all the luck in the world and it is effortless for them. In any case, last week I sat down in my recliner at the end of a long and tiring day, and I realized that I had made it. I love my kids and my husband. We live in a great neighborhood, in a beautiful house. The final step, was the HVAC system, which we had installed just a few days prior to my realization. I think that the old climate control system was the one thing keeping me from pure contentedness. Heating and cooling equipment might seem like a very shallow, materialistic thing to focus on, but indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures are what allow us to fully relax while at home. The HVAC system that we had before was pretty terrible. First of all, it was so loud that whenever the air conditioner was on, it was almost pointless to try and watch TV. The other issue was that the heater was so expensive to run and smelled pretty awful as well. For these reasons, a new climate control system was at the top of our priority list, but raising the funds took a very long time.

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Mall management

My daughter is growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday when she spoke her first word. My wife was hoping that her first word would be “mama.” I secretly hoped it was “dada.” We were both disappointed. Her first word was “meatball.” Needless to say, she loves Italian food. She Loves it so much, that she recently spilled spaghetti sauce on her brand new white dress shoes! We had to replace them so we made a trip to the mall. When we got there, we were bombarded with an overactive furnace. My daughter was the first one to start complaining about the terrible HVAC system settings. She was sweating badly! It was freezing cold out so she had a thick sweater on. The high furnace setting would have been nice if it wasn’t for the bulky clothes we had on. I started sweating because of the high heating system settings as well. It got so bad that we had to go to the restroom to change! I was surprised that the mall had the furnace set so high. Usually you can’t even tell that they even have a furnace! That was why we prepared by wearing thick sweaters. Maybe the mall management was feeling extra cold today. They must have turned the furnace on super high that morning. We were able to find new shoes for my daughter. We then went home and were happy to be out of the overly hot furnace conditions. We didn’t even turn on the heating system in the car for the drive home.

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Looking up recipes

Because of my astounding cooking skills, I was assigned the fabulous duty of being our family’s master chef. I have quite a few delicious recipes up my sleeve, but they were beginning to get over used. I needed something new. I decided to devote a few hours one weekend afternoon to researching some new recipes online. I found many great idea! I also did some research on a new HVAC system. I don’t get very much time to spend on the internet, and we would be needing a new HVAC system within the next year or so. Our HVAC system was very old, and it was on it’s last leg. We just recently had to add a hard start kit to the heating and cooling system, which was basically a piece of equipment that slightly extended the life of a dying HVAC system. As all the delicious recipes floated around in my brain, I looked for the best HVAC system deals I could find. I took some notes on a few decent heating and cooling systems, and filed them away for later use. I still had a year or so before I needed to replace the HVAC system anyway. All that HVAC system research got me hungry. It was time to try one of those new recipes! I made sure I put all my notes and research on the HVAC system away in a safe place. I had a big tendency to be absent minded. I didn’t want all of my extensive HVAC system research to be all for naught!

A garage HVAC unit

My parents recently decided to remodel the garage. They only have one car, and they never even keep it in the garage. Since my two sons spend a lot of time at their grandparents home, my Dad decided to turn the garage into a den. That would give my sons an area to play, when they are at my parents house. I am pretty excited about the remodel, because the garage has never had a heating and cooling system before. My dad contacted one of the local HVAC contractors, and have them come out to talk about the garage. My Dad decided to add a separate HVAC system just for the garage, since the HVAC system in the house is still fairly new. The new HVAC system will be able to heat and cool the garage. It is one of the new types of mini split systems, which resemble a window A/C unit. It’s about twice as big as a window A/C unit, and looks Twice As Nice. It has a very modern feel, and does not require any additional ducting in the house. A space was cut out of the side of the garage, in order to accommodate the mini split HVAC system. The new system is rather expensive, so I understand why my parents waited so long to make the garage into a den. I am excited to see how the inside of the garage will be transformed into a living area. My mom has been talking to me about paint samples for 2 weeks now, and I helped her pick out the new wood flooring. When the entire project is complete, my parents are going to have a party.


Building a new storm shelter

A very large tornado ripped through our area this past weekend. Our house was left unscathed, which made us feel extremely lucky. Two of our neighbors lost their homes completely, and my wife and I wanted to do something to help. We decided to open up our garage, and allow our neighbors to stay with us. Our garage is outfitted with its own heating and cooling system, which means that our neighbors would be able to stay cool. Since it is almost 90 degrees outside during the day, it would make everyone a bit more comfortable. We had six extra people using our garage as a storm shelter, and our air conditioner was running nonstop. Our air conditioner is hooked up in the garage also, so that our entire home has Central Cooling. We also have a small window air conditioner set up in the garage. It helps to remove the excess humidity, because this room was not meant to serve as part of our original home. It’s been difficult to have a house with so many people, especially with only two bathrooms to use. The power is supposed to be restored in a few days, and our neighbors will be able to go home and start picking up the pieces. Until that happens, my wife and I are happy to be able to help our neighbors in any way possible. Right now, that means supplying and air conditioned space and a comfortable bed. It’s going to take a few weeks for our neighborhood to be cleaned up, and we going to try to help.

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Sealing our ducts

When my home HVAC system started acting strangely, I researched online to find an answer. I don’t have a lot of extra money, so I hoped to find an answer on my own. After reading about problems with HVAC systems, I was sure that my problem was with the ductwork. I had a terrible problem with dust accumulating on the furniture, and the indoor air quality seemed poor. I spoke with a few friends, and I was certain that I could seal all of the ductwork on my own. On Saturday morning, I went down to the hardware store and purchased a ladder. I use the ladder to go up into the attic, and order to access all of the ductwork. I bought the proper ductwork supplies, including sealing tape, extra ducting, and ductwork cleaning tools. Even with the small amount of money I spent, it was still a fourth of the price that I would have paid for an HVAC contractor. I managed to find a few holes, and sealed them appropriately. It took a few hours to repair all of the ductwork, but I was sure that I had found all of the holes. When I finished with the ductwork Sealing, I turned on the HVAC system. After a few minutes of debris spewing from the AC vents, the air started to smell clean and fresh. It’s been a few weeks since I performed the ductwork sealing on my own HVAC system, and I think the problem has been solved. Only time will tell, but I am glad to have done the repairs on my own.

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We have good housing

When my daughter turned eighteen, she decided that she should be independent.  I punished her for coming home with alcohol on her breath, and she informed me she was an adult.  I came home from work that evening and I had a note that told me she had moved out.  I called a couple of her friends, but they weren’t talking.  The next day she called and said she was fine, and she forgave me for disrespecting.  I told her that was really adult of her, but I didn’t do anything wrong.  It was three days later when she was at my home when I returned from work.  She asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her, and then to see where she was living.  Over dinner, she talked about the terrific air conditioning in the room.  She said she couldn’t want it to be any cooler.  The air conditioner ran very quietly and there were times when she had to adjust the thermostat to make it less cool.  I asked about the rest of the room, and she ignored me.  We headed to the room she rented, and I was appalled that it was nothing more than a motel room.  The air conditioning was definitely working well.  The air quality was the pits, and I swore I could hear things moving in the room.  She had all of her belongings in the bathroom, and she was packed and ready to come home with me.  The next time she moved out, it was to a really good HVAC system in a home she shared with her husband.

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We need some better food

I wrote a book and my granddaughter became very quizzical.  She wanted to know how a whole family lived in such a small igloo.  Where did they put their Christmas tree, and how did they heat the igloo without it melting.  She wanted to know what happened when the house melted in the summer.  I tried to remind that it was just a kid’s story, but she still kept asking questions.  We have all heard about igloos, and she had some good questions.  How did they heat the inside, if they didn’t have a fireplace, or a wood stove?  What happened when summer came, and they couldn’t have air conditioning, and their house melted.  Did they just camp outside during the summer?  Were they bothered by the bugs and the heat because they didn’t have shelter or air conditioning?  Did they just huddle to stay warm, because a fireplace or wood stove would cause enough heat to melt the dwelling?  Maybe the whole igloo thing was just something that happened with the fisherman, and then he moved back into a real dwelling with a fireplace for the winter, when he caught what they needed for food.  If it was so cold they could build ice houses, maybe the summer’s are cool enough, they don’t need air conditioning.  There were so many questions that I didn’t know how to answer them.  I told her that we would do some inquiries and reading and find the answers, but for now, it was the Polar bears that lived in the igloo, and I didn’t think they worried about heating and cooling.

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Good AC and gratitude

During our senior year, everyone had to do civic duties.  I was assigned to a convent.  I was unsure as to what kind of work I would do at a convent, but it didn’t take long to find out.  I was ushered into a lovely sitting area, where five stern looking nuns sat staring at me.   There were certain rooms that were off limits and I was warned to never go in them.  I was amazed at how good the HVAC was in the building.  Some rooms looked like they had nothing but marble structure and I thought the air should be overly cool.  You could feel the cooling air coming from the air vents.  I was shown where the nuns did their prayers and in spite of the amount of lit candles, it was extremely cool and inviting.  I was told that I would be cleaning the rectory and the kitchen.   No matter where I went in the convent, the temperature seemed to always be the same.  I couldn’t wait to tell my mom what a great HVAC system they had, because she worked in a HVAC company.   After six weeks, and nearing the end of my work period, one of the nuns invited me into the chapel.  She told me I had to wait a couple of minutes, until they finished vespers.  When she finally ushered me in, the air conditioning was as perfect as the rest of the convent.  Every nun I had met, stood around a large cake and kissed my cheek as they handed me a bouquet of roses and told me they enjoyed my presence and I would be missed.

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This hair is damaging our air duct

My sister loves animals.  She loves animals so much, that she is nearly over run by them.  She has four dogs inside the house, and thirty-seven cats that live under her porch.  The cats are such a nuisance, to everyone but her, that last month she was crying because they had clawed their way through the foundation and made it into the basement.  She could smell the car urine as they sprayed all around the HVAC system.  I know it isn’t funny, but I almost laughed, because she had been told to get rid of the cats because of this very reason.  When we had a cold spell, she had to abandon using the living portion of the basement, because it smelled so horrible.  Every time the furnace turned on, the stench of cat urine was carried up through the air vents.  The furnace warmed the surrounding area, and the basement would be unbearable.  She still refused to get rid of the cats.  Her husband was able to patch the wall, and he sprayed something to rid the smell of the urine, but they had already done their damage.  Cat hair had gotten into the system, and whenever the heating system turned on, it blew cat hair up through the air vents.  My mother was always sneezing and complaining of scratchy throat and itchy eyes.  My sister’s granddaughter was always suffering from allergies.  You would think that she would get rid of the cats, but she just got another dog, and one of the cats is once again pregnant.  She should take out stock in allergy medicine.

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