Taking the HVAC courses

I recently learned that there are a multitude of private career focused schools and colleges in my state. In my particular area, there are only a few, so I did not realize that in other parts of the state there are many of them. I already have a college degree, which I worked very hard to earn, but nevertheless, I am interested in attending one of these job-preparatory schools. Specifically, I want to take the HVAC installation, HVAC repair, and HVAC maintenance classes at one of these schools. The school I want to attend is a for-profit school, so some people say it is not a good idea to go there to learn HVAC maintenance and so forth. However, I recently spoke to several HVAC company owners, and they told me that they always hire people who graduate from those HVAC programs at the school I am interested in. They have told me that the school may not have a big budget to advertise and sujch, and they can’t compete with the state-run schools as far as reaching out to students, but they certainly do a great job teaching the fundamentals of HVAC services. The school has what is called the HVAC lab, and in that place are several different HVAC units. They are all broken and in disrepair, and it is up to the students and teachers to discover what is wrong with each air conditioner or heater. They have heat pumps, window a/c units, programmable thermostats, ductwork. You name it, they got it. I think it will be fun to learn about this HVAC business because it is expensive to hire HVAC service companies. Maybe I can learn to fix my own HVAC system for both fun and profit.

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We’re all feeling cold

Few things terrify me more than job interviews. Thankfully, I have had a solid job for the past several years, but I will never forget the last job interview that I had. It was for the job that I hold today, though how I managed to get this job with that interview, I have no idea! I showed up for the interview, and I was running really close on time, so I ran up the stairs instead of taking the elevator to the fourth floor. Of course, I was in heels, so this was a little painful. Upon reaching the fourth floor, I realized that I had left my blazer in my car! I felt so unprofessional, and I was very angry with myself for having forgot it. I walked into the receptionist area and was immediately hit with a wave of frigid air conditioning so strong that I could feel goosebumps immediately. Now, with the air conditioning, I was really missing my blazer! I got called in for the interview, and the air conditioning was so cold that my teeth were chattering! When the interviewer shook my hand, she recoiled because it felt like a block of ice. The air conditioning really messed with my brain, too. I could not think clearly, and whenever I tried to speak, my words got jumbled up because my teeth were still chattering. All I could think of was how cold I was, and how much I wanted my blazer. I knew that I was failing the interview, but I was so cold from the air conditioning that I did not care. As soon as it was over, I almost ran downstairs and away from the air conditioning. Miraculously, I got that job.

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The newest products around

After seeing advertisements everywhere lately for smart thermostats, I finally buckled down and bought one a few weeks ago when I saw it on sale at a department store. For such a small little device, the smart thermostat has certainly made a big impact on how happy I am with my climate control! I use the smart thermostat for two reasons: to control my thermostat remotely, and to be more energy efficient, and thus, more budget conscious. With my new smart thermostat, I can adjust my thermostat from an app on my phone. Every morning, on my way to work, I turn the climate control up several degrees so as not to waste energy. Every afternoon, on my way home, I turn my thermostat down a few degrees so that my house is comfortable when I return. After just a few weeks of use, my smart thermostat has learned my preferences and has begun to automatically adjusts! This has been a huge lifesaver for me because I used to forget to adjust my thermostat all the time, and then feel guilty all day at work for letting my air conditioning cool my house for no reason! The other nice thing about the smart thermostat is that, at night, if I get too cold or too hot, I can just adjust my thermostat settings right in bed without having to get up! This is such a lovely convenience. I am so glad that I got a smart thermostat, and I cannot wait to see how much money I save on my utility bill each month!

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My brother’s thermostat preferences

Whenever I go to visit my brother, Jefferson, I know that I need to prepare as if I were going to visit a frozen tundra. Jefferson is absolutely obsessed with climate control, and his air quality is seriously impressive. He feels about HVAC the way that some guys feel about trucks or shoes or sports. He has a brand new HVAC system with a smart thermostat and a geothermal heat pump. He gets his HVAC unit serviced every couple of weeks to keep things in pristine condition, and he uses expensive air filters to keep dust and allergens out of the air. Oddly enough, he does not work in the HVAC industry, and has no interest in doing so. He just enjoys keeping his home atmosphere very crisp and cool. While I do appreciate his desire for perfect air quality, I find the temperature of his home to be too cold for my personal taste. The last time that I went to visit him, the thermostat was set to 62 degrees, which to me is cold enough to wear thermal underclothes, a hoodie, and thick socks! To Jefferson, though, this is the temperature at which he can breathe properly. Whenever I go to visit him, I try my hardest to persuade him to do things outside of the house as often as possible so that I can escape the air conditioning. If I cannot persuade him, then I just go for a run! I know that when I come back from my run, the air conditioned house will feel great…until I cool off.


A whole new meaning

Today I would like to share a very peculiar story with you, the reader. When people say that they were raised under curious circumstances, few can say so with as much certainty and conviction as I can. You see, my parents were a very odd pair to say the least. What I knew to be normal, was typically very unusual by other people’s standards. I was obsessed with video games as a child, so I never got out or saw other households to compare mine to. The strangest thing about my experience is probably the now infamous refrigerator fiasco. Though they were far from minimalists, my parents never believed in refrigeration. Therefore, I was unfamiliar with the concept all together. The air conditioner at our house was the only thing that ever cooled my cheese. Therefore, when the HVAC system at my college dorm hall was not the only way to keep food cool, I learned what climate control systems were ACTUALLY designed for. Human comfort had never occurred to me as a air conditioner goal. Nobody ever told me otherwise, but I guess I always just associated our home HVAC system with firm cheese. I recall once being confused about having our heater running during the winter. I pondered why we would ever want to cause our cheese to become soft. Air conditioning, as it turns out though, is completely intended to keep us people cool! Climate control had a whole new meaning to me from this day forth. I grew to be truly grateful for the A/C in my life and also learned to embrace refrigeration technology.

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Connecting my electric

I never got started reading books until I was well into my teens. A lot of my classmates would pick on me when I was in elementary school because I did not like to read. They would act like I was unable to do so and call me stupid and retarded. However, even when I was young, my brain was rather advanced. I excelled particularly at math and I was very creative. So my theory is that I never picked up a book that was good enough to stimulate all that mental potential, until I read my first medieval hero story. Since then I have been hooked. I read stories about knights and kings every day. I even have a reading throne with an HVAC system built right into it. It is styled like an 800 year old throne, but I modified it with both heating and cooling equipment for the ultimate reading experience. Honestly, I can’t tell whether the climate control or the cushions are the bigger contributor to my comfort. Either way, a chair without air conditioning and heating built into it would never satisfy me from here on out. The idea for the HVAC chair came from a dream actually, in which I had taken one of my car seats out and the climate control feature still worked, even though it was not hooked up to any electricity. Of course, heating and cooling equipment requires some form of energy source, so my throne’s HVAC features do require electricity. However, they are incredibly energy efficient. Who needs a home HVAC system when you already have one built into your chair?

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A faulty compressor

Translating between two different languages can be a difficult undertaking, especially when different dialects are involved. Even if you are fluent in both languages, there are still so many variables to consider. For the longest time I always thought that this would be a dream job for me to have. Being an immigrant myself, who moved to this country as a child, I have been fortunate enough to be completely fluent in two languages, as well as partially in a third that I picked up in high school. Then when considering my background in international business, it seems that translating would be a perfect line of work for me to be in. I changed my mind about all of this when my neighbor’s HVAC system needed to be upgraded. For years I have translated things for her, though climate control is a new subject. She comes from the same island country as I do, where things like air conditioners really do not exist. She is also very old, so trying to explain contemporary HVAC equipment and needs to her, really adds another level to the translation process. So when her climate control system stopped working, I found myself trying to explain to her why the thermostat was not the problem, but that there was a larger issue at hand. Even though I know all the heating and cooling terms in both languages, explaining the concepts was a different story. To her, the thermostat on the wall was the beginning and the end of her indoor air quality level. Thus it was the faulty compressor that made me abandon my dream.

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HVAC equipment

When you make it to the point in your life when you finally stable and in a good place, all the hard work and difficult times seem to have been worth it. There is no doubt that getting to that point can be incredibly exhausting though. I know some people who never really made it there. Others seem to have all the luck in the world and it is effortless for them. In any case, last week I sat down in my recliner at the end of a long and tiring day, and I realized that I had made it. I love my kids and my husband. We live in a great neighborhood, in a beautiful house. The final step, was the HVAC system, which we had installed just a few days prior to my realization. I think that the old climate control system was the one thing keeping me from pure contentedness. Heating and cooling equipment might seem like a very shallow, materialistic thing to focus on, but indoor air quality and comfortable temperatures are what allow us to fully relax while at home. The HVAC system that we had before was pretty terrible. First of all, it was so loud that whenever the air conditioner was on, it was almost pointless to try and watch TV. The other issue was that the heater was so expensive to run and smelled pretty awful as well. For these reasons, a new climate control system was at the top of our priority list, but raising the funds took a very long time.

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Mall management

My daughter is growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday when she spoke her first word. My wife was hoping that her first word would be “mama.” I secretly hoped it was “dada.” We were both disappointed. Her first word was “meatball.” Needless to say, she loves Italian food. She Loves it so much, that she recently spilled spaghetti sauce on her brand new white dress shoes! We had to replace them so we made a trip to the mall. When we got there, we were bombarded with an overactive furnace. My daughter was the first one to start complaining about the terrible HVAC system settings. She was sweating badly! It was freezing cold out so she had a thick sweater on. The high furnace setting would have been nice if it wasn’t for the bulky clothes we had on. I started sweating because of the high heating system settings as well. It got so bad that we had to go to the restroom to change! I was surprised that the mall had the furnace set so high. Usually you can’t even tell that they even have a furnace! That was why we prepared by wearing thick sweaters. Maybe the mall management was feeling extra cold today. They must have turned the furnace on super high that morning. We were able to find new shoes for my daughter. We then went home and were happy to be out of the overly hot furnace conditions. We didn’t even turn on the heating system in the car for the drive home.

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Looking up recipes

Because of my astounding cooking skills, I was assigned the fabulous duty of being our family’s master chef. I have quite a few delicious recipes up my sleeve, but they were beginning to get over used. I needed something new. I decided to devote a few hours one weekend afternoon to researching some new recipes online. I found many great idea! I also did some research on a new HVAC system. I don’t get very much time to spend on the internet, and we would be needing a new HVAC system within the next year or so. Our HVAC system was very old, and it was on it’s last leg. We just recently had to add a hard start kit to the heating and cooling system, which was basically a piece of equipment that slightly extended the life of a dying HVAC system. As all the delicious recipes floated around in my brain, I looked for the best HVAC system deals I could find. I took some notes on a few decent heating and cooling systems, and filed them away for later use. I still had a year or so before I needed to replace the HVAC system anyway. All that HVAC system research got me hungry. It was time to try one of those new recipes! I made sure I put all my notes and research on the HVAC system away in a safe place. I had a big tendency to be absent minded. I didn’t want all of my extensive HVAC system research to be all for naught!