I’m good at making friends

My friends plus I all take respective turns hosting the holidays parties at our homes… Every single year for the past 10 years, one of us has held a sizable holiday get-together just for our friends plus neighbors, but it has always been a really incredible celebration, full of laughter, songs, plus a touch of drinking, but this year was going to be undoubtedly special, because our oldest best friend was going to host the get-together, then she just herself bought a current air conditioner machine for the sun room. This year’s get-together would be held in the sun room, for once plus all of us usually have to keep every window open, since usually, the outdoor weather is quite cold, and then once you get fifty people together in one room, the air temperature goes up abruptly, however my very best friend purchases a window air conditioner machine this year. She even located the air conditioner machine in the sun room, where our get-together is supposed to be staged and held. I knew the air conditioner program would make a really big difference in our air quality. I was happy to see how much it truly changed the indoor atmosphere. I arrived a few minutes just before the get-together was to begin, so that I can help a bit when our best friend had to cook up some hors d’oeuvres before the get-together. The air conditioner machine already  felt entirely fantastic in the sunroom, plus it ran effortlessly plus totally efficiently! When people started to arrive to the get-together, our best friend then turned on the air conditioner machine to a lower level of cool, by the time the get-together was underway, it was indisputably straight-forward to see how well the air conditioner machine was now laboring. It wasn’t humid or stuffy in the room, plus almost everyone there were ecstatic about the air conditioner.

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My friend has a new A/C unit

My friends and I all take turns hosting the holidays parties at our homes. Every year for the past eight years, one of us has held a large holiday gathering for our friends and neighbors. It has always been an incredible celebration, full of laughter, music, and drinking. This year was going to be very special, because my best friend was going to host the party. She just purchased a new A/C unit for the sun room. The party would be held in the sun room, and we usually have to keep every window open. Usually, the outdoor weather is quite cold. Once you get fifty people together in one room, the temperature goes up quickly. My best friend purchases a window A/C unit this year. She placed the A/C unit in the sun room, where our party is supposed to be held. I knew the A/C system would make a huge difference in our indoor air quality. I was excited to see how much it changed the indoor atmosphere. I arrived a few hours before the party was to begin, so that I can help my best friend cook up some hors d’oeuvres before the party. The A/C unit felt really great in the sunroom, and it ran effortlessly and efficiently. When people started to arrive to the party, my best friend turned on the A/C unit to low cool. By the time the party was underway, it was easy to see how well the A/C unit was working. It wasn’t humid or stuffy in the room, and most people were happy about the A/C.

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Maintenance costs start to add up

Last spring, when I turned on my air conditioning, I knew there was a problem with the unit.  It sounded like it was much louder than ever before, and whenever it turned, there was a really weird grinding noise.  I know I should have called the HVAC company, but I was so busy with work, and all the hours I was putting in, I just couldn’t find the time.  I had just put a lot of money into the house, and the air conditioning had become the least of my problems.  The summer was beginning to prove to be the hottest summer in decades.  One night, when the low temperature was eighty-four degrees, my air conditioner quit working.  My home was warming up, and I could smell a really musty odor coming from the air vents.  It was a Friday night, and I didn’t want to call the HVAC company and pay extravagant prices for a weekend or night call.  I put the call off until Monday.   I called the HVAC company on Monday, and I was told that they couldn’t do anything for about a week.  I suffered through ninety plus degree days and upper seventies nights.  I wasn’t sleeping very well, and I felt like I was always covered in sweat.  I had all of the box fans I could find, and I kept them in my room, but they didn’t do any good.  Because I had put the repairs off for so long, the build up of dust and dirt had caused damaged to several important components.  Had I had the work done when I had realized there was a problem, I may have just needed to have the air conditioned cleaned and serviced.   

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I love the beach house

After I received my promotion, I was given the option to work from home.  I liked being home to get my kids off to school.  I was also able to work in my pajamas and I no longer punched a time clock.  The best thing was that I no longer had to worry if I was dressed appropriately.  I decided to take the spare bedroom and turn it into my home office.  I went out and bought a desk, swivel chair, and I created a really nice work area.  When I received the first energy bill, I was floored.  I couldn’t believe that my working at home could cause the energy bill to raise so much.  I then realized that when I went to work, I always lowered the thermostat so there was little heat in the house.  Now that I was home, the house was always heated, and most of the rooms weren’t even being used.  I was trying to find a way to minimize the using and I tried to shut down the furnace and I used space heaters to keep me warm.  Unfortunately, the space heaters didn’t keep the entire room warm, and only gave comfort to the space where the space heater sat.  I talked to my husband, and we called the HVAC company.  He suggested that we install zone control into the house.  With the zone control, we were able to turn the thermostats off in the rooms that weren’t being used.  This made a lot of sense to us, so we agreed to have the HVAC technician put in the zone control.  Along with the zone control, we also had a smart thermostat installed.  I was now able to use my cellphone to turn the thermostats up or down.

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Let’s get right to the point

As soon as I started up my air conditioner in the spring, I knew something was wrong with it.  The cooling unit was much louder than usual, and every time it cycled on, made an unpleasant grinding sound.  I should have immediately called an HVAC professional for air conditioner repair.  However, I was extremely busy at my job, working very long hours, and had recently invested into a complete kitchen remodel.  I didn’t have the time or money to deal with the problem, so I simply ignored it.  Unfortunately, we experienced one of the hottest and most humid summers on record.  The air conditioner struggled to keep up with demand and seemed to run non stop.  I noticed my home was not as cool as normal, and the air smelled sort of musty.  The air conditioner ultimately quit on a Saturday night, when none of the local HVAC contractors were open for business.  Since I was hoping to avoid the higher fees for overtime service, I waited to call for repair until Monday morning.  I then was required to wait another week for an appointment, and I suffered without air conditioning.  The outside temperature climbed into the high nineties and the humidity made it unbearable.  Although I plugged in a bunch of box fans, I couldn’t sleep at night and was continually damp with sweat.  By the time the HVAC contractor showed up, I was ready to pay anything for a working air conditioner.  The HVAC technician informed me that the problem was simply a buildup of dust, which had resulted in damage to several of the components.  Had I called for repairs right away, the issue would have been simple and inexpensive to resolve.  By procrastinating, I ended up paying much higher fees and dealing with greater inconvenience.


Spending more on the system

I live in an area where it is necessary to have an air conditioner and a furnace.  I have some really high energy bills, because the temperatures change so drastically throughout the year.  I see temperatures in the nineties with high humidity, and temperatures that go below zero with a blinding wind that makes it feel like it is negative thirty or forty.  Our fall and spring is wet and damp, and often just a continuance of winter or summer.  No matter what the season, I need to use the air conditioning or the heating all the time.  I decided to invest in our HVAC system in hopes that I could increase our comfort and our efficiency.  When the temperatures are always below freezing, I have my gas furnace.  This is an excellent source of heating, but it uses a lot of fuel and it is expensive to run.  I bought an electric heat pump to help control the costs.  As long as the temperatures are above freezing, the heat pump does really well, and it doesn’t use any additional fuel.  The heat pump and gas furnace are what is called a dual fuel system.  Since the heat pump doesn’t use fuel, it is a very efficient way to heat the home.  The heat pump pulls the ambient heat in the outside air, and it compresses it till only the heat remains and then the heat is blown into the house.  The best thing is that the heat pump can work in reverse and pull the heat from the inside and send it outside.  By utilizing the proper system at the right time, I can save a lot of money, and hopefully I will gave my investment back in about two years.

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It’s time to replace our HVAC system

For the past ten years, I have been working in an elementary school as a sixth grade teacher.  We are a small community that consists of farmers and our the school has a very limited budget.  The school itself is in major need of remodelling, but the part most in need of upgrading is the old boiler system.  We live in a very rural area that is located in the northeast.  The boiler is running from mid September until May.  The classrooms that happen to be the closest to the boiler room are usually very hot and stuffy.  There are only large and very radiators in the room, that often hiss and made horrible clanging noises that can really disrupt a classroom.  If you happen to be in a room that is furthest away, it can be very cold and uncomfortable for everyone.  The air quality is really bad, and I’ve seen days when over a dozen kids are in the nurse’s office because of respiratory problems, headaches and even sore throats.  I have seen kids getting really bad burns off the radiators, and I think it is time for the school board to look into getting a new heating system for the school.  I understand that they want to take care of the football field, but what about the rest of the school populace.  I recently wrote a request for funding for a new HVAC system.  If the school refuses again, I will go to the federal government for help.  I know that they can give grants for new HVAC systems in schools.

climate control unit 

We need to work together

I live in an area where having an air conditioning and a furnace system, are absolutely necessary.  My energy bills are extremely high due to the amount of fluctuations in the weather temperatures.  Our yearly temperatures go from negative ten with devastating wind chills, in the winter to in the middle to upper nineties with high humidity, in the summer.  Our spring and fall is almost nonexistent because the weather is unpredictable, where it can be wintery one week, and summer like the next.  Sometimes we wonder if someone is in control of a switch to tell us winter ends and summer starts.  Needless to say, we need either the air conditioning or the furnace all year round.  I put a huge chunk of money into the HVAC system.  I felt that maybe I could optimize the energy efficiency of the HVAC.  I have a gas furnace to help compensate for the cold.  Even though it is powerful enough to deal with the colder weather, it isn’t good on the fuel consumption.  I recently added a heat pump to help maintain the comfort.  As long as the temperature is above freezing, it is more energy efficient than the furnace because it doesn’t require any additional fuel to run.  It takes the warmth out of the outside air, and with the help of a compressor, it sends the warmth inside.  When it is in reverse, the heat pump will pull the heat from the inside air, and push it outside.  This way it also aids with the air conditioner.  I found that I am able to save quite a bit on my energy bills, and I should be able to recoup my investment in a short couple of years.

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Saving more money

I got married recently to a lovely man. We both were very eager to buy a house the second we got married, even though we didn’t have that much money. Of course, the only thing we could afford was a fixer upper. Unfortunately, we had no idea how to fix anything at all, especially how to repair a house. The home needed a tremendous amount of repairs.  We couldn’t afford to hire a team of professionals to handle the issues with the plumbing, electric lines and Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C system.  So my husband and I used a credit card and invested in a great set of tools and taught ourselves how to complete these tasks on our own.  Both of us figured out how to upgrade pipes, disinfect drains, and install a new water heater. We watched videos online about how to safely upgrade the old wiring, install overhead light fixtures, and add power outlets.  One of the largest challenges was the heating and cooling system.  We definitely didn’t have the budget to purchase a whole new furnace and central cooling system, but the existing component was old, dirty and corroded.  We started with the duct system and spent hours removing the buildup of dust, rust and even dead insects. The two of us took the time to seal all of the the holes and upgrade the tape along the seams.  From there, the two of us took apart both the furnace and cooling system.  My husband and I were shocked by the tremendous amount of debris within the inner workings of the HVAC system.  Along with dust, lint and dander, the two of us discovered mold and mildew thriving. The two of us were relieved when both the furnace and cooling system started up and worked nicely.

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What you should keep in mind

Each fall, I schedule a visit with the local Heating as well as A/C contractor to repair our gas furnace.  It is the best way to keep the gas furnace running at peak efficiency, capacity, and reliability.  I began this practice after the furnace quit in the middle of a December blizzard and left me without heat. It was a horribly cold day!  The furnace was approximately two years old, and therefore it was still considered relatively new. I didn’t expect to have any problems with it.  I saw no need to spend an extra few hundred dollars each year on HVAC service when the equipment seemed to be operating perfectly.  Little did I know that dust and other particles were slowly building up inside the system. During the blizzard, the temperature dropped to five below zero, putting a huge demand on the furnace.  Because of the level of dust in the inner workings of the heating system, airflow was restricted, and the system died.  I instantly called for furnace repair, however the Heating & A/C company was very busy, I was unable to get an appointment for five whole days. I bought a few space heaters, however they were insufficient. My condo was extremely cold, and I then ended up paying a small fortune for repair.  The Heating & A/C contractor then told me that if I just had scheduled an annual heating system check up, I could have avoided this heating disaster. I now make sure to do an HVAC maintenance once every fall before the cold hits.  

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