I need to fix my unit

When it comes to home repairs, I am a fix it kind of guy. I have to say, however, this little trait of mine drives my wife nuts. She thinks that I cause more problems to the house by choosing to fix things on my own. I have even caught her trying to call a repairman to fix something, before I find out it is broken. I just think it is silly. If you have any kind of intelligence you can figure it out. We have a basic HVAC unit in our house. When we first had the unit installed last fall, I opted out of the extra cost for the annual maintenance check and service. Why spend all that money for an HVAC technician to come out to the house and to do the basic tasks that I could figure out how to do on my own? I went online and learned how to clean out the vents and change out the air filters. As long as this is down quarterly, you can really prevent any big heating and cooling catastrophes. I admit, cleaning out and stripping the ductwork if need be is no fun at all. But, again, if it saves me a lot of money, I am all for it! It can get a little more complicated if something breaks down, however. I definitely have to go deeper online to make any big repairs happen. I think that is what scares my wife the most. She doesn’t like when I start to fiddle around with the actual heating and cooling unit itself. She just knows I will break it somehow. She needs to have more faith in me.

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the temperature swings here are big

I am not a fan of doing any life research. It seems like every time we want to make any sort of big purchase, it takes a serious amount of review and research before coming to any definite decision. When one sets out to buy a car today, it can feel like you are buying the end all solution to hunger with the details that follow.  Nothing seems easy anymore, nothing. Heck, going to the grocery store for basic food shopping has now become one of my most stressful tasks. It is an ordeal with all the comparison that you go through before making a basic choice! So, you can imagine what it is like when needing to go appliance shopping for your home. I thought it was going to nearly kill me this month, when I needed to start researching heating and cooling units for my home. I have been renting for so long, that I had no idea the advances in technology that have occurred for basic heaters and air conditioners! I seriously couldn’t not even grasp all the cost and energy efficient differences. Don’t even get me started on the new apps they have to monitor the thermostat and temperatures throughout your day. Whatever happened to just turning on the heat when you were cold, then turning it off when you were done. Now we can maneuver everything from our phones if we wanted! When I went to search out for a local HVAC provider to help me with these decisions, that was a problem in itself. Who knew there could be so many! I don’t want to be a grown up anymore.

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Ductwork and how it works

I had a rough day last Thursday. I work as a professional landscaper, and we had an exceptionally hot week. It wasn’t just the heat that was beating me down, it was the amount of work itself. We usually only worked 8 hours a day, but last week we were working 10 or more hours a day! It was brutal, to say the least. When I got home on Thursday night, all I wanted to do was lay back and enjoy my air conditioner. I had recently upgraded my entire heating and cooling system to include a smart thermostat. This device really helped with my HVAC system comfort levels and also lowered my energy costs. I was able to switch on my air conditioner by just simply pushing a button on the screen of my smart phone. It was  a truly amazing HVAC system extra! I was sure glad to have it last Thursday, as I was too tired to walk over to my thermostat in my home. I collapsed on my couch and used my smart thermostat app to turn up the power on my air conditioner. I was completely exhausted from both the amount of work, and the high level of heat throughout the day. I was sure glad to be home on my nicely cool air conditioner. So, I simply laid back and enjoyed the nice cool breeze coming out of the ductwork of my freshly upgraded HVAC system. I had one good thing to look forward to on that night. The next day was pay day Friday!

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I keep on rushing

Last weekend I was in a super rush. I had a big appointment at 10 in the morning and I overslept! I got out of bed with only 15 minutes to make it to my appointment. I quickly got dressed, ran out of the house, and made my way to the meeting place. I luckily made it on time. I unluckily, however, forgot to shut off my furnace before I left. My HVAC system was very picky, I guess you could say. I could only run my heating and cooling system at night. If i tried to run my HVAC system during the daytime, it would overwork itself and cause all kinds of issues. Needless to say, when I got home I found a totally stuffy and overheated home. My furnace was also completely unresponsive. During the course of the morning it must have shut down. Now, however, my furnace would not start back up again. My air conditioner would not start either. What a hassle this day was turning out to be! Now I had to deal with a broken heating and cooling system. It was all because I overslept too. I sighed and called up a local HVAC business. This place was very reliable. I used their services a few years back when I needed some work done on my ductwork. The owner of the HVAC business recognized my name from a couple years back. I was surprised and happy. He sent out a very efficient HVAC technician who awesomely had my furnace back and running within a short while after arriving. This day didn’t turn out too bad after all. My furnace worked better now than it did before!

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This place could use a restoration

I have been a pediatric nurse in the local hospital for over a decade, now. I love my job. I have always loved children. So, when I knew without a doubt I wanted to go into nursing, it didn’t take too long to decide it would be with children. I was lucky enough to be able to get hired at one of the most prestigious children’s hospitals in the area. They are known for their NICU and ability to care for very rare cases. Last year, they were even recognized for a new HVAC system that they installed in the ward, which proved to be beneficial in more ways than they could have ever dreamed. It was a new Pure Air Filter System. Hospitals are already known for their very strict regimens when it comes to their central heating and air conditioning units. These HVAC systems are important to prevent the spreading of germs and infections. Their maintenance and service plan is just as important to have the air filters changed out and stripped annually. But, this Pure Air Filter System has taken HVAC care to a whole new level for severe allergy sufferers. While it has been proving to increase the quality of breathing air for those children who suffer from severe infection and allergies, it has surprisingly been showing a better healing time from surgeries and illness. I don’t think anyone ever expected the benefits to be so high when we first brought this new HVAC technology to the board for consideration. Everyone has been very happy with the results.


I love this dance studio

I am a dance teacher. I have been dancing since I was a small child. It is truly the love of my life. I have such a passion for the music and the movement that goes along with dance. I love recreating a play through interpretive dance or a dramatization of any story within the music. The costumes can be so extravagant and glamorous, it is hard to feel anything but beautiful. I have to say there isn’t really one thing that I don’t like about dance. Well, almost one thing. I have to admit that I don’t like to be cold in the least. It could be a hot summer’s day outside, but I will still find myself chilled to the bone waiting for my central heating to warm me up. The dance studios are always freezing. They seem to think that you are your own personal heater once you get moving. Even when they do turn the thermostat up, the heat is coming from the upper air vents and I can barely feel it. Recently, the dance studio went through a total upgrade. The local HVAC company was offering a great deal on Radiant Floor Heat Installation, that it was too good to pass up! The heat comes from pipes installed beneath the dance floor that is heated through the pipes. Once the thermostat is engaged and warmed up, the heat very slowly rises up and holds in the studio so much longer than the central heating system can offer. I love it the most on my feet as it warms my toes as I dance around the studio through routines.

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I got some awesome advice

 When I first bought my own house, I had some pretty bold ideas about taking care of it. Although I was not handy, and in fact had never even taken shop class back in high school, I thought that I would be able to play handyman and take care of the new home. My heart was in the right place. But I didn’t fully think it through, and ponder the facts that first, I had no experience and secondly, I had no tools.

            It turns out tools are very important with being a handyman. So it turned out that I was woefully unequipped to deal with plumbing, electricity, carpentry, or HVAC system repair and upkeep. Thankfully I had a cool neighbor, a retiree who liked to be a handyman and had some special experience with heating systems. What a lucky break, I thought, now if my furnace ever broke I could just stroll next door and get some advice. Foolishly I assumed that if he knew heating, he also knew cooling system repair.

          But an air conditioner and a furnace are not the same thing, and where he was excellent with furnace repair, he was not very experienced with dealing with AC units. But at least he had enough knowledge where he could tell me what was wrong with the air conditioning. He helped me to maintain the system regularly, and clear out the ductwork and air filters, and that alone probably added years of life to my clunky old air conditioner. But if my furnace ever dies, at least I know who to call.

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My A/C unit broke

As a married couple with four children under the age of ten, my wife and I do not get a lot of quiet time. This isn’t a complaint, just a reality. It was our choice to live this life, and we are very happy with our children and our home. But still, sometimes we just want to get out for a little while and have a date like in the old days. Paying for babysitting for 4 kids isn’t cheap, but once every couple of months we spend the money and have a little escape.

          Last weekend was our date night. We had planned it, but we hadn’t planned on the AC in our house breaking down. Now not only were all of us sweltering hot without any cooling system to help us out, but we were also looking at another extra bill to get it fixed. Common sense said that we should put the family first and forgo the date night so we could spend that money on HVAC system repairs.
         Instead I called up the babysitter like normal, and offered her a few extra bucks to watch the kids in a house with no AC in it. She wasn’t thrilled at the idea, but the extra cash made up for the lack of a cooling system this time. So while the kids were at home, we went out to a nice air conditioned diner and had a nice quiet meal. Then we went to a movie, had a great time, before going home and only then figuring out what to do about our AC problem.

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AC equipment and the pets

 I love my girlfriend, I really do, but I have a hard time dealing with her pets. She is an animal person. She used to work in a zoo, before an accident with a giraffe made her retire on disability, and now she keeps a mini zoo in her home. Well, now it’s our home, but if we don’t find a way to make it work I won’t be living here for much longer. I like animals, don’t get me wrong, but liking them and sharing my space with so many of them are two different things. I may need to do something expensive like upgrade the entire central HVAC system for the house, just to keep living here.

           It’s not so much the noise, even though the birds and cats are all very loud, it’s the indoor air quality. Animals stink by nature, especially when they relieve themselves on a newspaper on the floor, and the air filters and vents in the house just aren’t getting the job done. I don’t even care about temperature control that much, I’m pretty easy going when it comes to running the AC. But our current HVAC system is only a few years old, and it has HEPA air filters in it which are the best you can buy, and the house still stinks!

          I have an appointment with an HVAC contractor next week, where he will show me some options for air filtration units that may solve of my problems. Otherwise, I have to decide between AC, the animals, and my girlfriend.

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I’m going to fix this air conditioner

Some people invent things, and then other people take apart those inventions, study them, and make them better. Both types of people are inventors, it’s just that one type works on big ideas, and the other type takes those big ideas and modifies them to become more useful. I have a friend who is part of the second group. He likes to buy electronics equipment, take it apart, and see if he can make faster, stronger, or more powerful. He can’t build a stereo, but he can take your stereo and make it louder!

          He never went to night school, and never got certified as an HVAC repair technician, yet he can strip a window AC unit down to its bare parts and rebuild it better than new. I’m the one who convinced him he should start charging for his time, because he was fixing air conditioners for free and could have been making some cash. He works on a lot more than just cooling systems, of course, but we are in the middle of the dog days of summer, and people are running their air conditioners 24/7, so his skills for that are in demand at the moment.

       In a few months, when the cold days really hit the area, I’m sure he will have a lot of requests to work on furnaces and space heaters. If this keeps up, he will have a real HVAC repair service on his hands, which means he will probably have to make it legal and start paying taxes for all the AC units he fixes.

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