My home is very comfortable

I have recently been on the housing market, in search of the perfect place to call home. I’ve never wanted a new house, in fact I prefer older homes with a lot of interesting outdated features and character. That’s how I ended up finding this amazing old victorian home set amongst the tall trees of the forest on the outskirts of town. The house is absolutely beautiful, and has a ton of unique features that made me fall in love with it instantly. The only problem is that the house is slightly out of my budget, and the HVAC system it is equipped with is well over 20 years old. There’s no doubt that the entire HVAC will need to be replaced immediately, and it will require a significant investment on my part to get the central heating and cooling up to date. The current air conditioner is covered in rust and spider webs, and it looks like it has been flooded a few times in its life. The AC makes terrible whizzing noises and runs constantly without efficiently cooling the house at all. The furnace has been discolored to a strange black hue and makes alarming banging sounds every time it runs. I don’t believe it services the top level of the house, and the past residents relied on space heaters throughout every room to stay warm. I love this house so much, but I’m really struggling with the decision. I know it’s going to be no easy task to pay off a brand new HVAC system.

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Winter is a fun time of year

I’m a huge fan of the changing seasons, and I can’t imagine living in an environment that stays the same all year round. I’ve always lived in a seasonal climate, and I expect the normal transition from month to month as a marker of the year’s progression. One of my favorite times of year is the slow transition from lazy summer days to the brisk fall season. There’s something about the first chilly nights that feels extremely nostalgic and brings me back to my early adolescence. The crisp days that follow, complete with brilliant sunshine and brightly colored leaves, make me want to snuggle up in blankets and drink apple cider. I truly love the autumn. The one harsh reality, however, is the pending transition into brutal winter. In preparation this year, I am getting my HVAC system up to par for the difficult winter season. I know my old furnace is in desperate need of some maintenance service and part replacement, if not a complete replacement of the heating unit. Last year my heater was less than perfect; it struggled to keep my home at the set temperature, no matter what setting the thermostat was on. It seemed like every single day I was staring at the temperature control unit, modifying the temperature degree by degree as I tried to get some heat into the house. I can’t imagine going through this struggle again this year, so I’ll be calling our HVAC company as soon as possible. I hope an HVAC professional is able to ease the transition into winter this year!


Putting in the newest system

My wife and I recently got invited to a dinner date with our two best friends. In a strange series of events, my best friend ended up marrying my wifes best friend. We haven’t gone out on a double date in quite a while, so my wife and I accepted the invitation. It wasn’t anything fancy. We would just be going to their house for a nice little home cooked dinner. They were just starting out financially, so we weren’t surprised to find that their air conditioner wasn’t working when we got to their house. Luckily, it was the beginning of the fall season, so it was starting to cool down a little. The lack of an air conditioner didn’t really bother us too much. We were worried about their HVAC system though. Winter would soon be here, and they needed a working furnace. It’s one thing to not have an air conditioner in the early fall, but to go without a heating system in the winter was just not possible! Our area of the country could have some nasty winters. As we ate dinner, I asked them about their heating and cooling system. My best friend Eric told me that he almost had enough cash saved up to install a brand new heating and cooling system. Two more paychecks and he as good to go! I was glad. I would have gladly payed for a heating system install for my best friend ands his wife if I had to. We ended up having a very nice dinner, then we went home and relaxed before bed.

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My restaurant is great

My wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary every year in the exact same way. We are the crazy type of people who love the wintertime, so we got married in the middle of January. It was a beautiful wedding with lots of snow-filled photos. We wore fur coats and had a sled transport us from the ceremony to the reception.  We go out to eat at our favorite Indian restaurant each year to celebrate the wedding. Since our anniversary comes around in January, it’s always very cold outside, and usually it’s snowing. Luckily, our favorite Indian restaurant just happens to have the best heating system in town. It’s always toasty and warm when we arrive. The temperature is just perfect. Their furnace gets the place warm and cozy, but somehow it’s never too dry. My wife typically orders the chana masala and I order the chicken tikka masala. We both get naan bread and some chai tea. We sit there for hours, happily chatting and enjoying our meals. I have no idea what it is about this restaurant’s heating system, but it is quite enchanting. It must be a combination of this excellent heating system, with the warmth of the stone fired oven used to cook the naan, and the spiciness of the food, that makes us feel like we are in heaven. I wish I could live in this restaurant during the wintertime. My wife and I just love this tradition we have of going to the Indian restaurant each year. I look forward to many years to come.

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Real estate decisions

My wife and I have been searching for quite a long time for a source of extra income. We both have good jobs, but we just couldn’t seem to make ends meet. We suffered one financial downfall after another! One of out close friends suggested that we look into real estate. We decided to buy a duplex that we could rent out to two families. It was tough at first. When we first bought the building, we had to gut out the entire HVAC system and replace it with a brand new heating and cooling system. We weren’t aware of the HVAC system problems when we first had the home inspected, so we were hoping we could recoup the money we had to spend on the HVAC system repairs and replacement. Two days after we bought the home, we heard something scurrying around in the ductwork. We immediately called an HVAC technician, and what he found made us sigh in sadness. Their had been a family of rats that made their home in the ductwork, and the entire system of ductwork needed to be completely replaced. This was the beginning of the nightmare. The HVAC technician investigated the rest of the heating and cooling system, and discovered that the furnace was completely useless. It would cost more to repair than it would to replace. We ended up getting the money back from the original seller for all the HVAC system work we had to get done. It was definitely a painful process though! In the end, it most certainly paid off though.

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This could be a problem

I couldn’t believe it! My wife somehow managed to get tickets to this 30 year anniversary symphony I really wanted to attend.Orchestral music was not my wife’s thing, but she loved me enough to do this amazing thing for me. I was so excited! She was able to get really good tickets too. The night of the event showed up, and I even rented a tuxedo for it! My HVAC system was currently in a state of disrepair, so I was very happy for this diversion. The day before the big show, we suffered a power outage. When the power came back on, my HVAC system didn’t. The air handler portion of the HVAC system was working. I knew this because I could feel the air circulating nicely through the ductwork. The only problem was that the air was not cooled. I had gone outside to check the condenser unit outside, and that’s where the problem was. A cooling system was useless if the condenser unit wasn’t working! I could figure out how to repair the HVAC system, but I didn’t have the proper tools. I figured it would be a lot simpler to hire a good HVAC technician to do the job. I asked around with some of my neighbors to see if they could recommend a decent HVAC technician. It turned out that my next door neighbor just happened to be one! He agreed to fix my HVAC system for free. All I would have to do would be to purchase any necessary parts. What a blessing! He would be by tomorrow. For now, I was going to enjoy my symphony!

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I’m getting aggravated

Last Monday started off amazingly well. I got a great night’s sleep, I ate my favorite breakfast, and I hit every green light on my way to work. When I arrived at work, I found a note on my desk that my boss wanted to see me. I went to his office and was informed that I received a raise. What a tremendous day! I went back to my desk and my phone rang. It was my wife. She was having a problem with the HVAC system. For some reason, it was blowing air through the ductwork, but it would not cool down. I assured her that I would call an HVAC technician and hung up the phone with her. I did a quick internet search to find a reliable HVAC company. These days, it was vital to check the reviews on any given company. This was especially true for an HVAC business. A broken HVAC system could set you back a ton of money if you were not careful.I found an HVAC business that was close to the house, and also had great reviews. I decided to give them a try. I called them up and asked the HVAC business owner for the special introductory coupon special I saw on their website. When I was checking reviews for this specific HVAC business I found a coupon for first time customers. It would save me 100 dollars off any repair costing 500 or more. He informed me that he didn’t have any HVAC technicians available to the following day. This is slightly aggravating, but it couldn’t ruin the great day I was having!

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News and HVAC equipment

It was nice to take a moment to myself once in awhile. For the past few days I have been nonstop busy, and I finally was able to squeeze in 3 hours of personal time last night. I used that time to catch up on some reading, watch a little television, and find out what was going on in the world. I had been so busy that I couldn’t even watch the news! I went to my favorite news website, and caught up with current events. As I was reading, and advertisement popped up for a local HVAC business. That reminded me that I was in need of an HVAC system maintenance right about now. It had been over 6 months since my last heating and cooling system inspection. Now that I had a moment to reflect, I have been noticing that my air conditioner wasn’t working as well as usual. I tried to remember the last time I switched out my air filter, but I couldn’t pinpoint a precise date. I decided to call the HVAC business right then and there. If you neglect the maintenance of your home’s HVAC system, you will definitely regret it. A broken HVAC system can end up costing you thousands of much needed dollars. The man who answered the phone ta the HVAC business was extremely helpful, and was able to get an appointment set up relatively quickly. I even received a first time customer discount! What a difference a few free hours can make in one’s life and HVAC system performance levels.

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My water heater works great

Do you ever like to watch online videos? That is something I never really thought to do before, but lately I have discovered how fun it can be to watch online videos. There are online video channels about everything. You can watch people speed clean, watch doctors pop zits, and learn how to use certain software or build wooden furniture. The most amazing thing I am learning, though, is how to do household things. I recently learned all about water heaters and how they work. Water heaters are not really as complicated as I thought. Water heaters have these coils in them that kind of resemble a heater element in an oven, and it is those water heater coils that heat the water. The reason the water heaters are so big is because that heater tank just stores the water so it is there when you need it. I was telling my niece about the hot water heater videos, and she started watching them too. Then, lo and behold, one day, her shower water would not get hot. Her first instinct was to call in a water heater repair person, but then she remembers the videos. She went online and typed in how to know what is wrong with my water heater. She got a multitude of hits and watched a PBS video about water heaters being installed and water heater repairs. There was a plumber explaining how to diagnose what might be wrong if your water heater was not providing hot water all of a sudden. She was able to figure it out, but she did not have the parts she needed, so she was forced to call in a water heater repair guy anyway, but still it was fun knowing what was wrong and not feeling stupid.

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The lack of air quality is bad

Have you ever noticed that when you lose your creature comforts you can’t concentrate very well? That is certainly the case for me. If I do not have the good indoor air quality that a solid HVAC system provides, I suddenly can’t think at all. Without air conditioning I become flat out stupid. I mean, if the a/c is not working optimally at my office, my employer would be better off sending me home. Without air conditioning to take the humidity out of the air and also keep me cool, I am liable to make costly mistakes. One time, when I was at home and the air conditioning was on the fritz, I decided it would be a great idea to order a portable a/c unit from the online shopping channel. For over three hundred dollars! Really? They are not that great. I am spoiled rotten, though, and need my comfortable air conditioning in order to make good decisions. Where I used to work before, we owned the building, so if the HVAC broke or just needed service, we would get it right away. But now, at my new job, we rent office space, and the building managers are not that quick to spend money fixing the HVAC. I almost sent out an email that was written like a kindergartener hat written it just because i couldn’t concentrate due to lack of good indoor air quality. Sheesh. I have to be ultra careful if the air conditioning is on the fritz.

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