Ac on the trains

People often talk about how hard it is living in the city. Public transportation, heavy traffic, higher pollution levels and more – what’s not to like, right? Well, I’ve got news for those that live in the city – living in the country isn’t a walk in the park, either! Sure, I live on a big spacious property in a comfy two-story plantation style home – I also live so far away from town, most of the general contractors aren’t willing to make the drive to fix up my home. That means that I have to be a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter and an HVAC specialist all at once. Thankfully the package carriers and postal service will still deliver my packages and mail, which is how I retrieve the components I need to make repairs around the house. A few weeks back, my home’s air conditioning system started acting out of character. The air would blow hot for a moment or two, but then would start blowing cool air. Each day, the hot air would blow for a longer amount of time, so I could tell something was up. I went outside and opened up the outdoor condenser unit, and I could clearly tell the compressor was frozen over! It was like a freezer inside the condenser, which explains where all my cold air was getting trapped. Ultimately, I had to order a new compressor altogether, as the constant freezing and thawing around the metal of the compressor caused it to warp and crack. If you’ve never had to pay for a compressor to be delivered to your home, just know that the shipping costs alone will make you scream! Thankfully, I was able to replace the compressor with little to no headache, and get my house back into a more reasonably cool state. The things you do when you don’t have access to conveniences in the city!

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They didn’t seem to know what they were doing

When I hire professionals to come work for me, I expect those people to do their jobs! I need reliable people who will do the job they say they are going to do! Well recently, I was entirely disappointed when I called this one company for my HVAC system maintenance. My system was actually running but I could tell it was struggling a little bit. I had changed the air filter regularly so I knew that wasn’t the problem. I also had my ductwork cleaned every other year. Well I actually discovered this company from a television ad and decided to go with them because they were doing half price HVAC system repairs. I thought I would save a little money, but I actually ended up with a serious headache and my time was wasted. Their HVAC technicians weren’t motivated in the least and acted like they didn’t want to be there. They clinked and clanked at the equipment and it almost seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. They told me the air filter looked alright and the ductwork seemed clean and the system should be working good. Then they were off. Well the system didn’t seem to work all that much better and then by the following month my HVAC system entirely shut down. I was enraged by this! I made a complaint to the company about their horrible service and also wrote a negative review and warned people to watch out for these guys. I came to find that the overall reviews were terrible for this company! I guess that’s my own fault for not checking the reviews in the first place.

She needs to take it easy

My girlfriend is a little bit impulsive. I mean she will just go out and buy things that she happens to like, but doesn’t really need. I tell her all the time that she should get on a better spending budget and I have tried convincing her that she doesn’t need all these dumb things she sees here and there. She’ll tell me it was fine because they were on sale. Oh man, she cannot resist a sale! I wasn’t surprised the other day when she came over to my place with a new car. I asked her right away why she purchased a new car; she already had one! She told me that it was on sale and she couldn’t pass it up. She test drove it and everything and it had the best climate control system along with heated seats! When she told me all of that, I decided to go in the car with her for a little test drive. It was the fall so it was a bit chilly. She was right, the climate control system in that car was absolutely fabulous. I found myself messing around with the thermostat and it was really powerful! The heated seats felt amazing when it was so chilly out. She asked later if I was mad that she bought this new car, and I told her it was actually great. I told her that she would definitely be driving me places instead of always driving in my car! She explained that she traded in her old car so it really wasn’t so bad, and she got a good deal on the trade-in. I thought that sounded reasonable, but I hoped that she would take it easy a little bit with the impulsive spending every time she found another sale!

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Sensitive person

Honestly, I’m a pretty sensitive person. I can’t stand it when people try and judge me based on various things. This is why when I have company over to my house, I have to make sure everything looks impeccable so that nobody can say anything negative about me or my place. Well the last time I had some friends over, somebody was talking about the air quality how it was a little uncomfortable. I asked them what they meant by that and they said that the air was a little bit humid. Considering how humid it was outside, I said that was only natural. They said that I should think about getting a humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit. While I have never thought about getting something like that to improve the air quality in my home, I honestly thought that was a fabulous idea. I felt a little hurt that someone was talking about the air quality in my house like that, but at least I could do something about it! I called the HVAC company later on and had them bring out one of those humidifier/dehumidifier combo units! They asked me if I would also be interested in an air purifier. They said it could be installed just like the humidifier and work in tangent with my system. I said that sounded great and before I knew it, I had the new equipment installed. Right away, I felt the difference and I didn’t realize that the air quality could be so amazing in my household! The next time my friends came over to my house, I heard nothing but compliments about everything including the air quality!


What did I just get myself into!

My boyfriend and I are basically opposites, he is extremely adventurous and wild, and I tend to be very cautious and careful. I don’t like to put myself in dangerous situations where I could actually get killed. I am afraid to fly on airplanes because if one of the engines fail, you’re going to crash and die and there’s nothing you can do! I am tired of people throwing statistics at me about how you are more likely to die in a car accident than an airplane crash, but I know that’s because there are a lot of idiots out on the road! I can at least drive defensively and have control over the vehicle to avoid crashes. Even if I were going to die, I would at least feel better being close to the ground and not falling from a high altitude. I remember when my boyfriend said he wanted to go skydiving and I almost fainted. We actually came to a compromise though. I had been living with him for awhile at his house that he owns, but his HVAC system really needs maintenance. He always says he’ll get around to it, but I don’t think he ever will. He’s always too busy planning new adventures for us to go on. I try to only agree on the safest ones like camping out in the woods, but this new adventure that involves skydiving has me petrified. I told him however, if he calls the HVAC company to come out and perform a tune-up on his HVAC system, I will go skydiving with him! He asked me, “Is that all?” I couldn’t believe I was going to do this because he was happy to agree to do that if I would do something like that with him! What did I just get myself into!

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Know it’s Fall

I had to take my son to a class today at this nature center. It was all about the seasons changing and how the animals get ready for winter by gathering all kinds of nuts and seeds and things like that. He really liked the class and getting to see different kinds of animals like box turtles, salamanders, rat snakes, and birds like a Great Blue Heron. It was interesting how the naturalist taught the kids all kinds of things about migrations and seasons changing. One of the things that I thought of that the naturalist didn’t talk about at all is a way that I know the seasons are changing! I know that it’s fall because my husband and I are finally able to turn off the central air conditioning at our house! It’s always nice to be able to turn off the A/C and let the HVAC system and our thermostat have a rest after working all through the long, hot summer! Sometimes I almost feel bad for the poor central air conditioning system since it never ever gets a rest through all of the long, hot months of summer. But in the fall, the thermostat goes off and the weather starts cooling off. I didn’t volunteer any answers for the class, of course, since they were talking about nature and the wilderness. But what I really wanted to say was that one sign that it’s fall is when you turn off the A/C and you finally turn the thermostat up and maybe even turn on the furnace! I guess you don’t really do that out in the wild, but at least that’s how we know that it’s fall around our house!

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What a venue

It was Valentine’s Day and I took my wife to a really nice restaurant. It was truly romantic and we ordered some excellent food. I also ordered an expensive bottle of wine for us. We were loving the experience until it started heating up in the place. I didn’t know what could be wrong, but I asked the waiter about the climate control settings. He said he would check with the manager right away. He came back to let us know that evidently the thermostat was stuck on the heating setting somehow. He said there was some sort of complication with their smart thermostat unit and apparently, it was on the fritz! He apologized for the inconvenience. My wife and I at that point weren’t sure that we could stick around to deal with the overheated venue. We decided to tell the waiter that we wanted the bill and our food to go. He then said again how sorry he was and that our meal as well as the wine was on the house! Well, I was rather shocked at that. If I knew we were going to get a free meal out of this experience, I would have hoped for the HVAC system to go haywire! That bottle of wine was almost one hundred dollars! We were both pleased and we went home and enjoyed the rest of our take home food as well as our bottle of wine. What a fabulous Valentines Day it was! One thing is for certain, with an establishment that treats their customers that good, we will most definitely be going back again in the future!

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I know that I can do it!

The other day when I was cleaning the basement, I stumbled upon a bunch of old pictures. The one picture almost made me cry because it was a picture of me and my Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe was a really skilled HVAC technician. He actually taught me a lot about heating and cooling technology and taught me how to work on various systems. He even would take me out often when he went to different places to work. I know he appreciated the helping hand but I sincerely appreciated learning everything he taught me! We spent so much time together, joked and had fabulous times. Working with him on the job was actually a good time. I’m honestly thinking about getting into the heating and cooling industry myself one of these days when I graduate from high school. I can’t tell you how sad I was when my Uncle Joe passed away a few years ago. I almost feel like I owe it to him to get into the HVAC industry because of all the things he taught me. Honestly, I could just about fix an HVAC unit with my eyes closed! Still, I understand that you have to attend a trade school and get your HVAC certification in order to become an official HVAC technician. One of these days Uncle Joe! I decided to take that old picture and framed it in my room. I think that everyday, I’m going to remember what my uncle did for me and I’m going to work my way to success as an HVAC technician. I know that I can do it!

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We’re back!

The other day, we were facing a brutal heatwave. We really had the A/C going, and it felt wonderful as opposed to being outside. Well, it was all wonderful at least until the climate control system broke down! I nearly shouted, “No!” I ran to the thermostat and I couldn’t get the A/C to click back on. I didn’t know what else to do except call for an HVAC technician to come over, so that’s what I did. When they said that they wouldn’t be able to get over to our household for a few days at least, I arranged for the appointment and tried to think about the next plan of action. We went to the store to see if we could find any A/C window units, but we had no luck because they were all sold out. Then we decided to just check into a hotel. Fortunately, the heatwave died down and the next day was a lot cooler. We had some fans we could use so we just decided to go back home and use those to keep comfortable. It wasn’t the most comfortable situation, but it was manageable compared to the previous day when we couldn’t stand the heat. When the HVAC technician finally came over to repair our climate control system, just about everyone cheered! The HVAC technician said he was getting that a lot lately after that terrible heatwave. Of course we were the most happy when he actually got the A/C back on. We cheered louder and everyone either hugged or gave the HVAC worker a pat on the back!

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Day at the doctor

Just the other day, I took my daughter in for her doctor’s appointment. The crazy thing is, the place was seriously overheated. I asked the receptionist about the climate control settings and she said apologetically that the HVAC system had malfunctioned. I couldn’t believe it, it was the worst timing. She said that they could reschedule the appointment if I liked, but it would be a whole month later! I couldn’t wait that long to have the doctor’s appointment, so I decided we would just have to take the heat. I felt really bad for my daughter because she was really hot. I promised her that we would go get some ice cream after the appointment. She really didn’t want to be there but she said okay, she would go through with it. The people that were waiting there prior to us said they couldn’t take the heat from the lack of A/C, so they decided to leave. Because of this, my daughter and I were called a lot sooner. We got in, went through the check ups with the doctor, and then we were out of there! The doctor was very understanding of the situation with the heat. He had a stationary fan blowing in the waiting room, and that helped a lot. He took care of everything rather quickly. Measured my daughter’s height, checked her ears, made sure all her vitals were good, and it seemed like record timing! My daughter said, “Yay, now we get to get some ice cream!” The doctor laughed and said he wished he could come with us.

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