A/C at the pet park

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, and I guess that’s okay.  I know I’ve got a friend who won’t go anywhere without her dog.  She got her baby when it was just a couple of weeks old, and it really has become her baby.  When she moved into the city, she was always looking for a pet park to take her baby, so she could get some exercise.  It was kind of nice I guess, but I had to laugh at all the people following their animals around so they could take their poop home with them.  I really got a big laugh when she told me that she found a new indoor pet park.  She raved how great it was on those hot and humid summer days, and that it was even air conditioned.  She could sit on the bench and play on her phone, and she didn’t have to worry about the dog escaping.  The best part was that she didn’t have to worry about the dog dehydrating because of the heat, and the air conditioning just seemed to be a perfect addition.  She was telling how the guy who manages the indoor pet park says there are going to be air conditioned indoor pet parks, going up all over the country.  I guess that you have to be a lover of animals to get so excited over an air conditioned pet park.  Isn’t the whole idea of going to the park, getting fresh air, and romping a bit.  These city pet owners go to a park and stay inside.  There is something wrong in that concept, but at least they have air conditioning.

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Trying to do the job right

I don’t know if it’s true the dogs are man’s best friend, but they sure are this man’s best friend! I got my first puppy when I was just a pup myself, and since then I’ve always had at least one dog as a pet. That’s over thirty years of doggy living and loving, and I will never change. When I moved into my new town, one of the big selling points was how many dog parks this place has. The whole town is pet friendly, and there are six different dog parks. The newest one that opened blew me away, because it’s the first indoor, air conditioned dog park I’ve ever heard of. It’s not the biggest park, but that’s okay because it’s the only one with a cooling system. Of course, the dogs don’t seem to care one way or the other about AC, but for the owners it can make a world of difference. In turn, it really does make the dogs happier, because it’s so hot outside these days, and when they used to get a half hour in the sun, now they get many hours in the A/C. The owners can just kick back, have a water or a coffee, and talk in the air conditioning as the dogs play, so everyone wins. Now that I can beat the heat with a sweet AC system that’s much better than the little HVAC unit I have at home, I take my dog to this park every single day. He will get tired of it before I get tired of this AC.

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Making the repairs

I have always been efficient when it comes to managing my time, and being organized.  Maybe it was because of my grandparents, or the ideas my mother instilled me about never being late, but I have become responsible for being on time without being hounded by anyone.  When it comes to work, I don’t need extra motivation to give me a reason to finish my jobs on time.  It is something I do automatically because I take pride in myself.  I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I look back and know that I have done my best.  Not too long ago, I had a really important business brief to finish.   I worked day and night on that brief, and I was down to two more days.  I knew I could finish it, but then something happened that seemed to rock my entire internal timing.  My air conditioning quit working.  I felt like my brains were frying, it was getting so warm in my apartment.  I played with the thermostat, hoping to get it to start working again, but it didn’t work.  I ended having to call the HVAC company and ask them to check out my air conditioning.  In the meantime, I had to find a way to get my work done.  I came up with the brilliant idea to take my laptop to the local soda shop and get some work done there.  I knew they had great air conditioning, because I had been in there several times.  The place was so noisy and crowded, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get anything done.  For the first time in my life, I didn’t complete a project on time, and my air conditioning was my downfall.

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This is a great hotel

I wanted to plan a special holiday for my wife and I. We had not been away together in a few years, and both of us we’re excited. My wife knew that we were going away, but she did not know what I had planned. That part was a surprise, and I knew she would love everything. A few days ago, we woke up and drove to the airport. My wife had no idea, that we would be boarding a plane. She was amazed to find out that we were flying to a tropical island location. We arrived two days ago, and our accommodations have been heavenly. I found a four-star beach hotel within my price range, and booked reservations. Everything was exactly as promised, and the room was even nicer than the pictures on their website. The best part about our room, was the two doors that could be opened on to the beach. There was a small porch outside of the two doors, and then nothing but sand. My wife and I still have not used the HVAC system. I was afraid about our accommodations, and even made sure that our room would have an HVAC system with a separate thermostat control system. My wife has terrible difficulties with asthma, and she requires an HVAC system wherever we stay. The hotel staff assured me that the HVAC system was wonderful. The hotel staff also told me that we would probably not use the HVAC system, because the breeze from the beach makes the room feel quite wonderful. The hotel staff was correct, and we still have not used the HVAC system even once.

HVAC equipment 

I really need a new HVAC system

I work as the principal for one of the local elementary schools. Our school has been erected for 30 years, and a lot of the building is in need of repair. The classrooms are very dilapidated and falling apart. Over the past few months, the HVAC unit has not been working well. When school first started, the A/C unit barely kept the classroom cool at all. Children were complaining all day long about the temperature, and there wasn’t anything that I could do to help. A few teachers complained about the HVAC unit, but the superintendent said there is no funds for a brand new HVAC system. I decided to send a letter to one of our local congressman, pleading for help with our HVAC situation. I asked the congressman to provide us with extra funds, but I have yet to hear back. I sent the letter a few months ago, and called the business office two times. There has to be something that we can do about the indoor air quality. The students are having a difficult time concentrating on classroom activities. The teachers are having a difficult time, also.  My brother happens to work for a local HVAC company. My brother offered to come to the school to look at our system, but that won’t really solve the problem. There is a school board meeting in 3 weeks, and I am going to bring up the HVAC system problems. Something needs to be done about our system, before we have tons of parents complaining about the air quality.

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These fees are difficult

I lived in my house for nearly fifteen years before I was able to afford a central cooling system.  In the area where I live, air conditioning isn’t really necessary.  For the majority of the year, our weather varies between chilly and freezing. We get temperatures well below zero, lots of snow and tons of rain. The summer season is short, and often cold and wet.  We do, however, usually get a spell of extremely hot and humid days and nights. The inside of my house would become terribly overheated and sticky, and it was difficult to sleep at night or get comfortable during the day.  I tried getting by with box fans and open windows, but wasn’t happy with this.  Open windows allow in a whole bunch of contaminants, including exhaust fumes, dust, pollen, and bugs. Plus, the sound of traffic, barking dogs, chirping birds and neighbors is disruptive.  I also worried about security with the windows wide open. I then invested in a portable air conditioner for each of the bedrooms, which was an improvement. The portable air conditioners sometimes had difficulty keeping up with demand and ruined the view from the window. Installing the equipment every spring and removing it every fall was aggravating, and I struggled to find storage. Since I already had a forced air furnace installed in the home, the cost of central cooling wasn’t outrageous, but it was difficult to justify the expense. My husband was definitely not convinced that it was a good decision. Now that the central air conditioner is installed, we both absolutely love it.  We run the air conditioner even when the weather isn’t all that warm, just because we enjoy the circulation of the cool air. The air conditioner keeps the house fresher and cleaner and certainly far more comfortable.  

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Noises in the air ducts

Several large thunderstorm ripped through the area last month. There was a lot of damage to the outside of my home, and it took days to repair all of the problems. A few days ago, I started hearing strange noises coming from the HVAC ducts. The noises were quiet at first, but they have been getting louder over the past two days. I’ve tried to locate the problem, but I don’t know enough about the HVAC ducts. I contacted the local HVAC supplier this morning, and explained the problem and noises I was hearing. The HVAC supplier said that it sounded like we had a rodent problem, likely from the thunderstorms. He suggested that we contact a pest control service as well. The pest control service wouldn’t come out and visit, until the HVAC supplier had checked for problems in our ducting. The HVAC supplier came out the next day, and found a lot of evidence of animals in the ducting. There was nothing they could do until all of the pests were gone. It was a huge pain, and it was one phone call after another. It took 3 days before the entire problem was resolved. Apparently, some field mice had found their way inside of the home during the storm. They made their way into the HVAC ducting, and had begun to set up a home above my living room. Once the pest control service rid the area of the mice, it was smooth sailing from then on. My supplier came out to repair the HVAC ducting problems, and the exterminator left a few traps for any unwanted house guests.

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We have a lot of heating choices

My mom usually hosts our Thanksgiving Day celebration. This year, my mom was having new flooring installed in the living room. My husband and I decided to host our Thanksgiving celebration. It was the first time we would host for Thanksgiving, and I wanted everything to be perfect. I purchased a large turkey while ahead of time, so that it could have plenty of time to thaw. I was ready to make sweet potato souffle and roasted brussel sprouts with chestnuts. My husband had the football game on the television in the living room, and our whole house smelled of pumpkin and spices. Dinner was scheduled for 2 p.m., and our family was going to be arriving sometime after noon. The last thing I had to do, was put the pies in the oven. I was waiting until the last minute, because they leave the best smell in the house. About 30 minutes after I put the last pie in the oven, the A/C system shutdown. I heard the A/C system shutdown abruptly, and I mentioned something to my husband. When the A/C system failed to turn back on, I knew we were in for trouble. It wasn’t very warm outside, but it was going to get very hot, very quickly. With 20 people in the house for dinner, the A/C system was absolutely necessary. My husband went out into the garage, in order to visually inspect the HVAC system. When he didn’t recognize any problems, he decided to view the thermostat. That was when we realized that the batteries were dead. Once we replaced the batteries, the A/C system turned back on.

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We have enough money saved

I grew up in a small town, right on the edge of a mountain. The town had a total population of 600 people. It was easy to know everyone’s business, and it was impossible to hide anything. When something interesting happens in town, it isn’t long before everyone knows about it. Last weekend, a new family moved into town. About the same time, a new air-conditioning provider started advertising in the local paper. I assumed the family was the owner of the new Air Conditioning business. When we saw the air conditioning van parked in front of the house, all of our suspicions were confirmed. The air conditioning provider was advertising on the local radio and on the television. They had some amazing air conditioning tune-up specials, along with a few coupons for brand new heating or air conditioning units. My wife and I were due for a tune-up on our air conditioning system, so I decided to call the new company. The person on the phone was very friendly and courteous. She took down our address and information, and told us about their weekly specials. She asked if I wanted same day service, and informed me that it would be at no additional charge. Since I was in no hurry, I scheduled the air conditioning tune up for a few days later. I finished talking with the woman on the phone, and she made sure to tell me that they were now offering 24-hour emergency service for heating and air conditioning repairs. Neither of the providers in town provide 24-hour emergency service, so I hoped this air conditioning provider would be excellent.

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My heating system needs service

My friends think I am crazy. We all live in the same area of the country and experience moderate temperatures year round. Our apartment complex is equipped with a pool, gym and an outdoor kitchen that is open for us to use whenever we want. We also have a great cooling and heating system. A lot of the tenants like to use their cooling throughout the entire year, and pay for the bills like it is no big deal. I, however, try not to use my A/C  ever throughout the year. My friends all call me crazy and say I am dumb for not using the luxury cooling system that is included with my apartment. There is hardly any maintenance and the landlord will pay for any issues that may come up with the A/C system at any time. However, I simply like to enjoy the fresh air and constant breeze coming through my windows throughout the warmer months. When there are days with high temperatures and humidity, I simply turn on fans and keep the air circulating throughout my apartment. Although my friends think my apartment is always too warm, they don’t see how much I am saving on monthly cooling bills. They could easily do the same if they did not use their luxury air conditioning. I rarely ever have people in my apartment because of my lack of cooling, but it saves me a ton in buying food and drinks for everyone! Instead of wasting my money on cooling costs, I can happily throw an outdoor pool party and cook great food for everyone to enjoy on days we can spend at the pool!

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