Electric ignition switch

Last weekend, my son and his wife came over for dinner. We hadn’t seen them in a couple of weeks, because my son has been out of town. He travels out of the country frequently, in order to handle business affairs with potential investors. My son is the CFO for a major Fortune 500 company. He wears a suit and tie to work everyday, and he hasn’t had dirty hands since kindergarten. When Brad found out that the furnace wasn’t working, he took off his suit and tie and went into the basement. I laughed out loud, because Brad has no idea how to fix a furnace. Brad came up the stairs a few minutes later, grabbed his phone, and went back down the stairs. We didn’t see Brad for 20 or 30 minutes. When he emerged from the basement, he grabbed the car keys and walked out the front door. I called Brad on the phone, and demanded some information. Brad told us the Furnace needed a new electric ignition switch. He found a video online, to help complete the installation. Brad called The Home Improvement store and they had the electric ignition switch in stock. When Brad came back to the house and hour later, he had a small piece of Machinery in his hand. Once again, he ascended the stairs to the basement. Brad actually fixed the furnace, and the ignition switch was the problem. It was nice to see Bradley working with his hands, and I forgot how smart and ingenuitive my son could be. It was nice to see him roll up the sleeves, and take off the tie.

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Different kinds of boilers:

Whether you are looking to buy a new boiler or are just want some information on them, we will explore several different kinds to help you in your search. So you may know, there are three main kinds of boilers: combi, system, and conventional. The first kind of boiler is known as a combination boiler – or more commonly called a combi boiler.  One of the main advantages of a combi boiler is that it has no need for a water cylinder or water tank in or around your home. You can also run hot water to your heart’s content, without worry of it running out. However, a combi boiler may lose water pressure if you run more than one faucet at a time, and they are relatively challenging and expensive to install. For system boilers, which are also called sealed system boilers, you will have to have a water cylinder but not a water tank. An advantage these possess over combi boilers is that they don’t lose water pressure when multiple faucets are running. However there is only a finite amount of hot water stored, water doesn’t come out as initially cold, and there needs to be room in your home for the water cylinder. Lastly a conventional boiler, also referred to as a regular boiler, uses both a water cylinder and water tank. For a conventional boiler, you will have many of the same benefits and drawbacks as that of a system boiler. In other words, you will be able to maintain water pressure when using several faucets at once, however, you will once again be faced with having a limited amount of hot water. You will also need space for both a water cylinder and a water tank.

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She’s not very confident in my skills

The last time we had an HVAC technician over to our house, we learned something important. He said that we did a great job of changing our air filters regularly but he said there was more that we could do. He said that the outdoor condenser unit was clogged up pretty bad, so that needed to be cleaned out. He said he would clean it out but we could also do that on our own every spring if he wanted to know how to do that. He said that it was also important to keep the inner parts of the HVAC unit clean. In order to do this type of maintenance, you must shut down the power on the break box to the HVAC system. Then you can proceed to carefully vacuum the inner parts of the HVAC equipment by removing the cabinet to the machine. The procedure for the outdoor condenser unit is also very similar. After the unit has the power shut down to it, you can take off the cabinet and clean off the fan blades very carefully. Then you can use your hose to carefully spray all the various debris from the inside going outwards. This cleans out the fin coils so there will be optimal airflow through the condenser unit. This airflow is very important so this sort of maintenance must be done at least once per year. I figured I could probably take care of all of that, but my wife said we should just leave it to the professionals! I guess she isn’t very confident in my handyman skills.

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Jokes, pranks and HVAC

My brother was always so irritating. He would come over to our house and raid our fridge. He would always drink all the beer and it was a real pain in the neck. He would always try to adjust the temperature control and that really annoyed me. I could almost deal with everything else, but you don’t mess with the climate control settings in another person’s house! Even after he adjusted the climate control settings, he actually had the nerve to say that we needed an HVAC system tune-up. I told him that he better not mess with the temperature control anymore or else he wouldn’t be allowed to come over all the time like he has been. He went on further to say that he could tell the HVAC was struggling a little and I should really think about calling the HVAC company, and then he went on his way. I felt bad for going off on him and I later called the HVAC company because I figured it couldn’t hurt. The HVAC technician said that I actually did need a tune-up and a few parts needed to be replaced. He took care of everything and then the HVAC system was running a lot smoother. He recommended that we have our ductwork cleaned out as well and said he could take care of it then and there as he had the tools in his truck for cleaning. We agreed and he took care of that. I couldn’t believe how excellent the air quality was after the work was taken care of. When my brother came over the next time, he complimented us on the air quality and said, “You had your ductwork cleaned didn’t you!?” I just smiled and we laughed. I told him he was right and apologized for yelling at him before.

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All you need is regular maintenance and your HVAC will last

Recently, my wife and I had purchased a new lake house. This place was really great and we were loving the day we moved in. Well, we were relaxing one afternoon out on the back deck just admiring the beautiful scenery around our property. We had a fabulous view of the lake. I set up bug zappers so we wouldn’t be bothered by all the bugs. Well, it was the fall season so it was starting to become somewhat chilly. When I went back inside of our house, I figured it was time to turn the heating equipment on. So I went to the thermostat to work the furnace, but the furnace failed to turn on. About ten minutes went by and I still couldn’t get the heating system to work! I told my wife and she said that we really should of had the HVAC system inspected before we bought the place! I just shook my head and realized that we were going to have to take care of it. I figured it wouldn’t be too much of a problem and it probably wouldn’t cost must to have a professional take care of everything. I called up the HVAC company and had an HVAC technician over to the property. He was absolutely shocked at how filthy the air filter was in the system as was I. He said it looked like the air filter wasn’t changed for at least a year and he checked everything else out. He updated some parts in the HVAC and supplied us with a new air filter. He was able to get the machine going again after a few hours. He said to just call up for regular maintenance twice per year and our HVAC would last for a long time.

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Definitely want more dates

I have been on the dating scene for a long while, and honestly it seems that all the ladies I go for are totally dependent. Like, the last girl I tried dating didn’t even have a job and she was still living with her parents. She was rather clingy and she wanted to move into my house. I had to put the brakes on that right away. She kept telling me how wonderful my house was and she was in love with my HVAC unit. It was true that I have a great HVAC machine because I have it maintained regularly by the HVAC company. I always change the air filters every other month as well. I definitely appreciate her compliment about my system, but I was not about to let this young lady move into my house! We barely even knew each other! If she moved in, I bet the next thing she would be talking about is having kids and honestly, I can’t move that fast in a relationship. But yea, I have dated a lot of ladies like that and none of them really impressed me that much. Well recently, I ran into this really brilliant young lady who had her own truck. She also had a great job and everything. She didn’t own a place but she rented a nice apartment. I really thought all of that was great. When I asked her what kind of work she did, she let me know that she was an HVAC technician. I was right away interested and wanted to know more. She told me all about it and how her line of work is truly fulfilling. She absolutely loves helping people out in times of need especially when it’s freezing out and she can get the heating restored at various customers’ houses. I definitely wanted to have more dates with this gal!


Cool Library

I think the worst thing about being in high school wasn’t the work load or the mean kids or even the strict teachers. It wasn’t the early mornings or the long lines or the tests, either. It wasn’t even the homework! I think the worst thing about being in high school, at least in the southern part of the country where I’m from, was the temperature in the building on late summer days. We always started back to school at the end of August, and if you’re southern, you know that late August is when it really starts heating up outside! Well, the school system that I was a part of is in the rural part of the state and we didn’t have any air conditioning in any of the schools. You want to talk about hot! Wow, it was so hot in those sweltering classrooms in the afternoons that I don’t think I ever learned a thing in any of my afternoon classes. The school board always said that they couldn’t afford to install central air conditioning in all of the classrooms, and so they just refused to put A/C in any of them! They said that it wouldn’t be fair for some classes to be air conditioned while others weren’t. The only place in the entire building where you could go for some relief from the burning hot temperatures was the library, because they actually had a few window unit air conditioners set up in there. Of course, that was such a large space that the little window A/C units couldn’t do a very good job of cooling it off. But it was still better than nothing! The library had more kids check out books in August and September than for the whole rest of the school year!

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Heating up in the Sauna

I belong to this big gym that’s about fifteen minutes away from my house. I go there probably three or four times a week to lift weights. But my favorite thing about going to the gym is going in the sauna! I just love that little cedar paneled room that’s so good at heating me up, even if it’s freezing cold outside. They gym management seems to always have a little bit of a problem with keeping the heating and air conditioning inside the gym set at just the right levels. It seems like somehow it’s always too hot and they need to turn the air conditioning on more, or else it’s too cold and they need to turn on the heating. I guess that’s because there are so many people in there working out and all of the body heat makes the temperature inside the building change back and forth. I’m glad I don’t manage the gym, because it would be really hard to maintain a consistent comfortable temperature throughout a building that large. I think it would be good if the gym management installed zone control heating and air conditioning for the building and then that way, anyone would be able to adjust the thermostat to the setting that they want it. I guess that doesn’t make that much sense, though, when you’re talking about a gym. Some people are definitely going to be heating up more than others when they are getting a good workout! But if it were up to me, I’d still like to see some zone control heating and A/C in there. I can’t stay in the sauna all the time!

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Cheap heat

My wife and I decided to take a late season camping trip. Even though the news was forecasting nighttime temperatures in the 40s, my wife and I wanted to go camping one last time before winter. We had plenty of propane for the heater. We packed up our camper on Thursday evening, and traveled out to the woods. It was about 50 degrees at that time, but the wind was howling. By the time we arrived to our destination, the thermostat on our camper read 39 degrees. My wife and I set up the camper and turned on the heater. We set the thermostat to 70 degrees, and continued unpacking our camping supplies. It was frigid and cold that night, and we woke up to frost on the ground. Luckily, the heater worked well and it was still 70 degrees inside of our RV. My wife made a nice breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, and cheesy hash browns. We enjoyed hiking in the woods all day. The cold temperatures and breezy wind made hiking very enjoyable. When my wife and I returned to our RV, it was freezing cold inside. We ran out of propane for the heater, and didn’t bring a backup tank. We were at least an hour from the closest store. We should have turned off the heat before leaving in the morning, but we both forgot. Luckily, we carry a small battery powered heater for emergencies. We could only manage to heat a small area of the camper, but it was better than nothing. I guarantee that will be the only time my wife and I will forget to bring an extra propane tank for the heater.

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Ductless mini split in the bathroom is always really gross

Putting a ductless mini split in the bathroom was a stupid idea. I always wondered why there was no HVAC in the bathroom. Now I realize it is due to the moisture and dirt. Toilet paper ripping causes a lot of particles to fly around in the air quality. The ductless heating and air sucks up those particles. The ductless HVAC unit is always coated in a dusty layer outside and it is contaminated inside as well. About once every two weeks I need to completely take the HVAC apart and clean it. The dust is a big reason, but the moisture is worse. The bathroom steam from the shower and sink, causes a lot of water go roll around. If I have the air conditioner on, the moisture is worse. The hot shower, combined with the AC creates condensation. The water then turns into mold inside of the ductless HVAC unit. I then have a not as effective HVAC unit and contaminated air quality. Even with heating in the Winter, there is water flying all around. My mini split heater and air conditioner is even starting to rust with all the water flying around. I should have just gotten a central HVAC unit with ductwork. The ductwork is set up high enough the moisture would not affect it. Or I could have just gone without HVAC. I hate the maintenance I need to do with my ductless mini split. The bathroom is already a gross and tedious place to clean. Adding the HVAC problem just makes it more horrible.

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