A JDM automobile

The two of us collect very cool cars, like JDM Autos. JDM Autos are a special type of Auto that is gained from the Japanese domestic Market. These types of cars that are mainly the Nissan Skyline GTR as well as the Toyota Supra, are sold only in foreign countries that are not ours. That makes the process of purchasing one of these Japanese domestic Market vehicles, genuinely excruciating. There are a lot of issues that would genuinely prevent the two of us from attempting to have one of these autos. The two of us looked into importing and older Japanese domestic Market Supra, so we hired someone to entirely help us with the process. The Toyota was sent through a Japanese domestic importer, who made sure that the vehicle had all of the qualities as well as regulations that would be necessary for our foreign Auto. These types of country regulations are entirely the biggest reason why many people straight away from a JDM Auto. A lot of items depend on the number of regulations, for instance whether or not the car will be in a show or driven to work every single day. The two of us would never choose to purchase a JDM Auto that the two of us could not use at all. The two of us don’t want to lock up our automobile in the garage, as well as only genuinely enjoy it from afar. The two of us have been fans of these specialty vehicles for a long time, so the two of us will continue to look for a JDM Auto in great condition.

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Cutting the volume

Everybody likes a good party. At least that’s what I thought. It  was the end of our third year in college and my friends and I concluded that a party was in order. We had overcome and accomplished so much since the day we first started. With one year to go, we felt sure we would be able to graduate. My friend, George, had a nice pad off campus and we decided to make that the venue. Of course, that was after George had vowed that his neighbours would not be disturbed.

           Did I say George had a cool place? That HVAC was superb. I was a frequent visitor there and it always provided great quality air. I think that was what attracted most of George’s visitors. Our college is located in a warm climate and whenever the AC in the dorm conked out, our only refuge was George’s place where the HVAC unit always worked.

            The party began at about 8 o’clock and the mood was jovial, not rambunctious. That is, until a few of the attendees began drinking too much. As things began to get loud, the building manager kept calling George, asking him to cut the volume since the neighbours were complaining. Frantically, he relayed that information but our drunken buddies didn’t even hear him. Suddenly, the apartment was blazing hot. The manager had turned off the AC. We tried opening windows but that didn’t help much. As the heat became stifling, those who were drunk staggered out the door. The rest of us  followed without a word.

           Lesson learned: HVAC ,or the lack thereof, may be used as a weapon.


A pleasurable vacation

The last time I took a vacation was quite a while back. I used to make sure I enjoyed a relaxing getaway at least one per year, but things change over time. After I retired from full time work, that didn’t seem all that important anymore. However, when my son gifted me a paid vacation to my favourite resort, I was not about to pass that up.

           The hotel I checked into was one we had been using since the kids were little. It was as nice as ever, but some much had changed since last I was here. The moment I got to my room, I realized that there was a major change in the HVAC system. This hotel always delivered great indoor air quality, but it used to be from a central AC system. Now,I could use my smartphone to program my thermostat as I lay in bed, without moving an inch. So this had to be smart, modern,  zone controlled HVAC system.. Talk about comfort! It was so good to be able to lie there, enjoying my cool, beautiful surroundings. Even my TV was smart.

           That could be the most most pleasurable vacation I ever had. I love my kids but there is also much to be said for being on your own and not constantly worrying about them. I was so rested and happy by the time I got back home, that I promised myself never to let another year go by without taking a vacation. I may even have a mini split HVAC system installed in my own own. That definitely improved my trip!

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I am overwhelmed by choices

I do have an Internet connection but it is on my phone. My cable company offers an Internet and cable package which is quite affordable. I didn’t take it because while I must watch TV at home, I can easily visit the nearby library, log in to a computer there, and do all the research I need to do without charge.  So since I am considering purchasing a new HVAC unit, I decided to research that topic.

          The information available online about HVAC units was so much, that it would take me days to read and probably a life time to fully comprehend. One fact I did take away was the difference between multi split and mini split air conditioning. (Between the two of us, I had never knew that multi split AC existed before!) Anyway, the basic difference is that while both types of ductless HVAC plans  employ an outside air compressor, mini split has a few inside air handlers, while multi split may have numerous air handlers, as would be required in a commercial building with many rooms. The point was also made that both split systems are energy efficient, based mainly on their zone control factor. With no ductwork required, split system HVAC units are also easier to install than systems which require ductwork.

          Another thing I learned was that it takes much longer to decide on a particular item, when you have a wide variety to choose from. It is still Spring, though temperatures feel more like Summer. Clearly, I need to choose my ideal HVAC plan before the real summer hits.

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We need to take a field trip

I recently made the huge mistake of volunteering to chaperone my daughter’s fifth grade field trip.  Her class was scheduled to tour a historical site, and I figured it was a great opportunity to spend some quality time with her.  I should have gotten a lot more information before I signed up for an entire day of pure torture. The day of the field trip was unusually hot and humid, with temperatures in the low nineties first thing in the morning.  Despite running the air conditioner on full blast in my car, I was already sweaty when I arrived in the school’s parking lot. I then realized that we’d be making the trip by school bus. The school bus was not equipped with air conditioning, and for safety reasons, the windows only opened the tiniest crack.  Along with feeling entirely overheated, I ended up with a headache and nearly threw up. That bus ride lasted for nearly two hours. I couldn’t wait to disembark and get inside a perfectly temperature controlled museum. Unfortunately, my daughter’s class was spending the day touring a fort from the civil war.  The majority of the day, we were walking around outside, getting beat on by the sun. I spent a lot of time walking kids to and from the restroom and handing out water bottles. I was totally delighted with the gift shop because it was actually air conditioned. I encouraged the students to take their time browsing the shop, and offered to stay behind with any stragglers.  I nearly cried when it was time to get back on that overheated school bus. Once we finally arrived at the school parking lot, I hurried my daughter to our car and cranked up the air conditioner. I will never volunteer for another trip that doesn’t include an air conditioned bus and a temperature controlled destination.


A portable A/C unit

Because of the weather in the area where I live, a central cooling system isn’t really necessary.  We continue to get snow and rely on the furnace until sometime in mid April. We then endure a chilly and wet spring, and it seems to take forever for summer to finally arrive.  The sunshine and blue skies never lasts more than a couple of months. If we’re very lucky, we enjoy about ten weeks of temperatures in the high seventies to eighties. I am unwilling to invest in a whole-home cooling system for such a brief period.  However, the summer humidity can make the house feel horribly overheated and sticky. Opening windows and running fans isn’t sufficient to provide relief, and it can be impossible to get a good night’s sleep. I’ve found that portable air conditioners are a cost-effective alternative to central cooling.  Portable air conditioners aren’t all that expensive, especially if I watch for sales and discounts. These innovative cooling units are compact, lightweight, and not terribly unattractive. It takes me less than five minutes to install a portable air conditioner into the window, plug it in and start it up.  Despite the small size, these cooling units are surprisingly powerful and energy efficient. Within fifteen minutes, the bedroom is perfectly cool and comfortable. Since the air conditioner operates with a cordless remote, I don’t even need to get out of bed to turn it on or off, change temperature setting or adjust the fan speed.  While the air conditioner is fairly quiet, it is loud enough to drown out exterior noise pollution. I don’t get woken up by traffic, road construction crews, barking dogs or early morning birds.

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A cooling system

The weather changed very quickly and without warning this year.  We had an extremely long and tough winter, with temperatures that dipped into the negatives.  We were still putting up with snow in mid April and forced to run the furnace. Overnight, the temperature suddenly shot up, and we were faced with excessive humidity.  I went from relying on the furnace to starting up the air conditioner. Since there was a great deal of damage to the house and yard from the brutal winter, I was busy with yard work and repairs.   I needed to put away the snow shovels, winter boots and coats, and haul out the barbecue and patio furniture. All of the windows required cleaning, the curtains needed laundering, and I was hoping to get the swimming pool open.  Unfortunately, I forgot all about scheduling professional upkeep for my air conditioner. Although I hire the same HVAC contractor for cooling system maintenance every year, the guy never called to remind me. I never thought of it until my cooling system started making a strange sound and my house smelled musty.  I should have immediately called for professional service, but I procrastinated. The air conditioner eventually quit in the middle of an extremely hot Sunday afternoon. Not wanting to pay for overtime services, I held off calling for repair until the following day. I then got stuck waiting for an appointment for four more days.   Going without the air conditioner for that long, when the temperature had climbed into the mid eighties, was horrible. I don’t plan to ever neglect proactive maintenance of the air conditioner again.

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Drafts and cold spots

About three years ago, I bought a very large, older home surrounded by a nice piece of property.  I was delighted by the original hardwood floors, moldings and doors. I loved the big windows, high ceilings, and large, open kitchen.  I realized that the house would be a challenge to heat but was reassured by the modern furnace. I hired an HVAC contractor to inspect the furnace and ductwork, and everything was in good shape.  When I moved in, I was anxious to refinish the floors, update the kitchen appliances, replace the overhead lights, and paint the walls. That first winter, however, I discovered that my priority needed to be an improvement temperature control.  Despite the nearly brand new furnace, the house was freezing cold. I kept turning the thermostat higher, and yet the heating system couldn’t keep up with the outside weather. The winters in this area are ungodly long and cold, with temperatures well below zero and vicious wind chill.  The performance and efficiency of the heating system is a priority. Unfortunately, there were drafts and cold spots all over my house. I was paying enormous monthly heating bills, running the furnace non stop, and yet forced to bundle up in sweaters. I finally called the HVAC contractor back and explained the problem.  The HVAC contractor performed a whole bunch of tests which determined the energy efficiency of the home. He explained that the furnace was not the problem. There was insufficient insulation in the walls and ceilings of the house. The heated air was escaping from leaks and cracks all over the place, and cold outside air was coming right inside.  

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The air conditioner operates safely

My two brothers and I were raised entirely by our grandparents.  They were extremely supportive of us throughout our childhood, high school, and college years, and helped us all financially.  Now that we are adults, financially independent and living on our own, we try to make our grandparents’ lives a bit easier and more comfortable.  My oldest brother handles the responsibility of the exterior of their house. He makes sure the lawn is mowed, the snow plowed, the walkways clear, and the roof in good shape.  My youngest brother makes sure that our grandparents always have a ride to all of their appointments. He takes them grocery shopping, to their doctor’s appointments, and runs all of their errands.  I am responsible for the upkeep of the inside of the house. I’ve hired a cleaning lady and bought my grandma and grandpa a dishwasher. I’ve also enrolled them in a maintenance plan with a local HVAC contractor.  A licensed technician gives them a call, twice per year, to schedule upkeep for their furnace and air conditioner. He goes through the entire heating and cooling system, including the ductwork, to verify that all components are in good working order.  Because of this, their furnace and air conditioner operate safely, efficiently and reliably. Plus my grandparents can call for a repair at anytime, day or night, without paying overtime charges. I’ve also invested in a smart thermostat for their home, which notifies me when the air filters need attention or if there is a sudden temperature fluctuation.  That way, I can be certain that my grandparents are enjoying a comfortable home all year round.

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We got a great deal

Because I live in the northern region of the country, there is no need to invest in a central cooling system.  We are lucky if our summer weather lasts for three months. We get a ton of rain and the nights are often chilly.  However, we sometimes experience summer temperatures in the upper nineties, and the humidity in this area is often brutal.  While I’m happy to open the windows and welcome in a fresh breeze, the house can become extremely overheated and stuffy. Box fans help to move the air around and provide some relief, but aren’t a perfect solution.  It can be very difficult to get a good night’s sleep. I have invested in portable air conditioners for the bedrooms. By shopping around, I’ve found good deals on portable cooling units. With advancements in technology, these window air conditioners are super compact, lightweight and quiet.  They are surprisingly energy efficient and powerful. I simply install the air conditioner into the window in the spring, check the cleanliness of the air filter, and plug it in. Within a few minutes, the bedroom is perfectly cool. There is no need to run the air conditioner all day long and spend a fortune on high electric bills. Everyone in the family simply starts  up their individual air conditioner as they get ready for bed. Since we each have our own cooling unit, we can regulate the temperature to personal preference. A cordless remote makes it easy to adjust the temperature or fan speed without ever getting out of bed. I like that the air conditioner drowns out the sounds of traffic, barking dogs, and morning birds.

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