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I just learned the difficult way about the issues of changing the air conditioner filter too late, i figured the filter would absolutely last longer than what they say, however they always say to change out the air conditioner filter at least once per month. I figured mine could absolutely last the whole Summer season long without any problems; Well, I was dead completely wrong because near the end of the warm summer season, my system really failed. I came to find from the Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist that came over for repairs, that my heating and cooling system overheated; He said it was absolutely because I failed to change the air conditioner filter out! He said the filter was so blocked up, that it was obvious it was the main culprit behind the overheated heating and cooling system. He said that I was lucky because it could have been worse. He instructed myself and my household to instantly change out the air conditioner filter before I turned the air conditioning back on. He also recommended  the HEPA filters because they worked a whole lot better than the cheap filters I had. They would improve the air quality in my house plus keep my system a whole lot cleaner also. He also let myself and others guess that it wouldn’t hurt to get my air duct cleaned as well. I suppose he knew that if I failed to change my air conditioner filter all together, it also made sense that I absolutely never bothered to have the air duct cleaned either. If he was thinking that, he was absolutely right because I’m sure that I have never had the air duct cleaned for as long as I’ve lived in this place.

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The poor a/c system

I have been finding myself cursing the sun for the past month of this terrible heatwave. I actually just had our Heating plus Air Conditioning system tune-up in the Springtime, yet our cooling system is still struggling to keep up with the temperature control settings!  It has been so scorching hot, it is ridiculous. It has been over 100 degrees just about everyday the past few weeks though. What would have happened if I failed to get our Heating plus Air Conditioning system maintenance, I don’t even want to know! I’m glad that we’re not rushing off to the store to get window A/C units like our neighbors. Things at the house aren’t that bad, but our Heating plus Air Conditioning system was still struggling a little bit. It was silly because on top of using the A/C, I had to have fans blowing in the house to keep it more cool inside. If anyone left the door open too long, I would yell that they were letting the cooling straight out the door! My energy bills were going to be especially expensive this month I knew. I wanted the chill of the freezer so bad that I found myself resting my head in the freezer from time to time to. I couldn’t wait for this terrible heat wave to be over! It’s silly because even though they couldn’t do anything more–because they were just there plus provided me with a tune-up–I still wanted to call the Heating plus Air Conditioning company to see if there was a solution. The only solution was wait out the heatwave until things cooled back to normal temperatures.

A horrible process

My spouse and I just bought a lake house, we knew there were some things we had to do to make it more a home, but one of the first things my spouse pointed out was we needed to work on improving the air quality! My spouse figured a nice uv purifier would help do the trick, however i knew that a nice humidifier/dehumidifier combo would work fantastic as well. So we reached out to the Heating and Air Conditioning company in town to see what they had available. I was blissfully over the moon to learn that they had a quality uv air purification system that was on sale now, and their humidifier/dehumidifier combo unit was a top seller. So we had those appliances installed in our home to work in tangent with our Heating and Air Conditioning system! My spouse and I were easily content at the difference in air quality with these modern new HVAC system components! With such superb air quality especially since we had the uv air purification system, we unquestionably wouldn’t get sick too often; That was a single of our greatest concerns with the little girls, then now all I needed to get was a nice little fishing boat for the lake. I couldn’t wait to get out there with my girls so that we could make some fantastic catches. There was already an aged fishing boat out there even though I wasn’t sure if that would sink down or not. It was already filled with quite a little bit of water, but maybe that could have been from the rain… We just love our modern HVAC system components, I wanted to have something easily nice for me and my young family.

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AC plan during the golf trip

Last weekend some friends invited me to go golfing with them. I couldn’t turn them down, despite the fact that it was an incredibly hot day. They were generous enough to cover the cost for me to play! So, I went. However, I struggled the entire time… Everyone was struggling pretty bad though, it really wasn’t just me! By the end of the day when both of us were all through, I couldn’t wait to get back into my car and crank on the cooling system. Earlier, I had dumped some water on our head because the heat was just that bad. That only helped for a short while until that blazing sunshine made me think overheated once again. Once I had the air conditioner blasting for a little during our car, I started feeling a lot better. On the way home, I stopped at a rest stop for a cool drink. Once there, I decided to snag dinner for our family before I headed back home. With the heat, I didn’t believe my fiance was cooking a mea. Besides, she deserved a night off. I brought everyone apartment chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes and some root beer. The kids were ecstatic because they enjoyed chicken a lot. My fiance was happy about it too; she hadn’t started dinner yet either. She asked me how the game went, and I told her about the scorching heat and how hard it was to get through without a cooling system. I was just thankful to be back at our apartment. Here, the air conditioner system genuinely felt fantastic.

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I know it’s still too warm in here

I never thought that our HVAC ductwork could use a cleaning. I absolutely had never had the ductwork cleaned & didn’t even believe that it was a maintenance they could perform. I decided to schedule a full ductwork cleaning with our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C business here in town, however when they came to clean the ductwork, they had the wackiest looking vacuum tools. I think they were designed for that exact purpose to carefully clean out the ductwork. I thought it was totally cool that they provided me with before & after pictures of the cleaning. I was totally shocked at how dirty the ductwork was before I had it cleaned officially. It was absolutely congested and clogged up pretty poor inside the ductwork, but the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist guy recommended that I have this done every other year to keep the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C running as efficiently as humanly possible. They said that would in turn allow for the energy bills to be much lower. I knew that anywhere I could save cash would be a great thing… After I had our Heating, Ventilation, & A/C running for awhile after the ductwork was finally and fully cleaned, I realized they were absolutely right about the savings, and my energy bills absolutely lowered by a great amount since our ductwork was cleaned and I saved tons of money. I could absolutely tell that the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C system was running a lot more smoothly & I even observed the air quality was improved quite a bit. I absolutely will be getting my ductwork cleaned properly from now on regularly, it is worth it for sure.

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I was very grateful for that

Lately I have been working in the garage with nothing more than a window air conditioning system unit! It was still very difficult to keep the garage cool with that little window air conditioning system unit. I thought I would have to update to something more powerful and energy efficient. So in light of that, I decided to contact our Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company to see what our openings were. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist said that I should go for something like a ductless mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system… He said because there was no HVAC duct, this would be entirely perfect for my working section in the garage! Also because the ductless mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system has both heating and cooling capabilities, I would be able to work in the garage in the Winter season as well. I entirely loved the sound of that, so I decided to go with the ductless mini-split Heating, Ventilation, and A/C upgrade, however when I had the new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C up and running, I was entirely amazed with how efficient this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C entirely really was. I have never experienced such perfect air quality in my garage when I was out there entirely working on our projects. I was unquestionably satisfied with this update and I couldn’t wait to also be able to work out there in the Winter time weeks to see what it was like. It was hard to imagine that such a small device could be so powerful and efficient. I was even noticing the savings in the electric bills after using this new Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system for a little while.

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The service was performed by me

Something that I really love about the Winter season is using our fireplace. It’s especially nice when we have family over; Everybody prefers to just gather around the fireplace and drink tepid hot Tim Hortons Cappuccino or cocoa rather than freeze. I love to just relax with the wifey in our comfy chairs while relaxing near our fireplace. It keeps us nice and toasty warm. When the both of us are truly utilizing the fireplace, I love to lower the temperature control thermostat settings so both of us can enjoy the fireplace even more. It even allows us to save tons of money on the heating bills when both of us utilize the fireplace often; Of course I have to split a lot of wood outside in the cold to keep the fireplace going, however genuinely it is well worth it! It also gives myself and others in my household peace of mind knowing that if for some reason I experience concerns with the gas furnace, we all can depend on the fireplace to keep us from freezing and being frigid in the winter. I don’t expect anything like that to ever happen though because I typically officially have our heating system tuned up before the Winter time arrives, then this way I always know that we’ll be okay through the frosty cold season. I would definitely feel very irresponsible if I were not to get a proper tune-up on the heating program system before the winter. I also have the chimney cleaned and the fireplace checked for safety. This way all of us feel both of us will make it through the frosty cold season just fine without any sort of concerns.

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This is what I wanted

I recently got on this top notch heating and cooling repair plan! The money I pay for the repair is a fair flat yearly rate! Not to mention I get 8 repair calls included in the plan that I do not have to pay out of pocket for! I mean honestly, it doesn’t get much better than this. I have called a few times to make sure our system is running at peak efficiency. They check everything including the thermostat, the ductwork, and the Heating and A/C unit. They make sure all the inner unquestionably workings of the unit are very nice and clean, and they change out parts when needed. I unquestionably have to say, there’s nothing better than having this major peace of mind knowing that nothing is going to fail on myself and or my house at a critical time. There were times when I would have our gatherings, game nights, and baseball games and I wouldn’t be particular that our Heating and A/C was going to keep going separate from breaking down. I have even experienced issues with the air quality at some of the worst times. These days in my life, ever since I got myself enrolled in this amazing Heating and A/C unit maintenance plan, I have never experienced any problems and I don’t have to worry about a thing, and people have even complimented myself and my family over here on the excellent air quality and how efficient our Heating and A/C method runs. I tell them the secret, to get themselves enrolled in a enjoyable and affordable Heating and A/C unit maintenance plan going on!

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A geothermal system

When we were arranging for a Heating and Air Conditioning installation replacement, we were easily looking forward to it… All of us went over all the possibilities with the Heating and Air Conditioning specialist guy! I remember thinking how crazy it was with all the options, although I guess that is a nice thing. It just blows us away with all the numerous advancements in Heating and Air Conditioning system technology these days, and the fact that you can actually heat and cool your place from the Earth itself in a natural way is easily amazing to me. Well, of course my partner was fascinated with the radiant heated floors idea! She was telling myself and others in her family that some of our friends recently upgraded to radiant heated floors and the last time she visited them, she couldn’t imagine how comfortable they were! I was a little bit concerned about the cost to get these radiant warm heated floors, however you know what they say, excited partner excited life. So all of us then opted to go ahead with the installation which took a few days to a week. I didn’t realize how much work was involved with ripping the floors up and installing the piping that in turn connects to the boiler system. When everything was all said and done though, we both easily enjoyed our current furnace. The first shower I took with the radiant heated floors was absolutely fabulous. I mean I was used to feeling that freezing flooring after a piping tepid hot shower, however those tiles were nice, warm and toasty! Even though I mainly went this route because I knew my partner enjoyed the sound of radiant heated floors, this is perfect for the two of us!

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This is how you cut the bills

I was asking a pal if this new HVAC business was any good. He was telling me that they were excellent! When my pal told me that, I was a little surprised. I was really considering getting a new HVAC system for my new house as well… Our HVAC unit was going on 12 years and we all had been noticing that the utility bills were on the rise, then we did have respected Heating, Ventilation plus A/C maintenance yearly, however what can you do when your unit is on its way out? So I decided to call up this new local HVAC dealer. They were genuinely nice and they genuinely arranged a date for a free evaluation. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker who came out was really awesome plus you could tell he cared about his shoppers. Every one of us ended up having a genuinely energy efficient system installed. It had the Energy Star Label. The Heating, Ventilation and A/C worker also talked us into getting a nice smart control unit thermostat. I figured with the large amount of money my family and I were saving with the replacement, why not upgrade the control component thermostat as well? We all genuinely weren’t disappointed. That smart control component thermostat makes a world of difference with the ease of controlling the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C and it also reminds us when it is needed for Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system maintenance. I am over the moon with this new Heating, Ventilation and A/C business in town!

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