Hotel had no a/c

Did you ever feel that you had planned something perfectly, only to see it unravel before your eyes? I had big plans for my 18th birthday, my friends and I pitched in for a hotel room and planned on going out to a few under 21 clubs downtown.  My parents worried because of the area of town they are in, however, we assured them that we would stick together and be fine. We had no way of knowing about the series of events that night held in wait! First off, a few of my friends forgot their identification so we had to drive all the way back home to get it. At least I didn’t have to tell my parents that one!. On the way back we got lost trying to find the club even though we had it programmed into the gps on our phone.  When we finally got there and started walking up to it,cop cars and ambulances pulled up, sirens blaring, because someone had shot a guy for dancing with his wife! We decided that we were obviously not meant to go to the club and headed back to the hotel. We figured we could at least order some pizza and enjoy the beer we had brought along. We hadn’t checked in ahead of time which proved to be a big mistake. The room they reserved for us had a broken air conditioner. Unfortunately, since it was so late at that point, we couldn’t get a repairman to the room that night so they decided to move us to another room. At least we hadn’t unpacked yet.  The new room was the biggest relief of the night. We stayed up most of the night joking and recounting all of the misfortunes of the night. a while longer since the cool air gave us a blast of energy despite the craziness of the night. At least we could relax in the air conditioning at that point.

cooling installation

It cost a lot to run the furnace

I just found the perfect birthday present for my husband! I was doing some research online about great gifts for men (especially husbands and dads) and I came across something called a “Learning Thermostat.” I had never even heard of these things before, but apparently they are new innovation in HVAC technology and they sound amazing. One of these learning thermostat devices can program itself to the homeowner’s temperature preferences, which ends up saving you lots of money on energy costs related to heating and cooling your home. And since my husband is constantly annoyed with our high heating and cooling bills, I feel like this Learning Thermostat thing might be worth a try. I mean, what harm can it do? I’m planning to call our local HVAC company next week to have them send a technician out to see if the thermostat will be compatible with our existing HVAC system. I’m hoping that it will work, because if it will, I’m going to schedule the installation as soon as possible. This smart thermostat can even keep a detailed history of energy usage and it will give you a monthly report! My husband would just love that. I can hear him now, calling a monthly family meeting to go over our heating and cooling costs and who used the most money running the furnace or the A/C. Yep, a smart thermostat is definitely right up his alley. I know he’ll love it. As a matter of fact, it might be the best idea I’ve ever had for a gift for him! It certainly beats cologne and a new tie!

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Dirt and debris everywhere

Last year during the summer, our air conditioner stopped working. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say it stopped working, exactly. It was working, and it was blowing air – it was just blowing hot air instead of cold air! Hot air in your air conditioning vents won’t exactly cut it when it’s almost 90 degrees outside and your home’s interior temperature is hot and muggy. We kept turning the thermostat down to lower and lower temperatures inside, but it never helped to actually lower the temperature inside the house. We started doing some research to try and figure out why the vents were only blowing out hot air and we ended up checking out some things I’d never thought about before. One of the things we did was to check on our outdoor A/C unit. We were actually on the lookout for grass clippings. Apparently, whenever our daughter had been doing the mowing out back, she hadn’t been using the bagger the way her dad had told her to. Therefore, the grass clippings had gotten into the blades – sometimes called fins –  of the fan in the outdoor A/C unit and it started slowing down. After a few sessions of mowing, the blades got completely clogged up with grass, dirt, and debris. Once we figured out what the problem was, we went out with a soft brush and cleaned the outside A/C unit. After that, we stopped having the hot air blowing in through the vents, which was a good thing! Especially since it was almost 90 degrees outside!

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Surveys in my house

Our neighbor Dan just isn’t the smartest guy in the world. He comes up with some crazy ideas. Just about every time, he’s trying to save himself some money. I keep telling him that if you just pay for a professional to do things in the beginning, you’ll probably actually save yourself money in the long run. But Dan is just so cheap that he can’t see the logic in that. For example, last summer, Dan wanted to install a replacement air conditioning unit up in his loft above his garage. He was all about doing it the DIY way, so he asked a couple of his friends to come over to help him out. They worked on the air conditioning all morning and then after they watched a couple of YouTube videos, they decided that they were satisfied with the job they’d done. So to celebrate Dan’s new A/C, they went out for beer and pizza while they left the new A/C unit running full blast to “test it out.” I think Dan should’ve tested the A/C while he was still at home, because he and his buddies neglected to attach the condensation drain on his new unit. That led to a bunch of water running down from the overhead vents in the garage and down into the drywall and the ceiling. Water from the A/C drain also ran down onto Dan’s new motorcycle and into his helmets, which he had brilliantly stored upside down. It even ruined his stereo system that he had stored on a garage shelf close to the ceiling. Sometimes I seriously worry about Dan. When he finally got home and surveyed all the damage that his little DIY air conditioning project had caused his loft and his garage, he looked at me and said, “You know, maybe I should’ve called an HVAC professional to come out here and do this. Why didn’t you suggest that?”

new air conditioner 

I have really bad frostbite

My husband works in the emergency room of our local hospital and he sees some pretty crazy stuff. One of the things that I always think about is the day he said he had a man come in with frostbite all over his arm. I remember thinking how weird it was that anyone would have a problem with frostbite since it was the middle of July. My husband explained that the patient was an HVAC technician from one of our local heating and air conditioning companies. The HVAC technician told my husband how he and some other technicians from his company had been working on a job for a hotel downtown that morning. He was up on the roof of the hotel removing the gauges from one of those giant rooftop air conditioners. You know, those huge air conditioners that are industrial strength? Those things are giant pieces of equipment and they are able to cool off entire floors of hotels and even ballrooms all at the same time. Well, the HVAC technician had removed the gauges when all of a sudden the discharge valve on one of the air conditioning compressors popped. And that’s what ended up giving him frostbite all over his entire left hand and his arm! Once he made it to the emergency room, my husband was able to treat the frostbite. The doctors are optimistic and now they are all hoping that the HVAC tech will make a full recovery eventually. Who would have ever thought that making repairs to an air conditioning unit could be so dangerous?

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A small A/C unit

Ever since my cousin Marty moved away from our little town to the big city, he has been dying for me to join him. He is always telling me about how big his rental house is, and that he has a space set aside for me when the time is right. He sincerely believes I am wasting my life in the small town, and that I won’t really start to grow until I move away. I think he is projecting, but after a while he got to me, and I decided to give it a shot. I showed up on his doorstep, wanting to surprise him, but I was the one who got surprised when I found his huge great house was a tiny apartment with no air conditioning. Marty had talked a big game, but the truth was he needed a roommate to help him with expenses, so he could get his HVAC system up and running again. Located in a very big apartment building, the place had heating oozing through the walls at all times of day and night. It was not even from the furnace, it was the warmth caused by the body heat of thousands of renters. Spending more than a few hours in that place, with no kind of cooling or natural ventilation, was truly exhausting. The first thing we did was to pool our money and buy a used portable air conditioner from a pawn shop down the street. It wasn’t as a good as central A/C in the apartment, but it was better than having nothing.


The cats broke our HVAC system

My brother has this cat menagerie in their house.  They have two rooms that are set aside for just their cats.  I think that is all you can smell even before you get into the house, but I don’t like cats.  They have dedicated their entire basement to the cats, and they have two bedrooms that now also belong to the cats.  They bought couches for the rooms and they have scratching posts that were specially made for each of their twenty-three cats.  Last month he was telling my mom that their HVAC system broke and they needed to get a new one. Mom told him that he could stay with them until they got their heating back, since it was winter.  My brother started to laugh and he said that it wasn’t the HVAC for the house, but the HVAC for the cats. She thought he was a lunatic. She couldn’t believe that he would work that hard, just to put a HVAC into a part of the house, for cats.  He said if that was his wife wanted, then that was what she got. He was talking to my husband about helping to install the new ductless HVAC system that he had found. He liked that it was high up on the wall, and it wouldn’t disturb the cats, or the new kittens they had.  I saw my husband hesitate and look at me, and I gave him a nod. He knew that however he answered, I was behind him. He said he was busy and wasn’t able to go over this weekend, but I knew it was just because he hated cats.

HVAC repair service 

The air conditioner turned on

Last month, my son Mike had just graduated from HVAC school, and he was anxious to finally get something to work on. My husband was going to get rid of the old window air conditioner that we had in our bedroom, but he figured he would let Mike work on it. Although it wasn’t an A/C unit that he had ever seen, Mike still did his best to fix it.  He had all of the pieces torn out, and he was ready to work on the condenser unit when he realized that he had lost something. He was looking all over for this one little testing tool that he had used in school. He rummaged through all of the A/C parts and even looked into the A/C unit itself, but he couldn’t find it. He apologized, but he said that he wasn’t sure how to fix the AC. He was so upset about the testing tool he had lost. Since we planned on throwing the old AC unit away anyway, it wasn’t really a big deal. Mike went to his room and I knew he was obsessed with finding the HVAC testing tool that he had lost. I was getting ready to do laundry, so I was downstairs when the air conditioning turned on. I thought it was the central AC, but I noticed that the sound came from directly above me where my bedroom was. I went upstairs and I told him his tool wasn’t in the washer, and then he held a small meter out to me. He had left it on his desk at the school, and he had gone back to get it.     


Putting a ductless HVAC unit in

I’m sitting here trying to get some work done, but I am being lulled by the sound of the rain outside. Have you ever noticed that even though it is still morning, when it is raining you just want to sleep? I guess it’s a good thing that my mind is alert, even if my eyes don’t want to cooperate. It is only sixty-two degrees outside, but I decided to turn on the air conditioning. The good thing about A/C is that it helps to keep me awake. I can’t sleep when it is too cold, which is kind of odd because I always have the fan on and the air conditioning on low when I go to bed.  During the day, the cold air from the A/C keeps me awake, but at night the air conditioning puts me to sleep. I want to go outside and play in the rain today, and I’d love to go out and go for a walk, but it is only May and the rain is still very cold and icy. My husband just turned on the heat because there is a chill in the house. He thinks I am crazy for turning on the air conditioner on a day like today. I closed my door to the office, so he wasn’t bothered with it. I heard him chuck when he heard the door slam. I guess if he wants to have the furnace running, that is his choice.  That is why I put a ductless HVAC unit in my office. No matter what the rest of the house is calling for, I can have my own personal comfort. I can go from air conditioning to heating in the same day, if that is what I want, and it doesn’t affect anyone but me.

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It’s overheating in here

The other day, I narrowly escaped a serious financial loss. The thermostat in my house was acting up, and of course I immediately jumped to the worst possible conclusion. I was certain that there was something wrong with my entire heating and cooling system. It was probably my furnace. It made no difference that I bought the furnace less than five years ago and that I got the entire HVAC system regularly serviced by a local heating and cooling company. I was sure that the entire furnace must be completely dysfunctional. The thermostat in my living room claimed that the temperature in my home was sixty-five degrees, when I knew for a fact that it was a great deal hotter than that. I was honestly positive that something was faulty with the five year old furnace. Perhaps it was overheating. I realized then and there that I did not really know how to change an air filter. Would I be able to learn how to change an air filter online? Did I know any friends who would be free to help me out? What if the problem was not with the air filter? How expensive was any sort of heating and cooling repair going to cost? I was freaking out about all of the potential complications as well as the price. That was when I noticed that the temperature indicator on the thermostat seemed to be stuck at sixty-five degrees, and it had been stuck for a few hours. I checked the silly thermostat. It just needed new batteries. I escaped the cost of the HVAC call, that’s for sure!

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