Waking up to a broken air conditioner

What a morning! I had been sick for the prior 4 days, and last Tuesday I woke up feeling like a new man. My cold was completely gone. I practically jumped out of my bed like a little kid. I think I might have even danced to my coffee maker. I was so happy to be in good health again. I drank my coffee with a big smile on my face, then went to turn on my air conditioner. It was a little hot today, and I needed to adjust my thermostat to compensate for the warmer climate. To my consternation, the air conditioner would not turn on at all. I tried simply adjusting the thermostat for about 20 minutes, but nothing would work to get the air conditioner to run. Well, so much for a happy Tuesday! I went into my office to get my file on my home maintenance receipts. I needed to get the number to my HVAC business that I would usually use. I would have to get an HVAC technician to come out and see what the HVAC system problem was. I wasn’t too stressed about it. It was autumn now, so the heat was unusual. It would soon be cold outside. It was just about time for the furnace to begin its use for the colder season. I got the HVAC technician in the phone, described my air conditioner issue, and requested an additional HVAC system cleaning to prepare for the winter. I might as well tackle two HVAC system issues with one visit!

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I do understand this

Last Friday was a huge laundry day for me. I was sick for the major portion of last week, so I wasn’t able to do laundry on Monday and Wednesday like I usually do. It looked like I’d be paying catch up in a lot of area of my life because of that brief sickness. I was way behind in work too. One of the most important things I forgot to take care of was scheduling our HVAC system maintenance appointment. That was a huge deal to our home comfort levels. The last time we had an HVAC technician inspect our old equipment, we were told that our heating and cooling system would most likely need to be completely replaced within 3 years time. The only way to prolong this costly HVAC system replacement, was to make sure that we kept up with regular HVAc system maintenance. I was supposed to make this appointment 2 weeks ago, but it had totally skipped my mind. My brief sickness made me completely forget about it until today. I quickly dialed the phone to call the HVAC business I deal with as soon as I remembered the appointment. The owner picked up the phone on the second ring. He looked into his HVAC system maintenance files, and it turned out that I wasn’t late in scheduling the appointment. I sighed a breath of relief. My math was wrong! I guess that sickness made me a little more cloud headed than I thought! Now to tackle that laundry, and wait for the HVAC technician to arrive.

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It’s hot in the auditorium

My son is in his junior year of high school. He is very involved in school. One may even call him popular. Last weekend was his junior prom. He was on prom court, so I went to see him at the school’s coronation. The coronation is held in the school’s auditorium. I got there early to grab a good seat. I was so excited to see my son on stage. As other parents and family members began to arrive, it grew hot inside the auditorium. I wondered to myself if the school’s air conditioning system was working or was it just me that was hot. I am nearing the age of menopause, so I may be prone to hot flashes. I hoped that it was just the school’s air conditioning system. I was not ready for the difficulties that came with menopause. I watched other people in the audience. Many of them were making fans out of their belongings to keep cool. It was definitely not just me. By 1pm, the auditorium was full. It was also as hot as could be. I could not believe that the school was not running it’s air conditioner for this. Did they not expect many people to show up to coronation? Was the air conditioner in need of a repair? I had no idea, but just wished that I was cooler. I wanted to get a picture with my son after coronation, but did not want to be too sweaty. There was no chance of that happening with as hot as it was in there.

New apartments without air conditioning

My marriage with my husband has been strained for the last few months. We had so many issues without our relationship and eventually made the decision to separate. We were no longer happy together. I decided to move out and get an apartment downtown. This apartment was much closer to my job. I was not excited to live alone, but thought it would be good for my relationship with my husband. I did not want to go through with a divorce, but thought some time apart might be good for us. The new apartment of mine was small. It was on the third floor of the building. There was no elevator, so I always had to take the stairs. You may think that would be the worst thing about the apartment, but it wasn’t. The most terrible thing about the apartment was it’s lack of air conditioning. The house that I shared with my husband had a central air conditioning system. It was always so comfortable in our house. This apartment was nothing like that. It was always way too hot. I had a terrible time sleeping without an air conditioner. I ended up buying a fan, but it did not help me too much. It basically blew the hot air around the apartment. I knew that I should buy a window air conditioner, but had no idea how I would get it up three flights of stairs. I could not believe that I went from a lovely house with a central air conditioner to a tiny apartment with no elevator or A/C. It sounded like a nightmare.

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I did not have enough money for this

I love getting great service. I work with the public, so I know how hard it can be. Everyone has difficult days when we do not want to be friendly. But getting great service can make your day better. Yesterday my pesky HVAC system busted. I was not pleased. I called up my HVAC company and spoke to the friendliest dispatcher I have ever encountered. She was so polite and accommodating. She bent over backwards to get an appointment for me. She could tell how bummed I was about my broken HVAC system. The HVAC technician that came to my house to repair my HVAC system was so friendly too! He was a southern gentleman living in the northeast. He referred to me as ma’am and even shook my hand when I answered the door. He was very knowledgeable about the HVAC industry. I showed him my HVAC system and allowed him to get to work. I worried that the HVAC system would need to be replaced since it was over 10 years old. I did not have the money for such a service. I would have to get on a payment plan with the HVAC company. I told myself not to worry. I tried to think positive. After 30 minutes, the HVAC technician gave me great news. Apparently my HVAC system just needed to be tuned up. It would not have to be replaced! I was so happy. Not only would I be saving money, but the HVAC company I worked with had the friendliest bunch of employees. I will definitely be using them again.

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We’re missing some parts

My husband insists on fixing everything himself. If our closet door breaks, he wants to repair it. If the car’s tire gets a hole in it, he will fix that too. Everything around our house has been repaired by my husband. Sometimes he does a great job, but other times he makes the problem worse. Last week our HVAC system stopped working. It got really hot inside our house without a working air conditioner. Instead of my husband contacting the local HVAC company, he decided to repair the HVAC system himself. He got on the internet and did some research about the new part he would need. Then he worked the part online. I actually thought he would be successful with this repair. I was excited to have a working air conditioner again. However, that was 7 days ago and we still have not received the HVAC part in the mail. I have tried to track the package on the mail carrier’s website, but that is not helping. I tried to e-mail the mail carrier, but they have not yet gotten back to me. It is so darn hot inside my house without a working air conditioner. I thought that my husband may just contact the local HVAC company to get the issue taken care of, but he told me he does not plan to do that. He insists on fixing the HVAC system himself since he already paid for the part for the system. I am so upset with him now. I may have to stay in an air conditioned hotel until he gets this problem taken care of.

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I’m considering this mild climate

My dog’s name is Claudiovega. He is a giant mastin-espanol and just about the sweetest boy anyone could ever ask for. I adopted him as a tiny little puppy and he has lived with me for over six years now. If you have never really found a best friend in life, I implore you to look beyond human kind. Claudio has many friends too. Tons of people recognize him and know his name, but when I cross paths with them on the off chance that I am alone, they have no clue who I am. He also thinks he is a cat. In the evenings he likes to hop on the couch and lay on my lap. I actually had to buy an air conditioner just for this reason. My house was a pretty simple build with no real fancy climate control. We live outside of town a bit and this little cottage was built with nothing but a fireplace. In our area, considering the very mild climate, I suppose it isn’t really that important to have air conditioning, so I can see why they left it out initially. But with big old Claudio acting like a powerful heating blanket on a nightly basis, I had to get something installed for the summer months. The air conditioner I found was a simple window unit, but it does a lot for the small space. The air filters pop right out and are easy to replace, which is nice, in the sense that I don’t have to hire HVAC maintenance specialists to keep it running properly.

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I know these things can be improved

Ask yourself, how long do you typically stay in the shower for? Are you a 30 minute relaxation kind of person or are you an environmental conservationist that never leaves water running for more than two minutes at any given time? The way we shower can tell a lot about us as people. For this reason, I do not like to waste any time when I meet a new person. I always hit them with the big question, right up front… how long do you stay in the shower? Some of my friends have said that this is a creepy inquiry to make of a stranger, but I think anyone who thinks that needs to get their mind out of the gutter. My HVAC system at home is awful and that is why I choose to spend extended periods of time showering. Climate control is important, but only if you do not have a nice shower. I just do not need any air conditioning if I have the option to hop in the shower and cool off that way. You know, your A/C will never cool you down while simultaneously making you clean. Just because the indoor air quality is being improved, does not mean your personal hygiene is. That is why no HVAC system will ever trump a nice shower. I probably save hundreds of dollars each year without climate control. Therefore, I feel justified taking long showers. In the winter, you can run an expensive furnace if you like, but I prefer to just take a long hot shower and then bundle up.

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Our allergies are bad

My allergies have been acting up like crazy lately. I don’t really know why they have been acting up so much. I have been listening to the news and I do not think that the pollen count is that high this fall. However I have been sneezing and have had itchy eyes for a long time. I don’t know what else it could be. I suppose it could be something in the house that is causing me to be so easy all the time. I do not have animal so it is not possibly any pets that are making me feel this way. I did have a suspicion that it could be coming from my air ducts. I know that a lot of dirt and dust sets in those air ducts. I also have just started to use the heat as it has become a lot cooler outside. The air blowing through the air ducts could be blowing the dust and dirt and allergens in to my house. That could be causing my allergies to be so bad these days. That is the closest I have gotten to discovering what it could be that is causing my allergies to act up so much. So I also made an appointment with my local HVAC company. I made an appointment so that they can come and clean my air ducts. I am hoping that after they clean my air ducts I will be allergy free. However I am going to have to go outside while I clean the air ducts. It would probably make my allergies much worse to be inside while they are cleaning.

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I love where I’m living

I think that because I live by a lake I live in a really weird area. The humidity levels in my house are always really funky. When we first moved in my house it was so humid that chips would go stale in a matter of 3 days. Even if the chip bag was clipped. It would still feel soggy and stale. There was way too much moisture in my house. I knew that right away I would have to call the HVAC company. I would have to inquire about having a dehumidifier installed into my house. This was the only possible way that I would get rid of all that extra moisture in my house. There was no way I was going to live like that the rest of my life in this house. I noticed that there’s even actually moisture in my house during the winter time. Most people’s houses during the winter time end up being very dry. The furnace puts heat into the house and makes the air in the house very dry. Most often people’s wood will dehydrate in the winter time because their houses get so dry. Except mine still has a ton of moisture. So I run my dehumidifier all year long. If you live in a house near a body of water you are likely to experience the same thing I am experiencing. Do not be afraid to call your local HVAC company about this difficulty you may be having. If you live near water it is absolutely normal to have high moisture in your home. It is nothing a small dehumidifier unit cannot solve.

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