A portable bedroom unit

In my bedroom, I have a portable air conditioner installed in the window.  The air conditioner is quite small and rather old. I got it because a friend of mine was moving and throwing the air conditioner away.  I’ve had the air conditioner for about three years, and I absolutely love it. My bedroom used to be so overheated and sticky during the summer months, that I couldn’t sleep at night.  I would try running multiple fans, but that just moved the hot air around and stirred up dust. I really don’t like the feel of a fan blowing hot, dirty air at me. The air conditioner fits right into the window, and is easy to install.  It has a wireless remote that I keep right next to my bed, so that I can make adjustments in the middle of the night, without getting up. I am able to set the temperature, change fan speeds, and take advantage of an energy saving mode. For the past three summers, that little air conditioner has kept my bedroom perfectly cool.  This summer, however, we are getting especially hot and humid weather. During the day, the temperature climbs up into the high nineties, and it doesn’t cool down much at night. My entire house feels like an oven, and I am constantly sweating. My portable air conditioner is having real difficulty handling the heat. It runs steadily all night long, and I’m not perfectly cool.  I frequently wake up in the night, drenched with sweat. I’m not sure if the air condition is just old, and not working at peak capacity anymore, or if the weather is just too brutal.

indoor air quality 

We finally made it back home

I am a total makeup junkie.  I always make sure to set aside a portion of my paycheck so I can go to the beauty store and try out new products.  My makeup collection takes up half of our bathroom and my husband thinks I’m crazy for being so obsessed. When I’m not playing with my makeup, I am watching video tutorials and reading reviews online.  I always am very careful to take proper care of all of my different products. We recently moved to a new apartment and I very deliberately organized my entire collection so everything was perfect. Soon after, we had a heat wave come through and I went to turn our air conditioning on.  After a few hours of running the air conditioning unit it became obvious that something was wrong. The temperature in the house was not going down and the humidity seemed to be getting worse. The temperature reached almost 100 degrees outside that day. The heat in our house got so bad we had to go stay at my parents for the night because without the air conditioner to circulate air, we couldn’t get comfortable.  The next day when we came back home to wait for the air conditioning repair man, I realized our bathroom was especially hot because the windows were closed. When I checked my makeup drawers I found that many of my lipsticks and gel products were melting! Luckily, the HVAC technician was able to fix our air conditioner that same day but sadly, it was too late for many of my favorite products.

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The filter is sucking up air

With an air conditioner there is a piece called the cooling coil. If something is going wrong with the A/C, blame the cooling coil. That part is probably the most sensitive of pieces. The cooling coil gathers moisture easily. So the coil frequently has mold growth on it that will ruin your indoor air quality. Also the cooling coil can freeze. I have been dealing with this issue lately. The cooling coil freezes to be rock solid. It is literally a large hunk of ice. I realized it was because the air filter was dirty. I got a new air conditioning filter right away and it helped the issue. But it did not last long. The air conditioner froze up again within a few days. My air filter once again was dirty. I then realized I am basically doing everything I can to make my A/C have trouble working. My girlfriend and I are remodeling our house. We are putting up drywall, sanding and taking down walls. The dust is flying all over my house. Literally the whole house is covered in dust. It makes sense the air filter would clog up quickly. Also my girlfriend has a dog that sheds. The dog leaves hair all over the place. The A/C system then turns on circulates the air, and then air blows into the system. So the cooling filter gets dust and dog hair in it daily. Of course it clogs up and then in turn freezes the coil on the cooling system. I guess I have to deal with no A/C when I remodel.

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They are never in the office

There are three pizza businesses in my town. All of the pizza places are on the same street too. There is also two places to get dry cleaning. If you want to get ice cream too, you can go to three different places. If you need groceries, your car washed or windows replaced, you have one option. You also have one option with heating and cooling needs. There is a HVAC company in our town right on main street. They are your only option unless you want to drive over an hour out of town. Our HVAC business is not bad. They have fairly cheap rates, decent products and the HVAC technicians are local men that you know. You can see your HVAC contractor at the bank, post office or shopping. It makes it super nice when you schedule an appointment. However, the only downside is that the HVAC company takes a lot of days off. There is no such thing as HVAC emergency service. The HVAC company is open 9-5 monday through friday and no more. Anytime there is a holiday, the building is closed. If you have a heater repair in the middle of the night during the week of Christmas, you are out of luck. If you want the A/C cleaned before the fourth of July, you need to schedule way in advanced. My least favorite thing is the HVAC dealership also closes for an hour for lunch everyday too. So you can never get a HVAC tune up on a lunch break with work. You have to work around their schedule.

HVAC tune-up 

Using the furnace efficiently

In the Winter I do quite a few things to save energy. I own a gas heater and it is super inefficient to have in my home. The heater would really like to run all day long. How the heating system works is by a central thermostat. The thermostat has one set temperature that my heating system tries to achieve. My house is two levels, large with a lot of open spaces. The gas furnace cannot achieve the temperature without some help. So the heating system stays on forever, churns fuel and costs me a ton of money. What I have done to lower my monthly energy bills is close off the rooms. I close all my doorways that I am able to. I also have another heating system for the upper level. I can’t make one heater warm up my huge house. I also make sure everything is airtight in my home. First, I caulk around the windows. Even the smallest of cracks can let in cold air. Then I put towels under all the doorways so that cold air does not come through. Next is I open my curtains and allow the natural sunlight to flood into my home. Then I make sure that my heating system is clean. I let it have a clean furnace filter, clean fan and also have it well oiled. That ensures the heating system is at least working in peak condition. It is not much, but it does help my bills. Even the smallest thing can make a difference in those monthly energy bills.

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What a great college apartment

I rent out apartments in my hometown. The apartment is right near a college so I frequently get college aged kids renting from me. Most of the time the kids are decent renters. Occasionally they can be a problem with the noise level. The most recent crop of kids I have are terrible. The problem is not the noise level. They are totally helpless when it comes to repairs. I am constantly over to the different rooms making repairs on plumbing, water, electric and HVAC. The HVAC is the worst. I have no skills in the heating and cooling department. So most of the time I have to call a HVAC contractor to make a repair. I have learned a little along the way however. I now know if the HVAC system is not working too great, it probably has a dirty filter. A new filter is a couple of bucks. Having a HVAC professional over is way more. I also know how to clean out an air conditioner. I can get rid of mold on a cooling coil and algae from the condensate drain. That will stop the AC from leaking. A heater system that turns on and off might just be dirty. Or I just need to lubricate and oil the heater device. Those are my standard tricks that I now know to do. This is what I do to prevent the HVAC call. But with this crop of kids. I have to constantly come over the building and look at HVAC devices. It gets really annoying after awhile.

HVAC installation 

Quality check information

I work for a local HVAC company. It’s my job to make sure that our employees are performing up to our quality of standards. I’ve been with the company since the 1970’s, so I know a thing or two about the HVAC industry. Usually, we make a few phone calls every after third or fourth employee visit. It’s a great way to keep track of our employee progress. It’s especially helpful for the new HVAC technicians. It’s keeps them accountable, reliable, and goal oriented. A few weeks ago, i decided to check up on a new A/C guy. He had been hired to focus on A/C repairs for our southeast division. The guy had been through his ninety day probationary period. That’s the time when our new technicians shadow another licensed and certified HVAC technician all day. He had been running A/C repair calls for the last two months, but we had some recent customer complaints. Some of them were typical customer complaints, but one of them really stuck out in my head. I followed up with an angry homeowner, who claimed our technician had been smoking cigarettes in the basement. I spoke to the technician about the accusations, but he said the woman was crazy. I have to admit, she did seem a little odd on the phone. I told the employee about the multiple accusations, and he refused to admit that he had been doing anything of the sort. I have my eye on this guy, so I hope he’s been telling me the truth.


There air is a bit cold

My guy Jeff plus I moved down south because the two of us wanted to experience year round warm weather. Him plus I were so gleeful to never experience ice, snow plus cold, and come to find out, down south does get pretty freezing in the coldertime months. We were both totally unprepared for how freezing it gets in the south. I assume right now southerns are experiencing shockingly freezing weather too. They cancelled university a few afternoons, the weather people were freaking out on the news plus it is all anyone can talk about. Additionally Jeff plus I are in an house that uses a heat pump system. Heat pumps are actually energy efficient plus perfect for the south. What this Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit does is use the heat energy already in the air. In the summer the warm air goes outside plus the cool air is pumped indoors to create a cooling effect. In the coldertime heat energy that is outside is pulled inside for heating. However, since a heat pump uses heat energy it is only effective to about 40 degree weather. Well Jeff plus I are experiencing some of the coldest weather the south has ever experienced. Every day is below forty degrees, but our house heat pump cannot handle this amount of freezing air. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C plan has been going non stop since our guy plus I have been here. Even with the gas furnace on, the two of us are both still way too cold. Also to make matters worse, Jeff has already received a single month’s bill. Our energy bills are super high since the two of us have the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C device going non stop.


Does anyone pay attention to this?

Last Friday, our partner and I were in charge of the errands together! Usually the people I was with and I tackle the list separately, but I had not seen our partner much through the week. She had been racking up an large amount of overtime, while her sergeant was on trip… The twelve minute shifts were getting to both of us, and the people I was with and I needed to relax, however both of us started our day of errands at the cottage center. Both of us were looking for new wood cottages for the kitchen; While the people I was with and I were there, the staff was giving a presentation of the new smart temperature control. It had a brand name, but I don’t remember it, but anyone who watched the smart temperature control presentation was going to receive a coupons towards a later purchase, however my partner and I didn’t need a new temperature control, but the coupon could help get our cottages later. Both of us sat down on the bench, and waited for the presentation to begin. The staff really di anice job on presenting the pressing information. The smart temperature control was a game changer, because it had so many features. Many afternoons, our partner and I leave the lake house Heating and A/C equipment running all day… Even though it’s extravagant, the people I was with and I don’t want the kids to come lake house to an uncomfortable atmosphere. With this revolutionary new smart temperature control, the people I was with and I could adjust the indoor temperature levels from home, work, or on the go. Both of us almost bought a single, but the people I was with and I knew that a temperature control was not on the shopping list. It’s pressing not to get sidetracked by shiny new things, especially when you are on a mission.  

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I had the system set right

I was so nervous to meet my boyfriend’s parents for the first time. We had been dating for about a month and things were going really well. I liked all his friends and they seemed to like me. Parents, however make me so nervous. My heart was racing as we got in the driveway. As soon as we stepped in the house I felt more excited and nervous than I had on our first date. His father was very welcoming and kind and his mother gave me a hug. I was so nervous that she would feel my sweat through my clothes. In fact as the night progressed I wasn’t sure if I was sweating because of the temperature of the house or because of my nerves. My fear became sweat stains appearing through my dress.  I noticed dinner seemed a little hot for everyone. I would casually excuse myself to the bathroom to splash myself with cool water. As I walked past their thermostat I saw it was set at 77 and seemed to be getting higher. Soon enough, after his dad tried to change the batteries, we realized that something was wrong with the programming of the thermostat. There was no climate control or temperature moderation. The furnace was clearly responding accordingly to the temperature setting so it must have been a programming issue. After we opened the front door to let air in, my boyfriends parents resigned to the need to call in an HVAC repair man to check the furnace and thermostat. It’s a great story to look back on and laugh about now.