Let’s shut the power off

The condenser for my HVAC unit, is located right outside of my back door. There are a few cracks in the concrete, so we get an occasional weed growing around the condenser. The weeds can be a nuisance, so the lawn care team usually cleans up the weeds from around the A/C unit.  A few days ago, the lawn maintenance crew came to our home. It was our regular Tuesday visit. Our normal lawn guy was on vacation, and we had a temp working out back. They were using the weed whacker near the HVAC unit, when they sliced right through the main power line. I was sitting in the garage, when I heard the lawn guy exclaim. I ran out back and saw the disaster. I had to turn off the power to the HVAC unit, because we had sparks flying from the main electrical line. I thought we were going to have a major fire on our hands. I was really angry and prepared to scream and yell, but the lawn guy looked petrified. I tried to stay calm, while telling the guy to call his boss. I got on the phone, and explained the situation. The lawn company was very apologetic, and agreed to pay for the damage to our A/c condenser.  I went without A/C for three days, before they could get someone out to the house to fix the problem. Luckily, the lawn care team paid the A/C repair bill and gave me free lawn care for the next six months.

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Running a wine business

My brother Tommy and I are starting our own wine business. Our dad is a grape farmer, and we are buying his grapes for our product. Tommy and I now have invested in a wine facility. The building is large enough to house the carbouys, pumps, sugar, and sediment testing equipment. The only thing we had to add to the building was HVAC equipment. When making wine, you want the temperature control to remain the same. Our area gets severely cold and the really humid in the Summer. Because of this, we needed both heating and cooling power. Tommy did some research and decided a heat pump would work best. It is a two for one system. The heat pump can provide both heating and cooling in a single unit. Ordering the HVAC equipment from an actual company was too expensive though. So Tommy ordered the heat pump online and had it delivered to us. I then stuck a deal with a HVAC contractor for the HVAC installation. I got the HVAC set up real cheap. Of course, because it was so cheap, the installation is not great. The HVAC professional did the heat pump set up in around 30 minutes. He also installed the heat pump right on the front of our building. It looks terrible there! It is literally almost blocking the door. Everyone comments on the heat pump the moment the arrive the facility. At least it works pretty well though. Also, since it is ductless, we have very little maintenance needed for the heat pump system. We literally just turn it on and it runs.

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Cleaning the fan blades

My buddy Shane and I hated the high school band teacher. She was super mean and always screamed at us in front of the whole class of kids. As payback, Shane and I mad her life horrible. One time, Shane and I stole her baton and used it to clog her personal toilet in the band room. Another time, we took all of her sheet music and glued it to the ceiling of her room. Usually, the band teacher knew it was us but had no proof. The one time we were caught was probably the worst time. The band teacher had a ductless mini split air conditioner in her office. It was all sleek, new and shiny. She also cranked that AC to the maximum. Shane and I snuck into her office one day and ruined the cooling unit. We took the front panel off of it and shoved a bunch of pencils inside. Also we used glue and put it all over the AC system fan blades. Needless to say, we destroyed the AC system. We were caught by the band teacher though and suspended from school for a week. Also, Shane and I had to do community service after school. All of our hours were used to pay back the damage we did to the air conditioner system. We had to pay for the AC repair that did not work and a new AC system. How horrible is that? Shane and I had to work hours and hours to ensure that horrible band teacher got her AC back.

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how to use my furnace

Me and my man moved back east a few months ago. I haven’t been able to get used to the cold temperatures. We were in the west prior, where the weather was always very mild. Even during the winter, we still had temperatures around 65 – 72 degrees. I loved living there, and I spent the first 35 years of my life enjoying the sunshine, humidity, and swamplands. When my man was sent to a navy base on the east coast, I had no choice but go along. We have been together for 6 years! We’re having a  kid in a few months, and our family has to be together. The move was pretty hard, because the drive was long. We have 3 big dogs, so we couldn’t fly across the country. The days have been chilly and rainy, and the nights get even worse. My man works at night, and I have no one to cuddle up with except the dogs. They keep me warm, but the furnace certainly isn’t! I have been using this furnace all week, and it’s still cold in our house. I think the furnace needs to be repaired or replaced with a central heating system, but my man insists that it’s my pregnancy hormones. The outdoor weather is only going to get much colder, so I really hope the furnace really doesn’t have any problems. I’m going to be very upset, if the furnace breaks down when I’m home alone. That is one of my worst concerns!

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Superior HVAC repairs

Here in the south the weather gets really cold. Our city is always covered in snow and ice. It’s dire to be ready for the winter. That means making sure the home is ready for cold weather! Each year in December, me and my hubby spend a whole month getting our house winterized. This means repairing all of the caulk and any drafty windows. During this period, we also clean the air vents and air ducts. Taking great care of our heating and cooling unit, means having an indoor air quality that is free of contaminants and dust. We schedule our winter service appointment for the heating and cooling system. The local HVAC guy performs an examination of our HVAC unit. He checks the mechanical parts of the system like the motor, the belts, etc. He also checks our electrical components for loose connections or frayed wires. The HVAC worker also checks the air vents to make sure they are all secured tightly. The whole winter service appointment takes about 60 minutes to complete. It doesn’t cost too much either, so we can afford the maintenance. With the HVAC unit serviced and the furnace ready for the winter, we can relax nicely and know all will be smooth!

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Burritos and then a/c

Our truly number one place to go out to eat is a nearby Italian restaurant named Little Italy.  My wife and I think it is the best Italian food we have ever eaten. Along with the customary fresh bread and olive oil with herbs, this place gives out a small free cheese tray as an appetizers! We appreciate this place greatly! They have great service, amazing spaghetti sauce, live music, and amazing wine! Who could particularly ask for more when it comes to an Italian restaurant? Unfortunately, the last time we went there it absolutely seemed like a brick pizza oven. It was so sizzling inside the restaurant that it felt like we were in a hot kitchen! The owner of the place came over to our table to talk to us. As we grazing on our home made bread and cheese tray, he explained how that morning, the restaurant’s air conditioner unit had stopped working. The a/c would come on and run for a few minutes, but then the thermostat would kick it off again without ever making the temperature of the restaurant decrease a single degree. The temperature inside the restaurant was so sizzling by the time we got there that the owner had given up and called for an emergency service call from the local Heating, Ventilation & A/C business. Servicemen from the service company were at that moment in the back room of the restaurant diligently working on the air conditioner unit as we were casually nibbling on our bread and cheese. It’s a great thing, too, because the wait staff were wearing all black clothing and they looked like they were about to suffer from heat stroke! Finally by the time our lasagna and spaghetti parmesan arrived, the air conditioner came on and blessedly cool air started pouring through the ventilation ducts!

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A very cool night

Fall is by far my favorite season of the year. The air gets a little bit cooler after a stifling summer and sweaters find their way out of the depths of the closet. Leaves turn color, even if just a little. Pumpkins are everywhere and I simply can’t wait to take the kids to the pumpkin patch and corn maze.  I merrily anticipate sipping on some warm apple cider and sitting by the bonfire reminiscing with close family and friends.

           There are so many wonderful traditions this time of year. One tradition you may want to add to your list is having your heater serviced before the winter. This may not be as glamorous or fun as smores over a fire on a cool night, but it’s truly important. Call your HVAC provider and have your HVAC technician come out for a furnace service before winter hits. You don’t want to wait until it’s freezing cold and there’s snow on the ground, to discover that your heating system is broken and you need a heater repair. Waiting in a cold house for your HVAC technician will get in the way of the holiday traditions to come. It’s hard to enjoy baking Christmas cookies and decorating the tree if your fingers are frozen. Your holiday houseguests will certainly notice if the furnace is broken and it’s just as cold indoors as outside.

               So, as soon as you notice the chill in the air and the leaves tinge yellow and orange, give your HVAC provider a call. It’s a good tradition to start. The fall season is the perfect time to have your heater serviced before winter.

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A real experience with no a/c


   When I graduated from college I got my first real, professional work. The snag was that I would have to relocate to a city that was miles across the country. After putting some thought into it, I chose to take the job and see what the adventure would bring. I was delighted to move into my current apartment when the time finally came. When I was moving in, I l heard something unusual about the homes there.

            Since the temperatures there are so mild most of the year, most of the homes and apartments don’t have cooling systems! This came as a surprise to me because I had moved from a locale where the warm seasons were exceeding hot, so people needed air conditioning systems. I thought that it would be a difficult change, having less control over the temperature of the house. However, I suddenly realized that I didn’t notice that there wasn’t a cooling plan in the house.

             The only times I thought about and wished for the air conditioning system were late in the day. I was used to always turning the cooling system on before bed so that I could feel the cool air on me while I slept. But that just wasn’t in place anymore. Other than the air conditioning system issue, I adjusted to living in my new city easily.

            I spent several years there before I moved back closer to home. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything. However, I admit now that I’m back in my element, I really love being able to change the temperature in my home. I adore having control over that.

I woke up covered in sweat

Five hundred miles.  There had not been a lot to see on this stretch of our trip and I was bone tired. The family and I were about halfway through our 2000-mile-long road trip and the newness and excitement of the adventure were beginning to wear thin. Today’s drive had been long and tedious. Five-hundred miles of scrubland left little to the imagination, cell phone service was spotty, and this city was stiflingly hot.

             I collapsed onto one of the two queen sized beds in the room, turning the HVAC unit on full blast and enjoying the refreshing coolness that promised to blow away the day’s troubles and soothe my fatigued body.  I was thankful for cooling freshness and before long was ready to face the few remaining hours before bedtime. Dinner, pool time, and a walk around the block filled our evening. I eagerly collapsed into bed and turned out the lights by 8pm.  The air conditioner hummed near the window, drowning out some of the traffic noise from the nearby street and lulling my family to sleep. I slept like a baby.

              Then, around 3 am, I awoke covered in sweat. The room was silent apart from my son’s light snores. I peered at the HVAC unit and the thermostat registered 80 degrees. No wonder I couldn’t sleep! I cranked down the temperature and sighed happily as the room cooled significantly. I simply can’t sleep when it’s hot. Cooling is vital to my happiness. A good HVAC system allows me to sleep well and leaves me refreshed for whatever comes my way. By the next morning, I was energetic and enthusiastic for new road trip adventures…. so long as our car’s air conditioning system continued working well!

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Happy with the smart HVAC equipment

When my kids moved out, the first thing I wanted to do was turn the upstairs bedroom into my own personal gaming room. For the last 18 years, I have been relegated to enjoying any of my online games in my bedroom or office, exclusively on a laptop or handheld device. Now that the space is opened up, I am claiming it for my own! It is so nice to have a respectable game room, after all this time! While the room is certainly nice, some unexpected headaches appeared. There is one issue that really stands out, making me suspect I may have to go back to hiding away in my study to play games! The roof itself must have virtually no insulation, because the upstairs is horribly warm by noon on any Summer day. It feels like the heating system has been running by lunch, even though it’s just the heat from the sun. We do have an cooling system to cool off the upstairs, but running it it turns the downstairs into a giant walk-in freezer. I called around to a few Heating and Air Conditioning contractors, and found out about smart temperature controls that have zone control for the temperatures in your house. The smart temperature control monitors every room in the home, making adjustments to the cooling settings based on which rooms are being used. With one of these installed, I can finally cool down my game room without leaving the entire house freezing cold. For the first time, my game room will have the same temperate comfort that I seek throughout the rest of my house!