Renting a dance studio

I own and operate a small dance studio which is located in a commercial complex.  I share a building with three other businesses, and we utilize the same parking lot and heating/cooling system.  For the most part, it’s very advantageous to all of us.  Unfortunately, handling the setting on the thermostat causes some problems.  All of the other businesses are open during regular business hours, and insist on maintaining ideal temperatures.  Since my dance studio is not open on weekday mornings, I would prefer not to pay to heat and cool the space.  The bulk of my working hours are during weekends and evenings, when the other businesses are typically closed.  They are unhappy about paying for the operation of the heating and cooling system when I am the only one benefiting from it.  I’ve also had issues because I don’t have access to the thermostat.  The thermostat is located in the neighboring jewelry store, and the owner has already forgotten to leave the heat on for me over the weekend.  My students and I nearly froze to death because the studio was left without heat during the middle of January.  I have repeatedly spoken to the landlord about updating the heating and cooling system to zoned conditioning.  Each business needs to have an independent thermostat located within our workspace.  This would allows us to customize operation, save money, reduce wear and tear on the heating and cooling components, and improve comfort.  If the landlord doesn’t invest in this update, I will need to begin looking for a new studio space to rent.


Renovating my bakery

After college, it was always my plan to open a small bakery and coffee shop in my hometown.  It  took me awhile to put together the financing and down payment for a commercial building.  I was fortunate to find the ideal space for sale on Main Street at an affordable price.  The building features adequate parking, big front windows, high ceilings and exposed ductwork.  It required quite a bit of work and renovation, however, before I was able to open my shop.  I made sure to check the operation of the electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling system before investing in the building.  I realized the heating/cooling system required professional cleaning, and I needed to make some updates to the wiring.  While I hired a professional electrician and HVAC contractor to handle these jobs, I tackled a lot of the renovations on my own.  I sanded down the hardwood floor and varnished it, installed new overhead lights, and painted the walls.  I bought a whole of bunch of comfortable seating, tables, display cases and commercial kitchen equipment.  The majority of the work was completed in the spring, and I was relieved with the mild weather.  I was able to open windows and doors for ventilation, and get rid of some of the dust.  I scheduled my grand opening for the middle of June, and shortly before that, the weather suddenly turned very hot and humid.  When I attempted to start up my cooling system, it made some really alarming sounds, spewed a bunch of dust, and provided very little cool air.  I called the HVAC contractor back, and he informed me that the air conditioner was clogged with construction debris from my various projects.  Thankfully, a thorough cleaning got the cooling unit working properly again.  

air conditioner service 

Ensuring that my heater works

When I bought my little house, it was just me and my dog, and the place was big enough.  Over the last four years I have inherited two more dogs and three cats.  I have rescued these animals, and originally planned to find good homes for them.  After taking care of them, however, I got attached to them and was unable to give them up.  Now, my little house is extremely crowded and I am constantly battling fur and unpleasant odors.  I don’t want my furniture, carpet and clothing to be covered in pet dander, and I certainly don’t want my house to stink of litter box.  I need to change the air filters on my furnace and air conditioner conscientiously and frequently.  I have also enrolled in a service agreement with my local HVAC contractor.  An HVAC technician comes to the house twice per year to clean out the inner workings of the heating and cooling units, make any necessary adjustments, and replace worn or broken parts.  The contractor ensures that the furnace and air conditioner are operating reliably and efficiently.  Unfortunately, the filtration system of the heating and cooling equipment was not sufficient to handle the excessive amount of air pollution.  I needed to invest in a whole-home air purifier which works in combination with the HVAC system.  The air purifier captures airborne contaminants, such as dander and dust, and also combats odors and bacteria.  I still need to vacuum, dust and scrub the house constantly, but the HVAC system and air purifier have made a significant improvement.

climate control 

These are always the hottest months

I recently took my five year old son to a theme park for his birthday, and I will not be doing that again for a very long time. It was the middle of July, and he wanted to ride all of the roller coasters. I wouldn’t have minded this one bit other than the fact that the lines were outside and we had to wait in the scorching heat. I really wish that theme parks would create air-conditioned waiting spaces because I would be able to enjoy myself much more. I don’t think it would cost that much to close in the lines and install HVAC systems. I imagine this kind of investment would attract more customers, and it would be a good business move. All I could think about while waiting in line with my son was how much I wanted to be kicked back on my couch with the A/C running. By the time we made it home I was Dripping with sweat, and I didn’t have any energy left in me. I was glad to take him out to the park because he really enjoyed himself, but I will not be returning again in the middle of summer. That’s going to have to be a fall or winter activity for me because I cannot deal with spending hours in line without a cooling system. Indoor activities are all that I’m willing to engage in during the hottest months of the year. Call me boring, but I need an air conditioner to be able to enjoy myself!

commercial HVAC 

The filter should be changed

I have been reading a lot about energy issues lately, and it makes me want to do more to conserve energy in my own home. I have found that one of the biggest things someone can do to address this within their own house is to monitor the way they use their HVAC system. The heating and cooling system probably uses more energy than any other appliance in the home, and that’s why it is important to make sure it is turned off when it is not needed. The most simple thing that I do is turn off the air conditioner before I leave for work every morning. This ensures that it will not be running and wasting energy and money while I am at my office. Because I live in a place with a pretty mild climate, I also try to make sure it is turned off on days when it is not extremely hot. Instead of running the cooling system, I will try to opt for opening a window and turning on my ceiling fan. Lastly, I just try to make sure that my cooling system is clean and efficient. One thing that I can do to for this is make sure that the air filter is changed every few weeks. I also clean out the coils every so often because this keeps dust and dirt from circulating through the house, and it keeps the cooling system from overworking. I think that everyone should make an effort to save energy because it is good for both environmental and economic reasons.

furnace filter 

My acting years

When I was in college I acted in a few independent films. I really enjoyed doing that, and one of the most memorable experiences I had was filming a scene in the Rocky Mountains. Most of the shots were outdoors, so we took her break inside of a small air conditioned cabin on the site. Had we not had access to that cabin with an HVAC system inside of it, we probably would have been miserable for the entire experience. As someone who has spent several summers in the Rockies, I know that it is kind of rare for the cabins there to have cooling systems because it rarely gets very hot. Being on a movie set can be pretty draining, and the ability to have a drink and relax every so often beneath an air vent is something that really makes the entire day go much faster. All of the other films that I worked on were in air conditioned warehouses, so I definitely would not have been excited about spending the entire day in the heat. Unfortunately, I don’t do much acting anymore. I am into producing films, and that’s where I place all of my focus nowadays. However, I really value the experience that I got as an actor. Still, I much prefer to do editing work inside of a place that is climate-controlled. I guess I am a wimp when it comes to dealing with the heat. Oh well! I guess I landed in the right place.All I need is an AC to get my work done, and as a producer that I will always have that.

The furnace is no longer working

Sometimes I think that visiting my mom is the least comfortable trip I ever take. She rarely prepares for my visits, so I arrive and find that she has nothing planned except a myriad of house chores. She does not have comfortable sleeping arrangements for guests, and I always end up sleep deprived by the middle of my stay. Worst of all, she never operates her HVAC system so the air temperature is constantly uncomfortable. In fact, her thermostat is so poorly managed that we’ve been unable to tell when her furnace had stopped operating before. This was the case last year, when I journeyed up north to see my folks in the depths of winter. I was already quite displeased, because we were still operating our air conditioner back at home; setting foot in this freezing cold winter wonderland was not the most inviting welcome back. Then we arrived at my mom’s house and found the indoor air temperature to be quite brisk, as usual. For the millionth time, she quickly explained that she was saving on energy costs by running the furnace as little as possible. Although my fingers and toes were already numb, I knew there was no point in asking her to alter the thermostat settings, so I continued to freeze in silence. About a day later, the indoor air temperature had dropped so low that I finally broke down and sneakily checked out the thermostat myself… only to find that unbeknownst to us, the entire furnace had broken down and completely stopped working some time ago.


We have the newest HVAC equipment

My wife and I were in the mood to do some work around the house. The paint in the bedroom was peeling, the bathroom needed a new sink, and the garden needed some new flowers. We didn’t know what area of the improvements we wanted to tackle first. So, we sat down one night and went over our options. One issue that kept coming up was our HVAC system. Our current HVAC system works well, but it is time for an upgrade. We both came to a unanimous decision. We decided to forget about the paint and the landscaping. We were going to upgrade our current heating and cooling system. The next day, we drove down to the local HVAC business to discuss our options with a trained professional. If we were going to drop a lot of money on a new HVAC system, we wanted to make sure we got the best one for our money. One of the newer HVAC system upgrades that caught our eye was radiant floor heating. My wife and I get really cold feet in the winter, so radiant floor heating would be a really good option for us. We decided to have an HVAC system professional come over to our house to give us a detailed estimate. Hopefully it wouldn’t be too expensive to get the radiant floor heating! The HVAC system professional came over to our house and went over the details. He did a bunch of measurements and gave us a decent estimate for the radiant floor heating. It wasn’t as expensive as we thought it would be, so we opted to have the radiant floor heating installed.


Morning walks

Last Tuesday was a pretty interesting day. I had a bowling match to go to later that night, but I had the day off. I started it off like most other days. I went for a two mile walk around my neighborhood. When I got back to my house, I noticed an HVAC system repairman had pulled up to my neighbor’s home. My neighbor Bill was outside talking to the HVAC system repairman about something. I decided to join the conversation when Bill waved me over. He introduced me to the HVAC system repairman, whose name was Frank. Bill had decided to upgrade his heating and cooling system, and he wanted my opinion as to what kind to get. I had recently upgraded my own heating and cooling system, so I can understand why he wanted my input. I had chosen to go with a zone control heating and cooling system when I did my upgrade. My wife and I differ in climate control tastes, so this was the perfect choice for our needs. My neighbor Bill was leaning toward the zone control heating and cooling system himself. He and his wife also differ in climate control tastes. I told him that the zone control heating and cooling system was one of the best household choices I have ever made. My wife and I argued less, and our house was always comfortable. Heating and cooling system comfort is vital to any happy marriage. My friend Bill, the HVAC system repairman, and I talked for a while. Bill ended up going with the zone control heating and cooling system.

HVAC unit 

It’s nice and cool in our basement

Sometimes it’s really difficult for me to travel. For starters, I’m an introvert and I get worn out when my schedule is jam packed with social activities that cannot be avoided. Secondly, I have extreme anxiety and I do not like to feel out of control of my environment. This makes it hard to go with the flow when undesirable outings are decided upon or plans are changed at the last minute. One of the hardest parts, however, is being completely out of control of the thermostat where we stay. When I’m a guest at someone’s house I absolutely refuse to comment on their indoor air conditions. I figure that they have the thermostat set to their ideal temperature preferences, and I have no right to complain about how they run their central heating and cooling units. If they want the indoor air to be 40 degrees, I will pile on layers and try to make due with the freezing indoor air. If they prefer to keep the thermostat set to 90 degrees all day long, I will sweat silently rather than asking for an HVAC modification. This makes things quite challenging for me at night when I have my own particular air temperature preferences. See, I cannot sleep if it isn’t nice and cool in my bedroom so I can cuddle up for the night. It’s too bad that not everyone agrees with this sentiment; I end up sweating through the sheets all night long as I toss and turn, feeling like my body is its own personal furnace.

temperature control unit