I am very anxious

Have you ever gone shopping for something that you have no idea about? It is the worst experience in the world. It is so easy to feel totally stupid in that kind of scenario. For that reason, my brother comes with me whenever I go car shopping. I do not do it too often… only once or twice a year. You have to keep it fresh in all areas of life, especially when we’re talking about your wheels. On the flip side, whenever my brother goes piano shopping, which is also only about once or twice a year, I go with him. He is a killer player, but knows next to nothing about the pianos themselves. Recently, I needed a new HVAC system for my house and found myself in a similar bind. I tried to think if I knew any climate control technicians. I thought that maybe my old neighbor had mentioned that his son was in the heating and cooling field, so I reached out to them. As it turns out, his son was not in the HVAC business at all. I misunderstood when they said “greeting and fooling” for heating and cooling. No, he is just a greeter at a big department store. So my search for a climate control specialist continued. I looked near and far but somehow nobody in my circle was an HVAC technician. I could not believe it. So I just went in alone and prepared for the worst. The heating and cooling shop in the city had some fantastic employees though and they helped me pick the climate control setup that was right for my house.

HVAC business 

We’re doing HVAC maintenance now

Bridges can be planned, built, used, mended, renovated, and ultimately destroyed. With the exception of one or the other step, this is the natural progression of a bridge’s time on earth. Of course it all happens in the context of the human world. Without us, none of it would be possible. Maybe the closest thing would be a naturally occurring bridge, consisting of a tree falling over a river in the forest, but I am not talking about incidental scenarios; rather, I am focusing on the intentional and innovative. Everything I see around me is a bridge. Anything can create a relationship between two other things and it is always best to identify these dynamics. One of my favorite bridges is the HVAC system. Making for a very smooth and enjoyable ride between discomfort and comfort, the climate control in your house will take you where you want to go. Nobody likes to sweat, so your air conditioner can be your greatest ally. Just like an almighty bridge over water, your home heating and cooling system needs to be taken care of. So if you want to travel to a state of great indoor air quality from your hot and stuffy island of everyday existence, make sure you have HVAC maintenance performed regularly. It is a good idea to have it done at least once a year. Climate control systems are not built to stand the test of time on their own. For example, the air filter can be seen as a tension wire on a great suspension bridge. Every aspect of your HVAC system must be kept in top shape.

HVAC maintenance 

Air conditioning that works

Down here in the south, we would never dream of being without our air conditioning. In our neck of the woods most people have simple central air conditioning systems in their homes. CEntral air conditioning systems include both heating and cooling, but it is the cooling system that gets used for the majority of the year. I typically run the air conditioner from around April or May through September or October. Right now it is October, and there is no way it is cool enough to turn of the a/c. But when the thermostat does go low enough, I will surely be flipping that switch on that central air conditioning system over to the “off” side. In fall, my electric bill drops quite a bit. But actually, the least expensive time of year to pay for electricity is during the spring. The springtime is so perfect that we don’t need air conditioning or ceiling fans or heaters. Our energy consumption is reduced significantly, and that is reflected in our power bill from the city. I love springtime because I can turn off the a/c and open the windows and hear the birds and smell the wildflowers. We are very blessed to live in a time when we have the ability to have air conditioning and heaters to help us stay cool in summer and warm in winter, but it is also quite nice to enjoy the fresh air instead of the air conditioning or furnace. I think just about everyone likes spring and fall as their favorite seasons.

air conditioning tune-up 

We’re going to make our thermostat better

Do you like to go shopping for clothes? Even though I am a woman, and most women enjoy going shopping, I do not like it. In fact, I rarely go shopping for clothes and prefer to buy clothes online. Do you wonder why? It is because I feel the need to try on clothes if I am in the store, and I always get too hot. They never run the air conditioning set with a low enough thermostat setting in those dressing rooms in stores. Sometimes there isn’t even any air conditioning in the dressing rooms! I tried to figure that out one time because there was seemingly no air conditioning in the dressing room but the store itself was plenty cool with its HVAC clearly providing much-needed cool air. After a while, I realized it was because there were no air vents, and therefore no ductwork, connected to the dressing rooms. Can you imagine that? Why in the world would they not run the ductwork and air vents into the dressing rooms? Was it for some cost saving measure? Did the HVAC supplier forget to hook it up? I do not know the reason, but I do know that there is rarely enough a/c in any dressing rooms when I go shopping. Therefore, I prefer to stay in my own living room with nice a/c and buy my clothes online. If they don’t fit me when they arrive, I can just send them back. Some places will even not charge for the return shipping costs, which makes it even easier to stay out of those stores with insufficient HVAC in the dressing rooms.

HVAC business 

A creepy cellar

I have been looking for an affordable home to buy for several months now. The home I decide to buy must be affordable because I do not have a lot of money to put down. The higher the price of the home, the more down payment money is necessary, so I can’t pay too much for the home even if I can afford the payments. Anyway, yesterday I went out with the realtor and I think I have found the home I am going to purchase. It has a pretty low asking price because it needs updates and repairs. It is an older home, almost 100 years old, in fact, and it has a really creepy cellar and furnace in the cellar. I went down the cellar stairs and right away heard weird noises coming from the furnace. That leads me to believe that the furnace will probably have to be replaced, or at the least,, I will have to get a furnace repair done. The first thing to do will be to have the home inspector look at the furnace and give me his opinion. Next, I think the water heater needs to be repaired or replaced as well. I turned on the hot water faucet in the kitchen, and the water never got hot. The water heater may just be shut off while the home is vacant, I don’t know, but the water heater may also be broken. Next, the air conditioners are window unit air conditioners. I am not sure I like that at all, The window a/c units block all the views from the windows, plus window a/c units are kind of old fashioned. We will see what happens!

air conditioner installation 

I’m worried about these problems

I am completely frustrated right now, and I don’t know what to do. My HVAC system is having serious problems, and it only seems to happen at night. I have had an HVAC technician to my home on three separate occasions, but I can’t seem to make the problem happened during the day. The HVAC system is making some sort of strange clicking sound at night. I hear it almost every night, and it goes on for several minutes. By the time I have gotten up to grab my phone, the noise stops. After not being able to locate the problem, the HVAC technician asked me to take a sound video. I have had two different HVAC companies to my home, and neither one of them have been able to locate the sound. They asked me if it could be something other than my HVAC system, but I can hear the sound coming from the garage. It is as clear as a bell, and I know I am not crazy. The HVAC system has been making this noise for 2 weeks now and I am utterly frustrated. I have called every service center in the phone book, but no one seems to think that the issue is with my HVAC system. I know that it is still working well, but I would like to be able to locate the source of the odd noises. I’m afraid that my furnace will break down in the middle of the winter, because I ignored a huge problem. Why does everyone think that I am hearing things?

air and heat 

Lacking a heater

When I finally graduated from high school, I was very excited to move out on my own. My parents had a plethora of rules, and I was ready to be on my own. It took three months to find the perfect apartment, because I could only afford so much. I ended up having to find a roommate, and the two of us split the rent 50/50. Our apartment was located on the seedy side of town, because it was all that we could afford. Even with both of us working full-time, we could only afford a one-bedroom apartment.  My roommate slept in the living room and I slept in the bedroom. Our landlord seemed nice, but he was extremely hard to get in touch with. The very first time that the temperature dropped below 40, remind roommate and I had trouble with our heating system. The furnace wouldn’t kick on, until the indoor temperature was 50 degrees. Even though we had the thermostat set to 68 degrees, the furnace wouldn’t budge. My roommate and I spoke to the landlord on several different occasions, and he told us he would have the furnace checked. It wasn’t until December, that the landlord finally fixed the furnace. We had a freak snowstorm, and the furnace stopped working altogether. When my roommate and I woke up in the morning, it was already cold enough to see breath in the air. We called the landlord until he answered, and he contacted the furnace repair service promptly. The landlord had to pay for a brand new furnace, because hours  was irreparably broken.


We have the newest thermostat

I own a medium sized office building that is located in the downtown part of our city. The building has 12 different offices, and 10 of them are currently rented. Our clients pay a set rate for rent every single month. The rent that they pay includes utilities, water, and leasing fees. Since many of the businesses use different amounts of electricity, I decided to come up with a way to save us money on our utilities. I had a brand new HVAC system installed throughout the building, that has a new smart thermostat feature. The smart thermostat can control all 12 of the individual thermostats for the offices. I have complete control over the thermostat, and therefore, I can set each office individually. I allow my residence to choose the temperature in the office most of the offices are set to 72 degrees in the summertime, and 68 degrees in the winter time. This works out very well, and allows the energy bills to remain reasonable. Ever since I installed the smart thermostat feature, I have been able to shut down the HVAC system at 8 at night. None of the offices are open past 6 p.m., so everyone is usually gone by 8. At 805 precisely, the HVAC system is set to turn off completely. There is no heat or A/C in the building, from 8 at night until 6 in the morning. I can’t believe how much money I have managed to save over the past two months, just by simply shutting off the heat and A/C overnight.  


I’m so happy about this air conditione r

A few weeks ago, I passed out a questionnaire to my students, asking them to list some things that they were thankful for, and to write a paragraph about those things. I got some very interesting contributions, but one of the ones that intrigued me the most was from a shy, serious students who does not speak very often in class. He stated in his paragraph that he was thankful for air conditioning this year. The paragraph explained, in perfectly-expressed, grammatically-correct terms, that he had been without air conditioning for a few months because his parents’ air conditioning unit had died, and they had to save up for the money to replace it. After watching his parents work so hard for the air conditioning unit, and seeing how happy they were, and how he was, to finally get a new air conditioning unit installed, he realized how much he had taken air conditioning for granted in the past. He said that now, he prays to give thanks for his air conditioning everyday, and he is always appreciative of it in the car, in stores, and at school. I was very impressed with his paragraph, but more than that, I was impressed with his character. How many kids his age would have just complained about being without air conditioning and criticized their parents for not getting it back soon enough? Instead, he was just grateful for the hard work and sacrifice that his parents had made to get an air conditioning unit again. I decided to be a little more thankful for air conditioning too!

green box 

Taking a little vacation

Rather spontaneously last weekend, my husband and I decided to take a short trip out of town. We had been saving up some money to go on a cruise in December, but we found out that my husband will not be able to take any time off of work in December, not even for Christmas! To console ourselves, we drove to a beach town a few hours away on Friday. We used some of our cruise fund for this trip, although we still have plenty left for whenever we do get to go on our cruise! The mini vacation was just wonderful. We slept in Saturday and Sunday, took long, slow walks everyday, and ate some truly delicious food, including the most amazing deviled crab that I have ever had in my life! On Sunday night, though, the realization sunk in that we were three hours away from home, and we both had to be at work at seven in the morning! The drive back home was so depressing! My husband was so tired that he kept the A/C blasting so that the cold kept him alert! I, of course, had not brought a jacket or blanket with me, so I just had to adjust the vents as far away from me as I could and hope to avoid as much air conditioning as possible. The car ride seemed to take forever. The air conditioning was making me miserable, but I was even more tired than my husband, and I did not want to let him fall asleep at the wheel! We made it home after what seemed like forever, and I was so glad to get out of the air conditioning and into bed!