Need a/c where I am

Being from a family that was always being relocated, I have lived in just about every area of the world.  I have experienced all kinds of weather conditions. It just became second nature to my mom and dad, that the first thing we did when we moved, was to have the HVAC system serviced.  No matter what the weather was, they wanted us to be safe and comfortable. It’s odd when you are living in desert type climate, and you need to have the air conditioning in order to find any kind of comfort.  I don’t know what we would have done without the air conditioning in those areas, because it was so hard to breathe when you went outside. A couple of months later, we had to move again, and we end up in the frigid mountain area in Europe.  There was snow everywhere, and it took us a while to get used to the cold, because of the extreme heat of the desert. We had our furnace running constantly and for the first month, we all shivered unless the thermostat was set on eighty. Mom put the HVAC company on speed dial to make sure that she could quickly get in touch with them, if there was a problem.  When we lived in this area, we never had to use the air conditioning, even on the warmest of days. We would simply open a window and let the fresh air of the mountains give us some comfort. Because of all of my experience in different climates, I now have an appreciation for take the extra measure with my HVAC system to ensure the safety and the comfort for my family.

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Looking for a new HVAC business

I was so angry at my son when our HVAC system broke down, that I wasn’t going to get it repaired.  He acted like it broke just to be an inconvenience to him. He is a teenager who thinks the world revolves around him.  He has no appreciated for anything, and abuses everything he can. He leaves the lights on all the time, and anything that can be on, when he is in his room, is on, and it stays on 24/7 if we don’t go in and turn it off.  He doesn’t care that there is four other people in the house, besides himself. If he thinks it is too hot, he will turn up the air conditioning and not even think if it may be bothering someone. He’ll do the same thing with the heating.  It’s like he has personal rights to the thermostat. You should hear him throw a fit, if someone else changes the thermostat without asking if he minds. So, anyway, when the HVAC broke down, he spent almost a week without any air conditioning, and he was angry.  He demanded to know when it was going to be fixed, and I told him when he found the right HVAC company with the best prices and the best service record. I told him it would be fixed when he told what our best deal would be in HVAC units, and the equipment and technology that goes along with it.  Since he did nothing all day, but his dad and I worked, I put all of the responsibility on his shoulders. He wasn’t happy with this turn of events, but he did the job, and he did it well.

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Helping my son create

Kids today have every advantage for learning about science, math and other studies. My brother’s daughter is using a language translation tool to learn how to speak latin, and she’s only nine years old! My own son is loving his science classes more than anything else, which makes me proud to see – I’m glad he’s not some daydreamer with his head in the clouds like I was! Recently, my son came home to tell me that his teacher assigned a project due the following week. For the assignment, my son had to create a live demonstration of thermodynamics, and a presentation to explain how it works. The project could have been as simple as lighting a match and explaining how the ignition occurs, but my son is more ambitious than that! He decided he wanted to perform a demonstration of negative air pressure, which seemed fairly easy. The teacher said the students were allowed to use anything in the classroom as part of the demonstration, which was perfect – I told him he could use the classroom itself! First he did the research for negative air pressure and what is caused by it. He found that air conditioners essentially create negative air pressure, as they pull hot air out of a contained space which causes cold air to be dragged in. To demonstrate, I told him he just needs to shut off the air conditioning right when his presentation starts, then restart it when it’s time to demonstrate the subject of his presentation. My son performed his presentation at school the following week, and the teacher was very impressed with his improvisational skills! Every generation needs creative, scientific minds like his!

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We want a really clear slate

Indoor air quality has always been a big thing for me.  I have a number of allergies that hit at different times of the year.  I have spring allergies to pollen and winter allergies to dust and mold.  On a trip to my doctor’s, I learned something that would really change my life indoors.  My doctor recommend that I change the air filters in my home every month or even more often in the high allergy seasons.  This seemed too easy to be true. How would this help with my indoor air quality. I went to the big box hardware store and located the size and style filter that fit my furnace and air ducts for my central air conditioning.  They also had a hepa filter for my HVAC system that could remove even more particulates in the air. I figured I should go big or go home and purchased the hepa filter. I wanted to start out with a really clear slate so to speak so I had all the air ducts in my house cleaned before I added the hepa filter to my HVAC system.  I was amazed at the crud that come out of my air vents. That could have been some of my problem as well. After all this was completed I installed the new hepa filter and waited. Almost immediately I noticed a big difference in the air quality in my house. I also noticed that I slept better at night and did not wake up congested.  It was true! This somewhat simple change in my HVAC system made a huge different in my quality of life and greatly improved the indoor air quality in my home.

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I really want a new heater

I have this knack for attracting trouble. It’s sort of a curse, really. I’m clumsy and really unlucky, and bad things just sort of seem to happen around me. I was really hoping this wasn’t going to hold true for my home renovations. My contractor ensured me that we had a very healthy contingency in our budget for things that would inevitably crop up once we began taking down walls and such. Day one, we ran into issues with the HVAC and the placement of the load bearing walls, and found mold in the bathroom, and about five other things… I felt like I shouldn’t even be on the property for the rest of the renovations after that. I just wanted everything to start going right for once. It wasn’t going to happen with me and my bad luck hanging around. I decided to make decisions about the renovation from afar from that point on. The HVAC issues along with the electrical were the most extensive. We ended up having to replace the entire heating and cooling system. All the HVAC ducts had to be redone and the vents as well. It was a major job. I did all the research for the new HVAC system I wanted from my mother’s house where I was staying. I loved the smart thermostat idea! I didn’t even go to the store to pick out the actual one, I just told the contractor what I wanted and let him do it instead. I didn’t want to be anywhere near the house until it was finished. My seclusion worked! The rest of the renovation went down without a hitch. When it was done, it looked magical. Exactly what I wanted!

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We should probably change the air filter

Whenever we go to visit my husband’s parents, we stay at their house. This isn’t my idea… Their house isn’t my favorite. It is free though, and they feed us, so I guess in some ways it is worth dealing with the troubles. I just don’t really like how hot they keep the house. They have the thermostat turned up to seventy five. That’s way too warm for me, I dress for the season pretty accurately. I don’t want to wear shorts inside in the winter. What ends up happening, is I have to back summer clothes just specifically for their house, and then regular winter clothes for everywhere else we go. I don’t know why they can’t upgrade their heating system or at least turn the thermostat down just while we’re there! In the summer, it’s hot in there too. They don’t have any air conditioning. One time when we went, they had this old window air conditioning unit set up in the room we were staying in. It didn’t work really well, and it had a really loud sound when it was on. I did appreciate that they were trying to make us feel comfortable, but it wasn’t really that successful. I feel that they could go a long way with just upgrading their HVAC to a more modern setup so that the winters aren’t as crazy. I also think it would be nice if they went for zone control. That way my husband and I can set our room to a temperature we like. At least we’d be comfortable while we slept! Other than that, maybe getting a few window unit air conditioners to use at night during the summer.

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We saved time and money

See this is the main issue I have with renovations. It’s just a whole lot of time and money! Why can’t we just find a place where we can move right in! Well, I know what my wife will say to that… She’ll say it’s way more expensive. She’s right of course, but don’t tell her that, she’ll never let me forget it. I don’t want to have to deal with replacing lights and HVAC components and all that junk. I don’t even like packing up my stuff in boxes to move. I don’t want to deal, I guess. She’s willing to if it means we get a good price. I kind of think we could spend a bit more. When we look at houses, she’s only looking at the potential. Meanwhile, I’m looking at what is actually there and everything I don’t like really jumps out at me. We do both agree that a new HVAC system is important as we look for a house. We had to completely replace the heating and cooling system in our current house and it was a nightmare. I remember having to schedule the HVAC specialist to come give me a quote, then make another appointment to have the instal done, and picking the actual HVAC system on top of it. I didn’t know anything about HVAC! How was I supposed to make an educated decision? I just think that’s something we could avoid doing again in the future. It made the top five must have items on our list for house hunting… We want update HVAC!

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A reasonable fee

The other day when our HVAC system was having some difficulties, I said to my husband that we should call the HVAC company. He said yes we should. I was surprised and asked him if he really just agreed with me. He looked at me and just shook his head. In the past he has tried to work on various things around the house and failed miserably. I never thought he would give up on trying to fix things on his own. It seemed like he would never learn his lesson no matter how many things he actually broke. I think he came to learn that HVAC maintenance is really not all that easy. So now that he finally agreed that we needed professional HVAC repair, I had to admit that I was impressed. So he actually called up the HVAC company and they sent out an HVAC repair professional. He took care of the problem in about 2 hours, and we were happy with the repair. The HVAC technician talked to us about their HVAC maintenance plan. He was saying how if we signed up, we would get two tune-ups per year which included a thorough examination of the whole system including the ductwork. He also said we would get one free ductwork cleaning as well. All this would only cost us a reasonable yearly fee. I looked at my husband and I was shocked that he agreed to this! We certainly did not regret getting enrolled because we never had to worry about our HVAC maintenance after that!

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An upgrade can be stressful

I’ve dealt with all kinds of problems with this home where I currently live. Lately, I’ve been really considering selling it and buying a new house. I’ve done work over the years that I have lived here, and a lot of it will increase the purchase price when I go to sell it. Some things, like brand new HVAC and electrical, will increase the value, but it may not be immediately apparent to some buyers as to why. Going to all the renovations to get the house to this point, I’ve had to deal with a lot of breakdowns. My HVAC breaking down in the middle of winter was a great experience… I had planned to replace it the next year, but things don’t always go according to plan. Instead, I had to spur of the moment find the money to do the upgrades I had planned on. I had to stay on my toes because many HVAC companies quoted me prices that were absurdly high. I did find a reasonable guy to do the HVAC installation at last, but I had to go through a lot of bad quotes to get there. I ended up with a great system, and everything I wanted, but the whole situation surrounding the HVAC upgrade was stressful as can be. I definitely think, going forward, that I will look for homes that don’t need quite this much work. It is just a lot more than I really can deal with without being totally overwhelmed. An updated house is definitely on my must have list for the next place I move into.

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We’re adding on to the HVAC system

Remodeling your home is an exhaustive process, that can take weeks or even months. I never wanted to endure a remodel, but my hubby desperately wanted to add a library to our house. I have always enjoyed reading books, and we have a collection of over 15,000 books at home. Some of those books are rare finds, dating all the way back to the Roman Empire. Needless to say, many of the books are rare and priceless artifacts from all over the world. We had been storing all of the books in a special storage locker, but my hubby wanted us to have the books at home. He met with a construction crew and discussed the new addition to our house. The new library was built adjacent to the living room. It is twenty feet long, by 24 feet across. My husband built bookshelves into the walls, made of oak and cherry woods. The library is adorned with marble tile floors and a vaulted ceiling. In order to preserve our treasured books, my husband added a special dehumidifier to the library. The dehumidifier is part of a new ductless HVAC system. The ductless HVAC unit controls the indoor air quality in our library. We can adjust the temperature and relative humidity of our new addition. We are going to start moving boxes of books over the next weekend. I can’t wait to get everything set up in our home. I hope the ductless HVAC will be able to properly preserve my books, because they are a treasure to me.

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