Air handler in the house

I have this phobia about eating fresh food.  To be honest, it is a phobia about fresh anything.  I know that it borders on obsessive, but I don’t know what to do.  I won’t save leftovers because I worry about them going bad. If you come to my home and want the leftovers, I suggest you bring your own container, because I don’t have plastic containers in my home.  If I am leaving the house for any reason, I make sure that I have breath mints, because I want fresh breath. My biggest concern is with fresh air. I don’t want to have to mask odors; I just don’t want the odors in my home.  I want my air to be free of odors and contaminants. I called the HVAC company and I told them I wanted a whole house air purification system in my HVAC unit. I knew that the air purifier has an air filtering system that kills almost 100 percent of the contaminants in the air, via UV rays.  The air purifier itself kills over ninety percent by the time it goes through its first cycle. I still wasn’t happy with the results of my air quality. My home is shut tightly most of the year, to keep the heat in or to keep the heat out. This results in my home have a dank odor. I called the HVAC company one more time.  They installed a HRV or a a Heat Recovery Ventilator. This pulls in a steady stream of fresh air inside, to equal the amount of poor air that is sent outside. Simply put, it allows a stream of fresh air to enter when your house is totally airtight.

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Great HVAC guy

I have been trying to get my dad to move off the mountain.  I wanted to get him out of the snow and frigid cold and get him here where the weather was much nicer.  There were times when dad had been stuck in the house for days, and he sometimes even lost his electricity.  I know that he has an excellent heating and air conditioning system, but if he doesn’t have power, then he doesn’t have HVAC.  We all got together and bought a small home that was close to us, and made a push to make him move, even if it was just for the winter.  Dad was not a happy camper about leaving his home, but he did like the idea of being in sun. Just as he was getting ready to move, we had a period where the temperatures were above normal, and we had to use the air conditioning.  The air conditioning was running beautifully as we were moving him in, but as luck would have it, we had everything off the truck, and the AC quit working. I had convinced dad to move, and now he was left in the heat without any air conditioning.  He refused to move in with any of us, even if it was just for a day or two. I called my HVAC company and she told us that she had so much work at this time, that she couldn’t possibly do anything for at least a week. I was devastated, but dad said he was staying in the house.  The next morning the HVAC company delivered two window air conditioners to dad, so he didn’t have to go without air conditioning in this heat.

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the style of the cooling filter

It is unusual to have the heating and air conditioning technician come into our home and to hold any kind of conversation with him.   I believe that without our watching over him and talking, he does a more thorough job with the annual inspections, and he gets them done more quickly.  Last week, he showed up to do our service inspection on the furnace. My husband and HVAC tech, seemed to be in very chatty moods. I heard my husband say about how our son was suffering with severe allergy symptoms from the house dust.  His first question was about the air filters we used. He removed our air filters and checked out the brand and the type of air filter that was in our furnace. He told us that he had an air filter that could help with our situation. The HVAC tech headed out to his service van and he came back in with a new air filter.  We easily saw the difference in the new air filter and in ours. It wasn’t as flimsy and the pattern was totally different. He said these air filters also came with a money-back guarantee. We were skeptical because the cost was much more than we had anticipated, but the HVAC tech told us that he would install this one for free.  He also gave us two more of the air filters so we could try them for three months. The air filters are twice as much as the ones we use, and we are really hoping they make a big difference in our air quality and my son’s allergies. If they do as well as the HVAC tech says, we’ll be changing the air filters that we use.

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Cruise air quality

My husband and I had never been on a cruise, so for our tenth anniversary, we decided to treat ourselves and go on a Caribbean cruise.  We spent seven days onboard a huge ocean liner, and we visited two beautiful tropical getaways. My husband getting excited because he was finally going to get to go snorkeling and see coral in its natural habitat.  He was hoping to see some of the fish that he marveled at, in the aquarium. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the whale shark. When we finally got onto the ship, we were showed to our balcony room. No sooner had we got inside, and we were really upset with the air quality.  We wanted a balcony room so we didn’t have to worry about getting seasick. The air conditioning wasn’t working well and the room was very stuffy. My allergies began to act up. We called the concierge and told them about the air conditioning. One of their technicians came up and he told us that he wasn’t able to fix the air conditioning unit at that time, but he promised to get the parts and have it fixed while we were onshore the next morning.  They gave us passes to do our snorkeling for free. When we got back to the room, we were thrilled to find that the air conditioner had been fixed and our air quality had greatly improved. I’m hoping we get to do this again, because we had such an amazing time. I’m thinking that we may try a suite the next time,.

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Writing HVAC content

I have been doing freelance writing for many years now.  I do all kinds of writing for many different people and companies.  Over the years, I have expanded my scope of work and some of the things I do pose a different kind of challenge, but it is all interesting for me.  I have written children’s books and romance, and I have done editing for people whose English isn’t quite what publishers are looking for. Universities and magazines are always looking for someone who is able to do grammatical editing for them.  I think most people end up doing freelance writers and getting paid for their SEO writing. SEO writing is used to help websites make it to the top of the Google list of searches. For me, this gives me a lot of work to do, especially for HVAC companies.  There are so many HVAC companies that are vying for attention on the internet. The only way they get their website seen is if they have good copy that is filled with keywords that will make the company more easily seen when someone does a keyword search. There are certain parameters that must be met when writing these articles.  You need to keep your word count within a certain limit. You have a certain amount of keywords that must be incorporated into your writing. Although it is fairly easy to write this type of copy, it can also be a challenge when you need to proofread someone else’s articles. I think that proof writing is the most challenging part of doing SEO writing.

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Convincing argument on my heater

I recently  moved out of my home and took an apartment that is only about ten minutes away from my office building.  I only moved for the convenience, but I didn’t sell the home that I moved out of. I plan on moving back into the house when I retire, and that is less than ten years from now.  I know that I have about fifteen years to pay on the mortgage, but with the rent coming in that covers that part, and what I am earning, I should be able to pay double mortgage payments, and pay it off before I retire.  I do have a problem with the people I am renting the house to. They believe that I have to make all kinds of changes to the house for them. Last month they wanted me to replace the hot water heater. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, but it wasn’t big enough for the amount of people in the house.  I told my property manager that I was going to do it. The house is small and I bought it because it was just big enough for myself and my daughter, and still easy to manage. They wanted me to install on-demand water heaters, and my property manager agreed that it would be a waste of money. Now they are asking for a new furnace.  They feel that the furnace that is in the house isn’t safe and it doesn’t give good enough heat. The HVAC company said the furnace is in good working order, and it was less than ten years old. They want a gas furnace, but I told them that I won’t install a new furnace until it is necessary.

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Should I get a fireplace

My best buddy as well as I have just moved into this charming outdated beach household for rent in the summer. For some reason the two of us never bothered to look into the fireplace. Then the real estate agent said it might not be in the best of shape! However, from what the two of us could see on the ground the chimney didn’t appear to be crumbling or physically disfigured in the least. It even still has the flue cover up top that is supposed to discourage critters from building a personal home in your household. However, the home has been vacant for at least several months, as well as the two of us don’t know when they used it last. Finally, on our first frosty afternoon, the two of us decided to open the doors to see what the two of us were dealing with. What the two of us found behind the soot-covered glass was a pile of half-burnt trash! What on earth? The property owner has stipulated cleaning as well as basic service, including yard work, are on us. That includes the inground pool out back, as well as the beautiful central fireplace. We wished to use the fireplace to offset the use of the gas furnace, however how could the two of us tell if it was actually safe? In the end, our internet searching all pointed to the same thing–call a Heating as well as A/C device business first. My bestie as well as I were blissful the two of us did–the chimney was absolutely covered in creosote as well as needed a thorough cleaning before it had any hope of being used. Happily, chimney cleaning is rather straightforward as well as not super pricey. We are so cheerful to be able to build nice little wood fires in our fireplace at night. My bestie even bought stuff to make some pumpkin spice smores!

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Walk in freezer of a house

Everyone at my place of work jokes that they want my job now that the heatwave is back. Truthfully its a nightmare when the weather gets this wild. I toil retail at a store that does both grocery and clothing, but the two have to be kept absolutely separate from each other; totally different storage areas, different departments, and they’re stocked on opposite ends of the store! My job is to push frozen market products in particular. A very vital part of this that most folks don’t know about is backstocking–that’s when I have to stay in the freezer to put back the products that don’t actually fit on the shelf. In order to toil in here, I dress like I’m going snowboarding–Winter overalls, gloves, and even a hat. It’s pretty much everyone’s dream, because the rest of the backroom storage doesn’t have any heating and a/c whatsoever. That means we’re perspiring back here in summer months, and freezing in the winter. The store says its to save cash, but is it if the products go bad? I have to race to get the carts back in the freezer before anything starts to melt because there is no a/c device to keep the back room an adequate temperature. To be perfectly honest, I despise working in the freezer when it’s this hot. The sharp difference between the below freezing temperatures and the sweltering back room with its no a/c makes me easily feel gross. I always am feeling weary, as it takes a lot of work for the human body to retain a constant core temperature from a single environment to the next. I’m getting sick a lot too, all because our company is incredibly stingy about Heating, Ventilation, and A/C devices.

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No need for a/c

Having an automobile is a substantial blessing thanks to our current world of technology. I am so fortunate to be able to have a vehicle, & I know that there are multiple people in this world who don’t have one & genuinely never will! There is a disadvantage to having an automobile though & that is the fact that you have to maintain it regularly. It seems that my wife & I are consistently paying to have something repaired in our car, & it can get pretty frustrating after awhile… Both of us had to upgrade a transmission, & a few other things while our vehicle was still under warranty. Unluckily, the warranty expired roughly 2 years ago, & now, our A/C device quit. I stopped working recently because of this health issue I have, & the people I was with and I just don’t have the finances to get the A/C device fixed right now! Of course, it had to quit in the middle of June, so the people I was with and I have had to go most of the Summer without A/C in the car. Last week, there was one particular day that the hot & cold temperatures dropped below eighty, so the people I was with and I made the decision to go out for a nice day of hiking & boating. I can’t tell you how nice it was to ride in the vehicle without perspiring to death. The bunch of us simply rolled the windows down as the people I was with and I drove, & it was the most pleasant road trip that the people I was with and I had experienced in a long time. I can’t wait for the fall to come so that the people I was with and I will be able to enjoy some more road trips as a family even if the people I was with and I don’t have the A/C repaired by that time.

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coffee and cooling

People ask me all the time why I’m not married yet, I simply reply “there’s no need.” It may sound deranged to all the people, however I enjoy the single life quite a bit. I can do what I suppose is right without having to have someone else to have to consolidate with. I am free to do the things that I actually enjoy to do just about anytime of the year. It’s genuinely a great life… When my single friends ask how I can be so enthusiastic when they are kneeling at their household moping in their beds, I just tell them that there are several things that I must have in order to be glad! They are coffee, in addition to my cooling device. Of course, I’m being facetious because these things don’t genuinely bring happiness, however there is nothing quite like a good cup of joe while kneeling on the couch in a cool, air conditioned room. It’s taxing to appreciate life when you’re terribly exhausted all of the time. Fortunately, Dunkin Donuts Coffee gives me the energy I need to get through the afternoon. It’s also taxing to appreciate life if you’re super sizzling in addition to annoyed everywhere you go. This is where cooling device comes into play. One of my best friends asked me why I didn’t save currency in addition to buy an older motorcar basically like she did. I basically told her it was because I wanted to make sure that I had a cooling device that worked genuinely well in addition to was completely reliable. It’s amazing how much it can ruin your afternoon when you have to ride in a motorcar with no cooling device in the midst of July. Even though people may believe that I’m crazy, I am super content with being single with my Dunkin Donuts Coffee in addition to a/c by my side.