Thinking about HVAC zone control

One day when I was laboring away in my study, my girlfriend came to me and said that the two of us should get heating and cooling zone control! Honestly, I didn’t have any idea what she was talking about, but i asked her what that was and she explained that AC zone control separates the household into zones which allows for customized temperatures in every zone, so basically I would be able to have our study at whatever climate control setting that I wanted while my girlfriend could have her part of the apartment the way she wanted and the two of us wouldn’t have to confront each other so often over the climate control settings. I thought that sounded good and said she should go ahead and contact the heating and cooling dealer, however that’s when she told me she already called them and they would be coming to our place in the next two days. While I definitely thought it was a little disrespectful for her to just do that without bothering to talk to me first, at least she was honest in the end about it.  But not to mention, it certainly was a brilliant idea. We have been having complications agreeing on the temperature control settings for the longest time and now she finally came up with this brilliant solution. I didn’t have a clue as to how she heard about it, I guess one of her friends recommended it. It didn’t matter, though, I truthfully looked forward to the new change so I could crank the air conditioner up a little more without bothering my girlfriend. I already knew that she would likely be cranking up the heat because she always felt too cold. Because the two of us always tried to compromise with the temperature control settings anyway, the two of us were mostly never satisfied with the settings.

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I did receive some great help

Going to university was the best experience of my life! I made so many friends, and experienced some wonderful things that I won’t soon forget. I went on so many adventures over those 4 years, and college teaches you many things along the way that are extracurricular. Most of all, university dorms teach you the most important lessons. That’s where I learned how to make the most out of what I had, and it wasn’t always going to be easy. In the beginning, I struggled. During freshman year, I lived in this incredibly old dorm building. The heating and cooling systems were constantly breaking down that year, which I was always left miserable from dealing with. I had trouble sleeping from the heat in the building more than anything else, as it was the middle of summer and heat was trapped inside of our small dorm rooms. I was constantly sweating in my sleep, and I was so uncomfortable that I called and complained to the head of dorm facilities. They told me that it would be weeks before it was fixed, so when I called Dad to complain about this, he decided to help me find a solution. We went to the local store and picked up a few big box fans, and we set up a few in our dorm to make sure there was adequate circulation. These fans made it feel like it was winter inside of the dorm! I couldn’t believe how these fans could make such a difference. My friends were so jealous that they started to hang around our room even more often! They enjoyed the relief from the heat as much as I did. I was so thankful for my dad, the true hero of the day!

Taking care of the HVAC

The weather is hastily switching from summer to fall.  Every one of us are typically watching the weather now to see how to dress the youngsters in the family for the morning.  Yesterday it was in the fifties all morning, however tomorrow it is going to be eighty. This makes it necessary to dress the youngsters differently to accomodate for the rapidly changing temperatures day by day.  The heat will have turned on in the school, plus I’m not sure how well their control units actually work. I’ve worked in the school plus I have gone in there when it was barely sixty in the summer, yet sometimes in the winter it swing to sixty or eighty.  I think it has to do with which custodian is there to command the control units and also take care of the heating and cooling system whichever morning it is. Periodically I also need to be aware of what I should be wearing. I get our youngsters up to get them dressed so I can finally usher them out the door to their bus.  It is comfortable in our home, so I don’t always think about what is going on outside. I have watched the news and typically I’ve dressed our children accordingly. Then I walk out, to say goodbye to them just to finally watch as they get safely into the bus, and then I realize that I am standing there in our robe with slippers in the freezing cold.  I can just feel the breeze blowing through my bathrobe and making my toes cold. That’s when I’m glad that I can run inside to turn up the control unit. I can relax as I rest near the air vent like I’m sitting by a warm fire thawing my frozen toes.

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Afford the a/c

I love the attractively colored fish and corals that my husband and I have in our saltwater tanks.  I never would have thought that you could have so many colors at one time and in one container. The two of us have all of the reds, greens, yellows, oranges and pinks.  My husband and I also have gorgeous shades of reds and some amazing patterns. The corals are so stunning and I find myself just staring endlessly into the tank because it immediately brings a calm to your spirit.  I also occasionally find myself staring into that tank wondering why we had to get such a sizable tank. I have nearly as much water in that fish tank as I have in the small backyard pool that I got for our kids. It’s okay to have all of that humidity in the outside air, but not inside.  I’ve talked to my husband and I urged him to do something about it. It can be cool and breezy outside, but I am running our air conditioning twenty-four-seven. This is quite a hit to our energy bills. I can’t afford to keep running the HVAC all of the time. I have a dehumidifier on the AC, but with the sheer amount of humidity coming off that tank, it doesn’t seem able to keep up.  My husband and I put about 20 gallons of water into that tank, every other day. That is literally the amount of water that is going into our inside air. This is seriously a ton of humidity. I guess we need to either put in a heavier HVAC system or replace the dehumidifier with a stronger one. I suppose the cost of the new dehumidification system might be less than the cost of the climbing energy bills.

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My least favorite season

Going to college was the best experience of my life. I made so many friends and experienced some wonderful things. I went on so many adventures during those four years. College teaches you many things. Most of all, college dorms teach you the most important lessons. I learned how to make the most out of what I had. It wasn’t always easy. In the beginning, I struggled. During my freshman year, I lived in a very old dorm building. The heating and cooling systems were always broken during that year. I was very upset by this. I had trouble sleeping from the heat in the building. It was the middle of summer and heat was trapped inside of our small dorm rooms. I was constantly sweating in my sleep. I was so uncomfortable that I called and complained to the head of dorm facilities. They told me that it would be weeks before it was fixed. When I called my dad to complain about this, he decided to help me find a solution. We went to the local store and picked up three industrial sized fans. We set up two in my bedroom and one in my living room. These fans made it feel like it was winter inside of my dorm. I couldn’t believe that these fans could make such a difference. My friends were so jealous; they started to hang around my room even more often. They enjoyed the relief from the heat as much as I did. I was so thankful for my dad; he saved the day!

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Portable HVAC out on the porch

Yesterday, was a clear and sunny afternoon.  It was the first sunny day that we’ve had in at least a week.  I am hoping that the sun comes out and dries up the ground. My husband and I have been attempting to paint our porch for two weeks now.  Every time we get out the paint, it rains again. It takes a couple of day afternoons for the wooden boards of the porch to dry, and we haven’t even had a whole day without rain.  I even hooked up the portable cooling system and tried to dry some area so we could paint. I didn’t want to leave the electric cooling system out there when it was pouring rain. My husband I became so desperate that we finally brought out the space heaters.  We still had the same concerns when it came to electricity. We we sat inside the house, watching the rain while the humidity impacted our comfort. The dampness was so terrible that even our dehumidifier couldn’t keep up with the problem. We are fortunate because we are located up on a hill and never need to worry about flooding.  We were so happy when it was finally sunny and warm. The next few days are supposed to be sunny and hot. I’m hoping to get some painting accomplished. I’m hoping we can trust the weatherman. If the temperature climbs as expected, the porch will be nice and dry. However, we’ll then need to lower the thermostat a bit and turn up the air conditioning.  We haven’t needed the cooling system to work all that hard in a while.

The a/c is still working

Three years ago, we had a major lightning storm.  The lightning was striking every couple of minutes and it was super vivid.  We heard a sudden, loud crack and then the house went dark. My husband was sure we had been hit with lightning.  He went outside, in the pouring rain to check if the house was on fire. The lightning had hit a small tree that was growing up against the house, but other than a bit of me smoke, it was raining too hard to allow a fire. We spent a few hours in the dark and then we all went to bed early.  It was fortunate that none of us were afraid of the dark. The following day, my husband went around and checked the lights. He didn’t find any problems around the house until he inspected outside. The air outside was extremely humid and hot, but inside was nice and cool. For some reason, the air conditioning was still operating. We had just slept through the night, comfortable with the air conditioning running. We hadn’t wondered why the A/C was still operating when the power was out.  My husband did some quick investigating and realized that everything should be working. The breakers looked fine. He removed a light bulb and figured out the issue. The single light bulb was broken. We then discovered that all the light bulbs in the house had blown because of the power surge when the lightning struck. We’d sat in the dark, not realizing what had happened. We didn’t even notice the A/C keeping us comfortable.

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Providing a different HVAC system

Houses which are chopped up into smaller apartments can honestly be weird.  Randomly adding interior walls makes for pretty different looking rooms. Recently, I had to transport into a very huge old condo which has been carved up in genuinely strange and creative ways to deliver apartment living space.  My tiny kitchen area is situated directly next to my toilet and shower. The bedroom door is also directly between knee height windows. I’m not too put off or jangled by all the strange parameters of my apartment because the price is honestly certainly right.  However, I have a real complication with the Heating and Air Conditioning output here. I live in the North and the Wintertide in this area is no joke here. The heat for the entire condo is gave by an old gas furnace. One temperature setting what the condo has to live with, no matter what.  Our proprietor has the thermostat under lock and key. This really wouldn’t necessarily be all that awful however I happen to only have a single air delivery vent in my room. And, of course that one single vent is directly over the toilet. I can’t catch a break. The people in the other various apartments called a “renters only” meeting.  It was imminently clear both of us were all suffering. Some apartments were far too hot all the time while others shared my cold experience. All of us decided together to send the proprietor a short letter requesting an Heating and Air Conditioning overhaul. There were only multiple suggestions for this. I have a feeling the proprietor will simply try to ignore the letter.  So, the rest of us are all committed to giving him a month to address the failing Heating and Air Conditioning situation or both of us will all walk out.

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Garage sale cooling

I do not like to admit it, but I might be an emotional hoarder sometimes. I just have an issue with becoming attached to random things in my life, plus then I don’t assume how to ever let them go. That definitely means I accumulate a lot of junk with only personal value plus stash it away in our home… well… forever. It’s never really our intention to do this when I find a funny little knick knack at the thrift store, save a ticket stub from a concert that of course we all enjoyed, or hide away unusual mementos from good dates with our partner. But that’s exactly what ever happens. As such, I have a apartment filled with things which honestly I don’t need plus no one else definitely wants. That’s why I recently decided once plus for all to do better – plus busy myself with a little garage sale. The only thing was, I did not consider the exact time of year when planning our sizable junk sale. I honestly didn’t even consider the fact that the middle of June is a truly tepid plus humid time to be hanging out in a stagnant garage all morning long without any ventilation. I didn’t stop myself even for a single moment to realize that the semi-tropical climate and warmth plus moisture might unquestionably mangle all the stupid crap I was trying to get rid of. I wound up spending several mornings sitting out there in a stagnant, hot, plus smelly garage by myself, desperately fanning myself for any sort of semblance of ventilation. I had only several visitors, plus they all made exactly zero purchases. Now all I have is moderate heat stroke, a garage full of junk, plus mornings of moving all our dumb belongings back into the house.

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Learning about air filters

I’m one of those people often who is particularly shamed, if I’m being honest with you. I’m really prone to red faces plus distraught sweats, sour stomachs plus plenty of sleepless days of kicking myself for something stupid I said or did long ago. It sounds terrible plus it is… but to be fair, I mostly just impose this guilt on myself. I tend to be a perfectionist, plus I take failure quite hard for myself. That’s why it’s been several weeks plus I still haven’t forgiven myself after all this time for the stupid decisions I made regarding our apartment AC unit, I mean, not in the least. You see, I had grand plans of being a responsible apartment owner at first when I acquired our place. The plan was to take detailed, proper care of the building plus appliances, including the whole central heating plus cooling system, so that our humble abode would actually last forever! In practice, but, I completely failed our indoor a/c unit. After that, the central cooling plan also failed me. I realized one fateful morning that the AC component wasn’t running, plus no particular magic combination on the control component was helping to bring it right back to life. I called our local HVAC corporation plus finally asked for immediate HVAC service, which they were glad to send someone out… for a sizable sum of money. When the cooling corporation tech arrived after many hours, it didn’t take him long to figure out the problem with our AC unit… turns out the air filter had never been changed, plus it caused the interior fan motor to burn out. When she presented myself and others with the completely disgusting, busted air filter plus told myself and others that was the problem, I have to admit, our only response was, “what is that?” Like an idiot. The complete shame I felt when she told myself and others about conducting routine HVAC maintenance may never fade.

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