Remodel help

My wife and I have been friends with our neighbors, ever since we bought our house. Our two children were still in elementary school at that time. Now our kids are about to start college. My family and I have been in this neighborhood for a long time. Last month, we were talking with our neighbors. They were excited about an upcoming remodeling project. They were taking out a wall in the bathroom, in order to make the area twice as large. During the remodel, our neighbors were going to install radiant flooring in the bathroom. The neighbor wanted to talk to me about radiant flooring, because I work for a local flooring contractor. We regularly deal with radiant flooring projects in our area. I wasn’t sure if we could get my neighbor a discount on the radiant flooring installation, but I knew I could assist with the project. I assisted the neighbor with choosing the radiant flooring for the bathroom. I also assisted with some of the plumbing work. The project is almost completed, and there are only some minor cosmetic issues to fix. The radiant flooring was installed last weekend, and I helped make sure things went smoothly. The bathroom remodel went much smoother than I anticipated, and now my wife and I are thinking about remodeling our own bathroom. My wife has wanted a garden tub for years, and I think we have plenty of room to make the upgrades. With the kids off to college, now is the perfect time for us to make some changes.

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Noisy romantic rooftop

When my wife and I first started dating, she lived in an apartment building. The apartment building was six stories high, with a small rooftop landing. My wife and I were up there once, when some friends had a party with a DJ. While we were there on the rooftop, I had a great idea for a romantic evening. After my wife and I had been dating for a couple of months, I decided to surprise her with a rooftop dinner. I ordered takeout from her favorite restaurant, and bought a bottle of her favorite white wine. When she came home from work, I suggested going up to the rooftop. She was pleased with the idea, and we went to the roof. Since it was the middle of summer, all of the air conditioners we’re running. The apartment building had air conditioners located on the top of the roof. The air conditioners were extremely loud, and our romantic evening was destroyed. When we had been at the location for a party earlier, it was not yet summer. My wife and I had to take our romantic evening indoors, because we could not talk over the sound of the air conditioners. My wife was happy with my gesture, and we still enjoyed a romantic dinner in the dining room. We turned off all of the lights, and lit a few candles. It wasn’t long before we forgot about the roof and the air conditioners and everything else. It was one of the nicest memories from our dating time. I don’t know why that memory sticks out in my mind so vividly.

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Uncle needs as much heating as he can get

It wasn’t until my family lived my uncle Dan that we experienced just how important ventilation is for a family living in the same house. We always kept the house rather cool, even in the winter months. Being that there were five us living in a 3-bedroom home, we knew our body heat projected much of the warmth in the house and typically kept the home generally cool. But then, our uncle came to live with us when his wife passed away. Dan was a nice guy and very kind to everyone, but he had low iron in his body, which made him extremely cold, even in the summer months. At first, I and the others, didn’t complain about our mother taking Dan’s side by raising the heat all day long. To combat this problem, our parents went to the store and purchased new fans for our rooms. However, Dan kept complaining that it was still too cold in the house. This situation went on for quite some time until my parents settled with Dan that if were to live with us, he would pay for his own HVAC unit to be directed into his bedroom where he would stay most of the time. For the next few months, this worked out perfectly and nobody complained again of the heat. That was until his unit broke from being hit by lightning. Dan considered himself a good mechanic and attempted to fix on his own, but didn’t have the right tool. My dad called the HVAC technician the next day and the repairman came swiftly to replace the entire unit. We have had no issues since then.

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Could not do the heating repair when my brother was not home

Winters in Rhode Island are nothing to underestimate. Although the Ocean State isn’t as north as Maine or New Hampshire, its winters are still quite cold. We suffer from freezing weather from late October through early April. That is why every year, my brother takes it upon himself to analyze the heating system in our basement. He is only a teenager, but he has his sights on working in HVAC as a trade when he gets older. This year, my brother graduated high school and took a year off from heading to trade school by traveling around the country. Being that he was always the one who looked after the furnace and HVAC systems in our house, the rest of us never even thought about it as an issue. That was until mid-December rolled around and we woke to a freezing house that morning. As my mother and father examined the vents and the thermometer on the wall, I knew the problem was that my brother hadn’t been around this year to make sure the furnace system was still working. When I went to view the furnace, I found that one of the wires from the water heater to the furnace had split off. I told the others and I found some electrical tape I thought might fix it for the time being until the service man arrived, but the furnace never came back on. My father helped me, as well, but we endured the temperature until, luckily, the HVAC technician arrived a day earlier than expected and repaired out unit. As I watched him remove the wires and replace them with new ones, I suddenly felt that I might be the brother who would enjoy a profession in the HVAC business.

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Honeymoon from hell

For my wife and I’s honeymoon, we decided to drive down further south and rent a beach house. We both grew up close to the ocean, so we thought that this would be the perfect mix of romance and peacefulness. Boy were we wrong! I knew that we were in for a long week when we arrived to the beach house. In pictures that we saw online, the house looked new and modern. In real life however, it looked pretty much like the opposite. We tried really hard not to let that get to us however, but when we got inside we were hit with a wave of warm and sticky air. The worst part of it was, the a/c unit was already on! My husband has been an HVAC service repairman for many years and knows good units from bad ones. This a/c unit was so old, that he didn’t even know what type of model it was. We tried to turn on the ceiling fan in the living room for some extra circulation, but they only made the warm and stale air move around even more. We tried really hard to enjoy ourselves, but it was just so hot and humid that it was hard to sleep at night, or even enjoy a candle lit dinner together. We ended up leaving five days early and stayed at a cute little hotel down the road. Looking back on it, I am so thankful we did! Clean rooms, a lovely view, and most importantly, strong and working air conditioner!

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Good old bad luck

I feel as if I am one of the least lucky people in the world some days. The other day for example, I was forced to go and report for jury duty during the summer. The trial was expected to take around one or two weeks, during the time I had planned to go on vacation. On the first day of trial, I thought that I would dress up and wear one of my nicest suit and tie outfits. When I walked into the courtroom however, I instantly began sweating my butt off. Apparently in the courtroom they had the industrial grade heating and cooling system shut off so that the judge was able to hear and communicate with the lawyers a lot easier. They didn’t even allow ceiling fans in there, I couldn’t believe it! It was so humid in there at one point that I had to run the the restroom just to be able to run some cold water over my face and stop the sweating for a second. I can’t believe that I could be on the beach right now, with a cold drink in my hand instead of being in a warm and muggy courtroom. The weirdest thing is how unaffected all of the other people working in the jury are. While I am over here sitting in a pool of sweat, they seem as cool as a cucumber! Perhaps tomorrow, I won’t wear a long sleeve shirt and a wool blazer. Either I am doing that, or I am going to run off to the beach.

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Job at the HVAC school

Education is a major conversation in my family. Mostly all of my family has a college degree and nice jobs. They can make a living to support their families and they are relatively happy with their lives. I have a degree also, but after 4 years working as a college professor, I realized that I am not happy with what I do everyday. So, I decided to go back to school and learn a trade. When I told my parents I wanted to learn HVAC repair, they shunned me and wouldn’t even speak to me for several months later. They viewed a profession where I worked with my hand as opposed to a clean collegiate career like a college professor as a significant downgrade. I didn’t care, however. I was never eager to teach and only decided upon that career because my father had been a teacher for forty years. Still, working with my hands and fixing things around my house gave me a sense of genuine pride and respect for myself that I just never got from my previous profession. Over the next year, I maintained my job at the university while going to HVAC school at night. My parents were only somewhat happy for me. This all changed when they found out that their HVAC system died and left them without any A/C. I offered to fix it, but my father insisted on utilizing his warranty. A few hours later, I received a call from my mother stating that the warranty had expired and they missed their chance to renew. If they wanted the same HVAC company to help them, they were going to pay top dollar. When I arrived to repair the unit, my proud father stayed by my side, asking questions and taking notes.

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Lake house heating

Our house in the mountains has a 360 degree view of the lake and surrounding peaks. In the winter, the wind chill alone made temperatures plummet. During the coldest winter in history, heated floors not only saved the pipe works from freezing, they also provided a comfortable environment when harsh temperatures threatened outside. The cabin’s vaulted ceilings held any warm air high above normal living space making the furnace work harder than usual. Our HVAC service technician recommended added heated flooring to our winter retreat to make those snowbound days pleasant and liveable despite below freezing temperatures outside. Depending on the region, homes vary widely in their air conditioning and heating needs. Some areas of the country with mild temperatures, don’t even have air conditioning built into their homes. Winter is their focal point so furnaces are installed. Other areas with higher heat temperatures require central air conditioning to keep homes comfortable during the hotter months of the year. No doubt, however, that either system (heating or air conditioning) can become quite costly when it’s time for repairs and maintenance. A local HVAC technician spends a good deal of time trying to keep units in running order during the harshest times of the year. Having heated flooring helps eliminate the need for over exerting your HVAC system. Heat runs through the floorboards via electric or solar elements taking the extra pressure off your home’s furnace. Since heat rises, the warmth from the flooring will help fill the cold voids in living space keeping demands on your furnace lower. All-in-all, have your local HVAC business install heated flooring can help you see substantial savings on your heating bills.

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All my life I have been a do-it-yourselfer. I learned from dad that tackling projects wasn’t as difficult as it seemed and spending money to have a repair man come to the house could be more costly and less efficient. As a result, I’ve saved a lot of money over the years by learning new skills. I’ve installed a roof, built a sunroom, landscaped a yard, and assembled a greenhouse, but I met my match when I tried to repair my ac unit. The old air conditioner was 25 years old which is considered young when it comes to growing up or in regards to furniture. Why, a dining room table isn’t considered an antique until it reaches 100. But for air conditioners, twenty five is a pivotal number. My HVAC unit made a clunking sound every time it kicked on. Sometimes the furnace would blow instead of the air conditioner which made summers a complete equatorial disaster. I finally broke down and called an HVAC technician. The first repair service I called was booked. I contacted a second air conditioning business and they arrived within 24 hours. Their technician crawled into the basement and repaired my HVAC unit. He said the furnace had been cross-wired with the air conditioner making summer seem like winter and vice versa. The HVAC technician did not try to sell me a new air conditioner, nor did he attempt to overprice the repairs. From then on, I called that HVAC provider and when it came time for a new air conditioning unit, his company supplied the entire HVAC. Since that time, I have not tried to repair my air conditioner or furnace. A reliable repair provider met both my heating and cooling needs and I was free to do-it-myself on other projects.

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Skybox with radiator heat

During the months before the Super Bowl, many different places have Raffles and contests to win tickets. My wife and I were eating wings at our normal restaurant, when we happened to win tickets to the Super Bowl. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we were very excited. We had free airfare to the venue, and three free nights in a hotel. Best of all, we watched the Superbowl from the company skybox. We had free appetizers and beverages during our time in the Skybox. My wife and I drank a lot of beers, and had to take a taxi back to the hotel. The outdoor weather was extremely cold, with snow and ice predicted during the game. Around halftime, the snow started coming down fiercely. We could barely see the players on the field below. It was 26 degrees outside, and many of the players were huddled around the heaters. Luckily, my wife and I were quite warm in the Skybox. Both walls were lined with radiator heaters. The heaters were very quiet, but they managed to heat the place nicely. Even though the snow was falling outside, we were warm and cozy indoors. My wife and I huddled next to the heater during commercial breaks. At one point, I thought they would call for a delay in the game. We could hardly see the lines on the field, because the snow was so thick. It was an all out battle to get the ball and hold on to it. Honestly, it was like watching high school football all over again. It was an experience that I will never forget.

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