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The ten-year reunion is finally happening for my high school class & it couldn’t be more obvious that they haven’t thought about this since we graduated! Sure, we’ve all been busy with our own lives. Many of us are well into our jobs, and some of us have gotten married. In my case, I’ve been a busy bee between marriage, my job and my newborn son! Still, there’s a reason that you vote on a treasurer & historian for your senior class; those people will be charged with planning the reunion in a decade! Anyway, I last heard that the reunion will be held in our gymnasium–talk about boring! We’re all in our late twenties – can’t all of us be someplace a bit more ritzy? Besides, I remember that gym all too well. The air conditioning plan was always broken, so it was always horrendously hot. I counted eleven instances of a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C repair specialist coming to repair the air conditioning plan for the gym, only to leave the job unfinished. I remember some of the faculty saying that it had been broken for years, but I really hope they’ll have it fixed in time for our class reunion. Perhaps they were just joking around, but we’ll just have to wait & see! Who knows, maybe 1 of our class alumni is now working now as a heating, ventilation & air conditioning specialist? There was a number of classmates who seemed care about the types that would go on to trade school once they graduated, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. In fact, my electrician was an old classmate.

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Harsh indoor air conditions

Being an algebra teacher is arguably 1 of the hardest professions anyone could pursue… When I was in middle school, the algebra teachers were always irritable and crabby! I thought it was just something that came with trying to teach middle schoolers, since they’re always a rowdy bunch! Now that boyfriend has become a middle school algebra teacher, I can clearly see why these mentors become so frustrated! I’d be flustered too if i had to be capable of teaching children how to solve word concerns. However, I will say that I’m reaping some benefits from my partner being an algebra teacher… For example, he and I recently dealt with our outdoor cooling system component splitting down, which happened because  neither of us were maintaining a large open space for the component to circulate air. When he and I were shopping for a new outdoor cooling system unit, the two of us were told by some of the professionals at multiple hardware stores that we needed to buy 1 based on the square footage of our lake house. I’m cheerful they told us this, because I was ready to buy a 5-ton cooling system unit! Anyway, my boyfriend and I had no idea what the square footage of our lake house would be. So my ever-clever guy grabbed a tape measure and some painter’s tape, and used the painter’s tape to create rectangular sections of our lake house. He then calculated the surface area of each section, added them together, and boom! We had our exact square footage, and knew to grab a 2-ton cooling system unit, then can you feel that? We would’ve been wasting a ton of money if my boyfriend and I bought a 5-ton cooling system unit, as we’d hear the cooling system clicking on and off all through the afternoon and night.

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No cooling at my camp

Yesterday my hubby and I drove up north to see our child graduate from boot camp! He’s been in basic training for the Marines for the past six weeks, plus it’s been pretty hard for him. But the funny thing is that I suppose it’s been even harder for me! I hated having him be gone for multiple whole weeks, especially when I couldn’t call plus talk to him whenever I wanted. It was rough on all of us, I suppose. But my hubby and I were super glad when he and I got to see our only son graduate sureterday. After that, my hubby and I got to spend the morning with him. There he told us all about boot camp plus all of the obstacles that he had to overcome throughout the whole process. As we caught up, he mentioned how the high temperatures over the summer time at boot camp had been a single of the most difficult parts. I think they don’t use air conditioning in most of the buildings on base, because they are trying to toughen the boys up. My child even said that if anyone complained about the lack of a/c, they were told that there’s no air conditioning in the desert plus since you might get stationed in the desert someday, you might as well get used to the heat! I thought that it was odd that there wasn’t even any air conditioning in their bunk rooms, especially since it was summer time plus the temperature was so high. My child said that the only building they got away from the heat plus high temperatures was in the chow hall. He said that the chow hall was always frigid plus the air conditioning in there seemed adore it ran regularly.


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If you do not have a superb gas furnace in place living up north, it’s going to be a long, costly Winter.  I remember one Winter I was on break from school. Felt good to be able to go home to spend time with my family.  However, a few days after the gas furnace went out in our house. I couldn’t believe in the dead of Winter our furnace decided to stop entirely working, plus I started to get real worried.  So, we then called the only person in our family that knew about furnace repairs, my brother. When he got to the house, he went down to the basement where the furnace was to see if he could figure out what was going on with it.  He noticed the furnace’s ignition switch for the pilot light wasn’t really working respectfully. My folks were going to have to call in a furnace service corporation to repair it. So we all went online and found a reputable HVAC business. They would send an HVAC specialist out the next day to get our furnace maintained and hopefully fixed. We then discussed getting a room somewhere that had a entirely working gas furnace for the evening, but we’d rather save the money for the gas furnace service that we all needed.  All of us bundled up as best as all of us could plus even went out to buy some electric heating blankets to help. The HVAC corporation came the next day then confirmed it was the furnace’s ignition switch. He made great time with the gas furnace service repair which me and my family were unquestionably thankful for. I didn’t realize how much not having a working fully gas furnace in your house can affect your lives.


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With winter around the corner you want to make sure and get your heating system tuned up and checked out. If you do this, you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the long run.  Here are a few things you can do to get your gas furnace, HVAC heater or oil furnace genuinely working it’s best before the Winter blast. First is to just turn on the control thermostat unit.  Seems straight-forward and easy enough, but, you want to make sure your gas furnace is genuinely working and blowing tepid hot air. Second, make sure to check all the air filters your gas furnace may have.  You may have filters in your heating systems grill, your ceiling, or wall vents too. Some people like to go and get this done to try and save some money by washing these gas furnace filters out instead of replacing them.  I say just replace them right away. You do not believe what has been building up inside those filters over the year and you’re breathing this stuff in. Make sure to check the oil furnace flue, contact an HVAC professional to scrub your chimney, and test your carbon monoxide detectors.  If you have a oil furnace that uses oil, be sure to check and replace your filter if really needed. Be sure as well to take a peek at the tank level while you’re there too. If for any reason you find your heating unit is not genuinely working respectfully, you may need to contact an Heating and Air Conditioning professional or a gas furnace maintenance business to come out and find what’s wrong before the winter comes in and gets cold.  

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Paying for service

I really should have known better, but the other week when my father in law said he could repair our Heating and cooling system, I decided to let him do it. I easily shouldn’t have let him mess with it because I absolutely didn’t notice any complications with the HVAC unit and it was the right temperature on the thermostat’s temperature control… He insisted the the air quality was really bad and the system needed a major tune-up. Well, I don’t have an idea of what he did to the system but it wasn’t now working anymore at all after he ran tests on it. I highly suspect that he sabotaged the system on purpose just to make me look foolish and even more angry and frustrated. I had to call out an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist for emergency repair service on a Sunday because of this! The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist was asking what we did to the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system because it was in real terrible and dead shape. I explained to him what happened with the father in-law. He said that guy must hate me or something because it seemed as if he damaged the system on purpose. He had to install a bunch of fresh new parts and on top of the actual emergency repair fee, I ended up paying a total fortune for this repair! When I called up our father in-law to complain about what he did, he acted just like he was completely innocent. He acted as if he did myself and family in the household a favor and was mad that I was angry with him for lending myself and family a hand with the HVAC unit.

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The HVAC at the work place

Today I took my great grandmother out to visit all of the holiday shopping bazaars in our area. Beginning two days after Thankgiving, they are kind of the untold start to the holiday season around this part of the country where both of us live. As we get closer to winter, the temperatures have been cooling off quite a bit around here too. As the leaves start to fall off, I am always put in the mood for holidays. That, and being able to use our wood burning fireplace. My fiance and I love burning wood in our fireplace–both of us are regularly cheerful when the weather starts cooling off. Today, the bazaars were in full swing. Inside the churches where the  local artists are all set up was as warm as the inside of a gas furnace, even though outside temperatures were in the teen! They absolutely had some issues with their heating and a/c units at these churches this week. I don’t suppose if the heating was stuck or if they just had too several bodies packed into the churches at the same time. Yet once we were back outside into the fresh cold air, it was such a relief. We just had to get out of the heat and awful indoor air conditions! The weather is still cooling down now–my fiance and I are expecting our first snow–but that’s okay with me. Once I’m at the townhome in front of our fireplace, I will be cheerful and content. Yet no more artisan bazaars for me this year, that’s for sure! I’m ready to snuggle in at our town home in front of the fireplace and let them worry about their heating issues themselves.  

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I check the ducts all the time

I was watching a movie with some friends in my house… The movie I thought was actually messed up because this killer absolutely killed his own family! While we were watching it, I observed that the house was warming up a little bit too much, then i went to check on the temperature control thermostat and I had come to find that the cooling system wasn’t actually working at all. The temperature was rising as well as I knew it was actually very overly hot outside, and no matter what I tried, I was unable to get the temperature control on the HVAC system to kick back on. I knew that I had no option but to call up the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company to send out an HVAC specialist to my home. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist arrived to my home promptly. He seen the movie we were seeing then he commented that he hated that movie but said he wouldn’t spoil it for anybody. I agreed with him that the movie was actually messed up and then showed the person to the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C equipment. He diagnosed and checked the system for a little while then impressively, he had the cooling system up plus running again within 15 minutes. I was so pleased with the fix, that I gave the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C specialist a nice tip. He wished myself and my friends luck with finishing that movie plus I just gave him a smile then he went on his way. The specialist was right, that was one of the worst endings to a movie that I have ever seen in this life!

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Going towards the a/c-the cat

I will never forget when I got my first dog. This silly girl belonged to a neighbor in my building who was moving away for his career! In the place that he was going to be moving into, he was not allowed to have any pets, so he asked myself and others if I would take his dog named ‘Bella’. I came to learn that this dog was seriously spoiled. She was constantly barking at everyone for something, seemingly demanding that we do something for her! Well, it was an honestly blistering day and she wouldn’t leave any of us alone, so I cranked up the cooling system a little bit and put her on top of the air vent! She seemed to like the cooling system, as that easily calmed her down instantaneously. When I put the thermostat settings back to normal, she kept barking at everyone in the house. I realized that she must like that cooling system and wanted us to put it back on. After awhile, it got honestly annoying. I had her food and water set out for her, I had her scratching post, and she even had toys… But no, she wanted to keep bothering myself and others about the cooling system. It go so exhausting that when I was trying to sleep, she kept scratching at my door and I knew she wanted myself and others to turn the cooling system back on. I decided to turn the air conditioning on and let her get way. She was ecstatic and peaceful again and I was able to sleep, though I was sort of freezing. I decided that if I was going to keep this picky girl, I was going to have to get HVAC zone control. That way her area could have as much cooling system as she wanted, while I didn’t have to freeze to death.

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HVAC doing okay

It sounds crazy, but I swear I’ve cheated death numerous times in my live. Like this one time my boyfriend flying us around in his private airplane, there was something wrong with the engine and the people I was with and I had to crash land. I thought I was going to die however all of us survived the landing. Then last summer I managed to trip and tumbled down a flight of stairs! While I thought I might die from that, I amazingly survived– there weren’t even any broken bones. My boyfriend was filming at the time and he undoubtedly caught it on film; he and I watch it sometimes and have our laughs. People still comment that it’s amazing that I survived that, and from the look of it, I agree with them. Then last month, my cooling program failed in the midst of a bad heatwave. When I called the Heating and A/C business, they said they wouldn’t be able to make it for four days. That’s why I was surprised when there was an Heating and A/C contractor at my door merely a half hour after calling the Heating and A/C business. I figured it was some sort of mistake or just a lucky coincidence that I needed his help and he showed up to my door to maintenance my air conditioner. I just showed him straight to the air conditioner device and he tested it. I paid the guy and he went on his way. Without his help, I surely would have suffered a heat stroke in my own beach house. However this Heating and A/C contractor saved me from that when he wasn’t even supposed to be there! So I don’t suppose if God looks after me or if I’m just extremely lucky. Of course, if it just my luck, I don’t want to push it!

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