A conference freezing

My wife and I had purchased tickets to this marriage conference a few month’s back. It was being held by a famous author who was also a very good marriage counselor. We were looking forward to is so much! Ever since we got engaged, we took advantage of every opportunity to safeguard our marriage. It was the most important partnership in life, so it was vital to take care of it. When we arrived at the conference, we noticed that the furnace was out of order. We knew this because of a sign i the lobby that said, “Sorry, furnace out of order.” This furnace dilemma was pretty obvious even without the sign. It felt like an air conditioner was on full blast! The temperature outside was under 30 degrees, so I’m quite surprised they didn’t postpone the conference because of the malfunctioning HVAC system. If it was left up to me, I would have went home and sat in my nice comfy living room with the furnace on full blast. My wife, however, wanted to tough it out. We managed to make out own little personal “heating system” by staying close and snuggling up as we listened to the speakers. It’s funny how things work out like that. The furnace problem actually helped build closeness in all the couples who attended. If you looked around, we weren’t the only couples that made a makeshift “heating system.” Every couple was snuggling up close to each other. It ended up being very romantic, despite the broken heating system. What a great time!

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I broke the air conditioner

For the past few weeks, I noticed that my window air conditioner was leaking water from the front. After googling the problem for a while, my husband determined that the A/C was clogged somewhere and the water condensation wasn’t able to drain properly in the back. We removed the air conditioner from the window and he got to work on cleaning it out. He unclogged as much dirt and debris as he could and used the garden hose to watch out all of the different components of the air conditioner. It looked much cleaner. I thought he was finished. But then, he said he watched some YouTube video about cleaning and unclogging window A/C’s and he wanted to try something else. He said that if you drill holes in strategic places in the air conditioner, it will drain much better and we can avoid having this problem again. I didn’t really like the idea of drilling holes in my air conditioner, but I let him do what he wanted to do. He seemed really excited about it. Twenty minutes later, he comes in acting all sad. Apparently, he missed while he was drilling a hole and ended up cutting up one of the lines in the air conditioner. Basically, he broke the entire thing. Now we don’t have an air conditioner at all. I know he had good intentions, so I wasn’t really that mad, but I was a little upset because it was going to be hot that night. I am going to be up sweating all night long until we can find a new air conditioner.

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What would be the best heater?

As a new homeowner, you are faced with a ton of difficult decisions. Picking a heating and cooling system for a new home is probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make. I am about to spend thousands of dollars on this heating and cooling system and anticipate having it for at least 15 years, so I really can’t afford to choose the wrong one. I am assuming that a mini-split system with a heat pump would be my best bet. That’s because everyone else in my town seems to have that exact type of heating system in their house. It seems to be much cheaper than using oil and there isn’t an air conditioning system already installed in the house. We use the heating system a lot longer than we use the air conditioner. There isn’t any ductwork in the house. However, it wouldn’t be very difficult to install ductwork because the attic can be easily accessed so I am also considering HVAC systems with ductwork. I’ve called a few HVAC companies already to ask them questions about the different types of heating systems and their costs. They all seem to recommend a mini-split system. However, the costs of installation vary widely among each company and I’m not sure why. I am tempted to just pick the cheapest HVAC company and have the mini-split system installed just like my neighbor’s house. I have been agonizing over this for weeks and I am just so sick of feeling so anxious about it. I think I am just going to have to trust my instincts on this one. Hopefully, it works out in the end!

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I’m suspicious of my neighbor

I recently had to replace my gas furnace. Luckily, neighbor is an HVAC technician. So, I gave him a ring the other day to have him take a look at it and give me a quote. I didn’t expect him to give me a discount. Afterall, he needs to make a living. I told him that he can charge me a fair price. I’d just rather give him business rather than calling some corporation to do the job. I have a pretty good relationship with my neighbor so I figured I could trust him to do the work in a timely fashion and for a fair price. I know gas furnaces can be quite expensive, so I was ready to drop a few thousand dollars on a new one. He came over the other day and after looking at my setup in the basement for about 20 minutes, he wrote up a quote for $7500!  I was expected something more along the lines of $4-5,000. He explained to me that the higher than typical cost was due to the way my basement was set up and that also, I could take advantage of rebates from the government since the system was more energy efficient. I said okay and that we can schedule something for the end of next week. But I was still shocked by the price so I called another HVAC company just to get a quote. After they came out to look at the gas furnace, they said they could make the replacement for $4500 because of how simple it would be to replace. They also had no knowledge of government rebates for that type of gas furnace system. So, now I am angry and confused and have no idea how to confront my neighbor about this.  

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Waiting on the fall season

I hate spending money unnecessarily. If it were up to me, I would never use my heating or air conditioning system. But unfortunately, it is up to my wife. We used to get into so many fights when we first got married over our HVAC usage. I would turn the A/C off, and she would turn it back on. She’d set the heater on, and I’d turn it off. We went on with our HVAC cold war for years until we finally found a resolution. My wife would have unilateral control of our HVAC system during the summer and winter, and I would have unilateral HVAC control during the spring and fall. This summer has been exceptionally hot, so my wife has been having a hayday with our air conditioning system. Our monthly electric bills have been higher than they’ve ever been. I have just one more week until the start of fall, and then the air conditioner is going off for the rest of the year. We will literally save hundreds of dollars a month because of my choice not to use the air conditioner. We’ll only be uncomfortable for a few weeks before our cool, southern fall weather kicks in, but thankfully my wife can’t complain anymore. They tell you that marriage takes work, but you always think that it will be over real issues, not over what the setting on the thermostat is. Thankfully, our winters are pretty mild, and we’ll hardly have to use the heater. I’m looking forward to the rest of the year with no heating or cooling expenses.

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Monitoring my air quality

When I got pregnant with my first child, I wanted to do everything within my power to ensure he would be growing up in a safe, healthy environment. When I started doing research, I learned that the air inside our homes can be even dirtier and more contaminated than the air outside. I decided to get an air quality monitor to make sure I could give my baby clean air. The results of the initial air sample really surprised me. Not only were there a lot of allergens being circulated through my house via my air ducts, but there were unsavory levels of carbon dioxide! I called a licensed HVAC specialist to come look into what I could do to improve the air in my home. The HVAC specialist told me that I needed to have my air ducts and vents cleaned at least twice a year, and that I should be changing my air filter once a month. I couldn’t believe how much I had neglected my HVAC system! But my HVAC specialist came to my rescue again, and told me that I could enroll in a program offered by his HVAC company. The program would give me access to twice-annual air duct cleaning, and enroll me in an automatic ordering for air filters. Now, air filters are automatically sent to my house on the first of every month. Now, I can rest assured that my new baby will be breathing clean air thanks to my clean HVAC system! If I could give one piece of advice to new or expecting moms, it would be to have your HVAC systems inspected thoroughly before the arrival of the new baby!

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Allergies can bother me

For the past five years, I have been dealing with a persistent cough. I haven’t been able to shake it, and I am tired of constantly being on allergy medication. I finally decided to go to an allergy doctor and he gave me an allergy test. Several hours of being poked and prodded with needles later, he gave me a list of things that I am allergic to. Some of the biggest offenders were dust, dander and animal hair. I asked my doctor what I could do to cut down on allergens in my home, and he referred me to an HVAC technician. He told me that HVAC systems could be one of the biggest triggers for allergies. All of my allergens are hiding in my HVAC system and being circulated through my home. I called the HVAC technician as soon as I got home, and he was able to see me that same day. He changed out all of my air filters, cleaned my air ducts and air vents, and inspected my HVAC system. Apparently, my air ducts were pretty dirty, which may have been causing my allergies to act up. I had no idea that it was so important to have your air ducts cleaned regularly. Normally, it is recommended that you have your air ducts cleaned twice a year. But because my allergies are so sensitive, I decided to have him come back to clean my air ducts once per season. I am optimistic that having clean air ducts will help my allergies, and hopefully my cough will subside.  This is my only shot at avoiding going on allergy medication.

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Shooting a movie

I loved my job so much. I grew up with a deep love for cameras, especially video cameras. With the advent of the modern technology craze, making videos has become way too commonplace! I attended a school of videography, and fulfilled my dream of becoming a cameraman for a local movie production company! It wasn’t anything big, but it was fun. You wouldn’t guess how important an HVAC system can be to a good video shoot. Just the other day a shoot got ruined because of a broken air conditioner. We were filming a commercial in a big warehouse, and the lack of a working air conditioner caused everyone to sweat badly. The film was unusable! We had to cancel the filming for the day because of the broken air conditioner. We us couldn’t keep everyone dry! It was a hassle, but luckily the film producer knew a good HVAC technician in the area who could fix the air conditioner quickly. The film producer called up the HVAC technician, who happened to have a free spot later on that afternoon. By this time, everyone else had already gone home for the day. We had enough of the furnace like warehouse, and needed some good working air conditioner. The HVAC technician was able to get the air conditioner in the warehouse running later on that afternoon, and we began filming the next day. It was sure a good thing to know a decent HVAC technician in your local neighborhood, especially when you worked in the filming industry. That was definitely a good bonus!

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We’re very tired

I woke up at 4:30 this morning suffering from the worst allergy symptoms I have ever experienced in my life. I honestly couldn’t find any solutions. I had tried everything! I even attempted a sort of “home remedy” my friend had told me about concerning the use of locally harvested honey, but it didn’t work. I was truly at the end of my rope! Considering I couldn’t; sleep, I started to do some online research on HVAC system solutions. This was the last avenue I had thought to try. I remember the last time I had an HVAC technician over to my house to maintain my air conditioner and heating system. I recall that I was suffering another bad bout with my allergies. He had informed me of some solutions I could look into with my HVAC system. Apparently they manufactured these air filters that were specifically designed to fight allergens in the home. There were also some options I could look into in the area of air purification systems that I could use to help my allergy symptoms. All of these sounded like great ideas, I just needed to look into the cost. So, here I was at 4:37 in the morning. I was searching air purification systems and air filters online in order to find the best price. This was it! It was time to evict my allergies with the help of my trusted HVAC system. When the sun came up, I decided to call that other HVAC technician who made the recommendations to me. Hopefully he could give me a good price to install that air purification system.

This is easing my budget

I watch T.V. way more than I want to admit. But, I just can’t help it. I get sucked into the reality shows and then I just can’t stop following the crazy storylines. I, also, really love the cooking shows. I could watch those for hours and hours. I like to buy all the ingredients and try to cook the recipes alongside the contestants. It can be a really exciting form of entertainment. The only thing about T.V. I can’t stand are the commercials. Lately, there is this one commercial from the local HVAC company. It goes on and on about how economical window box air conditioning units are nowadays. I just don’t believe it. I don’t have any form of air conditioning, just heating for the winter. I just have read too many places that air conditioning eats up your budget so much worse than any other utility cost. So, I didn’t even want to be tempted. I was just fine with my stationary fans. But, this commercial was bugging me so much, with its incessant ploy of being affordable next to modern air conditioning. I have a tight budget and couldn’t even consider it. But, finally, I decided to call down to the local HVAC showroom and ask more about their window box air conditioners I figured talking couldn’t hurt much. Well, I quickly was getting sold on this idea and decided to jump into the game. The first night, I admit, it was pure heaven to have such cool air on a hot summer’s night. I know I used it too much and was getting so worried. Then, when the bill came later that month, I was shocked at the low cost. It really did ease the budget and was more economical.

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