We need to rewire this system

I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of the term “gaslighting,” but I can tell you all about it. This phrase refers to the psychological mindgame of making another individual think that they are going crazy. It usually appears in abusive relationships with manipulative people, but I can also tell you a story about my thermostat gaslighting yours truly. It started gradually; I would be at home working on a project or doing chores during the day, and suddenly I would feel a drastic change in the indoor air temperature. I would go to the thermostat to make sure that the program hadn’t been accidentally adjusted, only to find out that the temperature settings were completely normal. Within an hour or so the air quality would even out, and I would forget that the ordeal ever happened. This went on time and time again for weeks before I really took note of the strange occurrence. Every time I was shocked to find that the thermostat had the appropriate temperature programming because it seemed apparent that the HVAC system was not operating, only for the problem to magically disappear before I was bothered enough to call our our heating and cooling company. I felt like I was losing my grip after a while, but didn’t want to make a fuss. Finally, my husband noticed the same strange temperature fluctuations and made the call to our trusted HVAC specialist. It turns out I wasn’t going crazy at all; our HVAC was in desperate need of rewiring and all the components had been misfiring for months.

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We love these heated floors

I have been looking at houses for many months, but nothing seemed to check every box on the list. My wife and I were looking for a home in the country, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. Most of the homes in the country only have three bedrooms, so it has been quite a chore to find the perfect dream house. My wife and I knew that we wanted to have several acres for the kids to play, and a large fenced-in backyard. When we finally found the perfect house, we were excited about all of the frills. The house had been remodeled in the past five years, and radiant heated floors were installed in both of the bathrooms. My wife and I had never dealt with radiant heated floors before, but I was pretty excited to try them out. We moved into our home in the middle of November, and the first thing we did was turn on the radiant heated floors. The radiant heated floors have a set of pipes installed underneath, and those pipes carry hot water from our boiler furnace. The hot water heats up the floor, and allows the excess heat to emit into the air. The radiant heated floors are very wonderful for the bathrooms, because it’s always very chilly in the morning. The kids constantly complain about getting dressed, when it is 15 degrees outside. Now the kids have radiant heated floors in their own bathroom, and they fight over who gets to get dressed in the bathroom. My wife and I are very happy with our new home purchase, and we are glad that we took our time to find the perfect house.

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My new air conditioner

My wife and I live in the midwest, where we are lucky to be able to experience all four of the unique seasons. Spring and fall happened to be my favorite, because I love to be able to walk around in jeans and a t-shirt. The winter season can be very cold at times, but we hardly ever have snow on the ground for very long. The summer season can be warm at times, but we have been able to survive without an air conditioner. Lately, it seems like the summer seasons have been getting hotter and hotter every year. I’m sure this is a result of global warming, and our summers are beginning to feel excruciating. My wife and I were talking about purchasing an air conditioner this summer. To date, we have never had the need for an air conditioner at all. The normal summer temperatures are in the 80s, but the humidity levels are rather low. We have been able to get away with using ceiling fans and other traditional oscillating fans. Now that the heat is becoming immense every summer, my wife and I are thinking about purchasing an air conditioning system. We talked about having an air conditioner for our bedroom, but I think that I would like to have an air conditioner for the living area also. I don’t think we require a central air conditioning system, but a window air conditioning unit might be just what we are looking for. They can be inexpensive and very easy to install. If we find a window air conditioner with a great Seer rating, then we will likely see no raise in our monthly utility bills.

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Our furnace is causing issues

My wife and I decided to remodel our basement a few months ago. We both wanted to be able to use the basement as a recreational area, which meant remodeling the entire downstairs. My wife and I picked out the perfect flooring, and we chose different paint colors for each of the areas. Since the stairs leading to the basement we’re always creaking and cracking, we decided to have a brand new set of stairs installed. Last Wednesday morning, our contractor began working on the stairs. A few hours into his demolition, our furnace started sputtering. I wanted to go downstairs to look at the furnace, but there were no stairs leading to the basement any longer. I had to walk all the way outside of the house and around the entire yard, in order to access the basement from our storm doors. The storm doors had not been open in a very long time, and they were nearly rusted shut. By the time I got into the basement to look at the furnace, it had completely stopped working. I contacted the local furnace repair shop, and told them about our Strange debacle. I also informed them that it would be a pain to get to the furnace, so they could be prepared. By the time the furnace repair shop arrived, it was already starting to get chilly in the house. Luckily, the furnace repair only took about an hour. It took three days for the contractors to finish our stairsteps, and we were glad to have no further problems with our furnace that week.


This is the same routine

I am the type of person who finds his daily routine and then sticks with it. I really don’t like any type of changes at all. That is probably why I found myself in a rut last month. I had been doing my exercise routine in the evenings, and it was making me exhausted for some reason. I decided to try and switch my exercise regime to the morning at the advice of my doctor. It worked wonders! I think it might my discomfort was caused by my HVAC system. I know that must sound crazy.When I exercised in the evening, I relied on my air conditioner to keep me cool. I was beginning to get overly tired and had difficulty breathing. When I exercised in the morning, however, I didn’t need a cooling system at all. I decided to call up an HVAC technician to test my theory. The Hvac technician came over to my house and inspected the ductwork and air filter. He found a huge amount of mold in the ductwork. The air filter was also completely filthy. He told me that was most likely why I was having such trouble with my breathing. Mold trapped in an HVAC system can be terribly dangerous to your health. I was so glad that I decided to switch my routine. If I didn’t, I may have not discovered my HVAC system malady until it was too late! Luckily, the HVAC technician was able to clean out all of the ductwork, and he showed me how simple it is to change out the air filter.

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It’s freezing in here

My school was holding a big graduation ceremony last Friday. It was planned out to be an amazing event! They even asked me to be one of the keynote speakers. I had never been asked to do something like this, but I agreed wholeheartedly. It was amazingly exciting! The day before the big event, I went to the local mall to pick out the best suit and tie I could find. I wanted to be ready! That night my furnace stopped working, and I barely got a bit of sleep. My house was freezing! I called up a local HVAC business the following morning to get a tech out to my house.They were booked solid, so it seemed as if my furnace would remain broken all weekend! I was at the end of my rope. I remembered that my cousin Pete was pretty handy, so I called him up for some HVAC system advice. Maybe he knew how to fix a furnace. I explained the issue to Pete with as much HVAC system detail as I could, and he seems to know what was wrong with it. He said he could swing by my house later on that day to take a look at my heating system. I was so happy that my furnace was going to be fixed. Unfortunately, there was a chance I would miss my graduation. Luckily, my cousin was able to get the furnace fixed about 10 minutes before I had to be at my graduation. What perfect heating system timing that was! My graduation went great, and I was able to come home to a working furnace.

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This is a bit of a scam

I own a small repair shop in town and we do pretty much any type of handyman work.  For the most part, over the course of the five years we have been in business, we have had wonderful customers. Recently, thanks to the internet, we have been subject to a couple of shady business propositions by someone posing as a representative from a local school district.  They said that the school had decided to replace the HVAC system and wanted to do business with a small local place instead of one of those large corporate HVAC dealers.  We were very excited about the project because it would certainly give our company the financial and advertising boost it badly needed.  Thankfully, my secretary was suspicious about the deal and contacted the school directly to get some answers.  The superintendent said that he had never heard anything about the replacement or the person that had contacted us. Apparently, the person was trying to get us to order the parts for the system so that we would be stuck with them.  They would then stop by and try and purchase them for a deeply discounted price to “help us out”.  This person had tried to pull this on several small businesses in the area and we were relieved that we found out before ordering.  Small companies tend to get excited about big projects so some people try and take advantage of this.  Now that every business is reachable via the internet, it is easier to find and try and scam them. We learned a very valuable lesson from this and now make sure to check up on any customers just like they check online for our reputation.

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It’s time to keep warm

It seems that winter has arrived with a force this year and it is only the end of October!  We were planning a huge Halloween bash in the town square and all of the preparations and decorations have been ruined.  What had been forecast as a rain storm ended up turning into a winter storm with snow and ice.  The temperatures dropped too quickly during the recent storm and now everything looks like a winter wonderland.  To make matters worse, the power is out and I only have my gas stove to keep the house warm. Thankfully, it is an older model and has a manual pilot light. Had it been a newer one with an electric start, I wouldn’t have been able to use it either.   I decided to take advantage of the situation and bake some of my family’s favorite cookies.  The power outage lasted for several hours and I may have gotten carried away in that department.  By the time it was restored, I had over twenty dozen and thankfully there will be lots of little goblins I can pass them on to. After all,  we don’t all want to weigh three hundred pounds. This was a wake up call too because we realized that we needed a way to heat our home in the event of future outages. We are calling our HVAC dealer about installing a whole house generator that can take over and run all the lights, appliances, and most importantly, the furnace.  This is a costly investment but well worth every penny. It will keep us from worrying about freezing pipes and spoiling food, as well as, save me from baking cookies we don’t really need to be eating.

We are hoping for a better system

Living along the Gulf Coast is great!  We have summer like weather for much of the year and I love spending my days lying on the beach.  This year, however, we have had our share of challenges when it comes to the amount of hurricanes that have come our way.  We normally are spared the effects of most of the storms, but not this year.  We just went through our third storm and this time we were not able to escape the damaging flood waters. The ground is saturated and my basement ended up with a foot of water.  My hot water tank, washer and dryer, and HVAC system were in standing water for 3 days.  They are all ruined. Thankfully we have insurance to cover the losses but I am not looking forward to purchasing all new appliances.  My HVAC dealer was great when they came out to look at everything.  They said that, although the main unit needed to be replaced, the ductwork and exhaust pipe could be cleaned and used with the new one. They have special machines that can travel through the ductwork and clean it thoroughly. They can disinfect it to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. By utilizing this service it will save me a lot of money on replacing parts that I don’t need.  We already have so many expenses from cleaning up from the flood that any area that saves US money is a good thing. Some of my neighbors weren’t as fortunate and lost much of the same things I did but don’t have the insurance to cover the cost of replacement.

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I’d love a new air conditioner

My wife and I sit on the board for our church. We have been working on a lot of different fundraisers recently, because we are trying to raise enough money for a brand new HVAC unit. The daycare center is in serious need of renovations, and we only have enough money to cover the remodeling. The daycare is going to require a brand new HVAC unit, and we need for the congregation to raise money for the contractor. The daycare center was under 6 feet of water during the last hurricane, and we have done everything possible to fix the damage. There were strong wind gusts of 130 miles per hour, and it took the entire roof off of half of the church. Our church has never sustained this type of damage in the past. We have managed to finish most of the remodeling already, but we are still working on the HVAC unit. One of the local HVAC contractors offered to install the HVAC unit at cost. They are one of our parishioners, and they are happy to help out in any way possible. The installation fees alone would probably cost several thousands of dollars, because we need to have a commercial size HVAC unit. The daycare center and learning annex, are scheduled to open in 60 days, and we still have a lot of hard work to do yet. My wife and I have been speaking to many of the other board members, and we are thinking about having a carnival to raise the rest of the money.

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