We don’t need this noise

I about to give birth to my first child and my husband and I could not be happier. We are so excited to see our family grow. We did a lot of home renovations to make sure it will be the safest, happiest, and most comfortable place for our child to grow and have put a lot of thought into the room decor and furniture that we’ll be using for our baby. Since comfort will be such a big factor in the overall happiness of our home, we decided that we need to address some heating and air conditioning issues in our home. While our family is new, our home is about 9 years old, and it is evident that it is time for us to address replacing or refurbishing and repairing our system. Nothing has been grossly wrong with the way it works, but as time progresses, it seems negligent to ignore updating our HVAC units before we are forced to. I pride myself on being responsible, and I can only imagine what we would do if the unit were to kick the bucket with a newborn in the house. I have noticed lately that when our heater kicks on, it makes a loud banging and ticking noise as it works. I want this addressed before we bring our baby home. We don’t need this noise to bother us while we sleep and we don’t want wasteful spending if the issue gets worse. I’ll definitely be calling in our HVAC service to send a technician to do some maintenance and tune up on our units. I hope they’ll be able to assist us if it makes sense to purchase an upgraded heating system.

HVAC business 

This system is so loud

We recently had family visiting our house for quite some time. Typically whenever anyone is in town I have to give up my bedroom to them since it is a little ways away from everyone else’s bedroom and near its own bathroom. This means I will sleep in my sisters bedroom while our guests are visiting. My sisters bedroom is a late addition my dad converted from attic space. Since it was furnished much later than when the house was built, we had to install a separate HVAC and thermostat to control the temperature in the room. For a while my dad just relied on curtains and blinds to control the heat from the windows, and blankets to stay warm. This is no way to live, especially with guests staying for an indeterminate amount of time. The HVAC system has been installed and my family does a great job of maintaining the unit, however it is the loudest system when it kicks on. Every half hour or so, the thermostat clicks and the air blowing through the air ducts visibly and physically blows at anything nearby the vents. It is so startling that if you are a light sleeper, like me, be prepared to wake up intermittently throughout the night from the vents. My dad is very proud that he renovated the room himself and is hesitant to fix something that isn’t broken. I’ve been begging him to get a repairman in to address the intensity of the output, hopefully he’ll call soon. That being said, if my relatives don’t overstay their visit and I can get my bedroom back, that’d be great too!

indoor air quality 

I want more control

I’ve always wanted to own my own business. A cafe where I could display local art and music, have fresh coffee and baked goods, and even host an open mic night for area performers. I finally purchased the perfect little nook in town to open my spot, and I am really excited for our grand opening in a few more months. My biggest concern right now is making sure the heating and air conditioning units are set up and working perfectly. Local, non franchise businesses thrive on customer loyalty and word of mouth to stay profitable. If my customers aren’t comfortable with the temperature, they won’t want to stay and enjoy the books, music, art and culture of my shop. Climate control is really important to establishing the overall atmosphere of a small cafe. I am really lucky that my HVAC technician spent the time working with me to help me choose the best size for the air conditioning unit. Finding the right air conditioner to maintain cool temperatures is important, and finding one that is the right size and cost effective is necessary. The technician came to install a modest sized air conditioner and even allowed me to schedule a tune up for maintenance in one year’s time. I’m so excited for the coffee shop to open, I know it will be a great place for customers to enjoy the summer sun, whether they choose to sit outside, or indoors enjoying the central air conditioning. I will definitely have my HVAC repairman come by before the summer is up for a maintenance check on the heating unit to make sure we are ready for fall and winter.

HVAC maintenance 

This bathroom has been damaged

When you’re planning a giant birthday party for your husband’s 40th birthday, the very last thing that you want to have happen is for something to go wrong with your plumbing! Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened to me last week as I was busy getting ready for my husband’s cookout and barbecue party. We had about fifty people coming to our house and I was going crazy getting everything ready for this huge dinner party. We had tents set up outside, along with a couple of firepits and lots of food and drinks set up everywhere. About an hour before people were due to start showing up, I noticed that there was water seeping out into the hallway carpet from underneath the door of the guest bathroom. At first I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing. Of all the things that could go wrong, this was probably the worst thing that could happen! I opened the door and saw that there was water all over the floor in the bathroom. It seems that one of the pipes had burst and water was running everywhere. We wouldn’t be able to use the sink or the toilet in the guest bathroom and we were getting ready to have fifty guests! I didn’t waste any time. I immediately called our local emergency plumber. I told him I didn’t care how much it cost, I wanted them to send an emergency plumbing crew to my house immediately! The plumbers showed up in their truck about 30 minutes later. They ran into the house like a plumbing pit crew. They made the repairs in record time and I was just finishing mopping up the water from the broken pipe when the first guests arrived. I gave the plumbers a huge tip for a job well done!


The plumber does get a bad rap

You know, sometimes I think plumbers get a bad name. A lot of times when you think about a plumber, you think of this random sloppy guy name Joe who has trouble keeping his pants pulled up. And so he has the stereotypical, ever-present and aptly named “plumbers’ crack.” I personally never understood how anyone, plumbers included, could work very well with their butt cracks hanging out. I’m sure that most plumbers are well aware of the state of their pants but somehow they’ve all been saddled with this stereotype. Well, in my experience, the plumbers that I’ve come into contact with have never been anything other than complete professionals. We had a plumber from one of our local plumbing contracting companies come out to our house a few weeks ago to fix a drainage problem that we were having with our outdoor plumbing lines and he was dressed very neatly in a clean pressed uniform with his name on the pocket. He had a great haircut and he carried himself with poise and confidence. And this guy was super smart! He knew everything there was too know about our plumbing problems and then he fixed the drainage issue within an hour of arriving at our house. As far as I’m concerned, plumbers are some intelligent and professional people! I wish I had a plumber in my own family, because honestly, the only thing that I didn’t like about the plumber that came to our house was the astronomically high bill that we had to pay afterward! If I had a plumber in the family, then maybe he would offer me the family plumbing discount!

commercial plumbing 

The plumbing in our kitchen

My husband and I are knee deep in the middle of a home renovation project and it is driving me crazy. Everything in my house seems to be torn to pieces right now, and there is stuff everywhere. Since I’m a little bit of a control freak when it comes to having my house clean and neat, it’s very hard for me not to stress out. Our house is very old and we had this ancient pipe running under our hallway to connect the bathroom to the plumbing drain outside that runs underground to the city sewer system. Well, this old dilapidated pipe ended up cracking down the middle and our basement began to flood every single time it rained. I have no idea how all of these pipe systems actually work, but the plumber we called said that they are all connected somehow. Anyway, in order to get to this massive, old, cracked pipe, we have had to completely rip out the floor of our hallway and and our kitchen. And underneath all of the flooring and sub-flooring, guess what is there? Dirt! I actually have exposed dirt in my house just so we can get to this awful pipe. Today, we are digging all around the pipe to try to get to a point where we can cut it and then replace it with the new pipe that the plumber brought over yesterday. My husband and I are trying to do all the grunt work ourselves so the plumber will just have to charge us for minimal labor of connecting all the plumbing correctly. It’s going to cost us a fortune anyway, I just know it. But hopefully the plumbing and drain problem will be fixed soon and I can stop living in a house with dirt floors.

drain cleaning 

What could go wrong

There are so many things that can go wrong when you’re dealing with plumbing. My husband rents out these giant campers to families who need them for vacations and holidays. Before a camper goes out on rental, my husband does a thorough inspection of each camper. He checks out all of the mechanical parts, the tires, the slides on the doors, and the kitchen. The only other part that he checks out is the plumbing. I don’t know if you’ve ever had to deal with the plumbing on a camper or a travel trailer before, but it’s different from regular plumbing. Everything is more compact, smaller, and it costs way more to fix than it should! That’s my opinion, of course. We haven’t had that many problems with the plumbing so far, but last week the toilet in our largest travel trailer started having problems when he went to flush the tanks. He always flushes clean water through all of the tanks just to make sure that everything is in good working order for his next renter. When he realized that the toilet pipes were having issues, he tried to fix the plumbing problem himself. It turns out that plumbing in camper bathrooms is a little more complicated than he thought. He ended up calling a plumbing specialist who is also certified for working on RVs to come out to our house and do a plumbing maintenance call on our camper. Together, the two of them got the problem fixed so our largest travel trailer was ready to rent out to the next customer.

plumbing fixture 

We’re all freezing to death

Woohoo! Vacation time is upon us! No, I’m not loading up the family and hopping aboard a plane for an exotic getaway or anything like that. I’m just excited that we’ll be staying at my in-law’s house without them being home this weekend! What’s so great about that, you ask? Well, they live in a huge, fancy house for starters. This place is massive and unlike anywhere I’ve ever been allowed to stay before. We never really get to enjoy the house, though, because we’re always hanging around my inlaws. This weekend is different and I am living in the lap of luxury.

            The first order of business was figuring out how to use their fancy thermostats around the house. You see, they have multiple separate temperature control units that we’ve never been able to adjust ourselves before. It always seemed rude to change their heating and cooling conditions, so I’ve never even said a word when I was freezing to death in the middle of the day or burning alive in the heat of the night. Not this weekend, though. I’m changing all the indoor air quality settings to meet my exact specifications. Since I have zone controlled heating and cooling systems at my disposal, I’m making every single room the optimal temperature settings for my own preferences.

          I have the AC running in the bedroom, so I can sleep easily at night. The radiant heated floors are operating in the tiled kitchen so my toes feel toasty. Best of all, the air purifier is at full blast in the bathroom, so I can avoid my husband’s aftermath. This is the best weekend of my life!

This is a crappy heater

I have been applying for jobs online. I just want a teaching position that is near me, decent pay and an alright school. Finding this job is harder than I thought. Every position I read about is just not a good fit. The area is either really bad, the staff is not right or the grade level offered is not what I want. It seems like I am never going to get a job in the teaching field. The longer I apply and get rejected, the less I want to teach too. I can’t help but think about the cons of teaching. Getting up so early would stink, making lesson plans, doing after school activities and doing bus duty would be horrible. Also, if the school is poor, they don’t even have good HVAC. In the north, every school has to have heating. I know there would be a heater device. But, the worse off the school, the worse the heater is. I have substituted in schools where they use an old boiler system that can barely heat the whole school. If you are at the end of the school, you basically get no heating all day long. Some schools even set the boilers on a heating program. The heater turns on as kids arrive, and turn off when they leave. That means for the teachers that go early, they are in an unheated building. Do I really want to deal with that on the job? Right now I work from home and I have perfect climate control. Giving that up would be rough.

heater installation 

The office girls

I work as a mechanic and they only thing I hate about the job is the HVAC. I hate that the ladies in the office get quality HVAC and I don’t. The mechanic shop is set up in two zones. You either are in the office where people come to make appointments, or you are in the garage where you actually put the car on a lift and fix it. The mechanic shop definitely made a mistake when it got its HVAC system. There is a ductless mini split HVAC device in the office. The office girls get ductless HVAC all day long. There is a thermostat set right next to it so they can adjust the temperature. In the Summer they have quality cooling and temperature control at their fingertips. In the garage, I have a basic stand up fan. I get so hot and sweaty that it runs in my eyes. I nearly pass out once a Summer due to the lack of AC. Working with mechanic tools and hot cars gets to be rough. A little bit of air conditioning would go a long way. In the Winter, the office girls have ductless heating. They are in 68 degree conditions, while I am literally in the snow. We need to open up the garage for people to drive in. Snow literally pours in and so does the wind. I have to wear a full snow suit while I work because it is so cold. My hands crack and bleed due to the cold too. I want HVAC in my work station.

HVAC unit