Some great information

I love my HVAC supplier, because they provide excellent customer service. My wife and I have lived in the area for almost twenty years. We attended college around the corner, and never left the area. We have watched our children grow up in this community. Despite moving into three different houses throughout that time, we have remained faithful to the same HVAC company. They have always been available in an emergency. Even before the company started to offer 24 hour service, they still made emergency house calls at two in the morning. When my wife and I were newlyweds, we lost our furnace in the middle of a huge winter storm. They were right there to help, despite the sub-zero temperatures and power outages. A few years ago, the HVAC company started sending out a quarterly newsletters to all of the people on their mailing list. This month’s newsletter was a friendly reminder about the summer weather. The newsletter encouraged us to clean or change the air filters in our air conditioner. It also reminded homeowners to clean the yard debris from the outdoor HVAC equipment. I think it’s quite nice of our HVAC provider. They spend a pile of money to mail the reminders, and they always have great information. They even send a hurricane preparedness list each year, so everyone can be well prepared for storm weather.  It’s really valuable to have someone you can trust in the event of an emergency. I know that I can trust my HVAC provider to provide me with fast, honest, and quality service.

I do need some help

It had been raining for three days, and both of my daughters were feeling all cooped in the house. When they asked to go to the mall for the afternoon, I quickly obliged and grabbed my coat. It was chilly outside, and the rain didn’t let up for a second. We don’t live very far from the mall, so it only took about fifteen minutes to make the drive. Even in the rain, traffic wasn’t terrible.  It seems that a few others had the same idea, because the mall parking lot was packed with cars and trucks. We waited around for a few minutes, and caught someone pulling away. We grabbed a nice spot up front. The rain was still pouring down, so we grabbed our umbrellas and headed for the front doors. Once we were inside, we took off our wet coats and folded up our umbrellas. It was very cold inside the mall. The air conditioner was working as usual, but we were wet from the rain. The air conditioner seemed like frigid arctic wind through our wet shirts and pants. My coat was too wet to put on again. We headed over to Buckle, one of my favorite stores. The air conditioner inside the store was feeling just as cold as the mall lobby. Luckily, I snagged a great long-sleeved shirt from the clearance rack. My daughters and I went into the mall bathroom to change into our new clothes. The air conditioner started to feel a little better once we were in dry clothing. We spent the afternoon in the mall and had a nice dinner after we were finished.

air purification 

I should do the installation

The other day when my wife and I went to my brother’s place for dinner, we couldn’t stay for very long. As soon as we walked into the house, it was scorching hot. When I asked my brother if he could adjust the thermostat, he said that his wife preferred the temperature to remain at what it was. If she didn’t have it that way, she would totally freak out. That made me nervous about asking her to make an adjustment to the climate control inside the house. She was actually pregnant and she would easily get upset if things didn’t go a certain way. In past times before she became pregnant, I never recall her wanting the house to be so scorching hot. So we were all pretty much sweating during the dinner and my wife and I were eating faster than we normally would. The air quality was really exhausting for us. I could even tell that my brother was having a hard time with how hot it was. He took me outside for a “drink break” but I felt bad for my wife while she had to endure that terrible heat inside. Eventually I could see that my wife was just about done with the terrible heat, and insisted it was time for us to go. I followed her on her lead and we were able to make our escape. When they finally had their baby, I came to find that everything went back to normal. My brother was so thankful to have his new baby girl in his life and to be able to enjoy normal temperature control settings again.

climate control 

My home comfort

My family and I always love to go travelling for our family vacation. Recently I decided to rent a nice RV. I checked all sorts of RVs as well as decided on a particular one that I absolutely fell for. The design was incredible as it had the perfect set up! I was seriously impressed by the HVAC system most of all. This RV had a state of the art heating and cooling system with rapid heating and cooling. You could cool down or heat up that vehicle in no time! Also the way everything was designed was absolutely brilliant! There was a nice master bedroom in the rear with a decent sized bed. There was a full sized shower that had a privacy door so you could take a shower and get dressed while the rest of the family was hanging out in the front of the RV, it was absolutely perfect! I really loved the kitchen area as well, it had everything you needed! I figured that if we were going out on the open road, we might as well enjoy ourselves to the max! There were even 2 more beds in the remaining part of the RV. The table area easily folded into a bed and the very front of the RV had a nice bed that came down. This gave our whole family plenty of space to sleep comfortably. All we had to do was hook up to the electricity at various campsites and we could easily enjoy the full services of our RV including the excellent climate control system.

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A really great guy

My brother is a really great guy. Once he invited my wife and I to go with him and his wife to this salsa dance club. So we went to this place and it was really nice. When we were relaxing and having some drinks, I noticed that the air quality was a little overheated. I was concerned and my brother already knew as he understood that I was all about my excellent air quality. He went to speak with the owner of the salsa club and he disappeared for a little while. After roughly 15 minutes, my brother came back and said the problem with the A/C system was solved. You see, my brother happens to be an HVAC technician and he made a deal with the owner that he would repair the A/C inside the place if we could have free drinks for the rest of the evening. The owner happily agreed and we enjoyed free drinks for the rest of the evening after he worked his magic. We really had a spectacular time when that A/C was flowing. We were able to dance the night away and we didn’t feel exhausted because of the excellent A/C thanks to my brother repairing it! That’s why my brother is so great, he’s awesome with people, he knows how to take care of things and he knows how to have a great time! I’m truly thankful to have such a great brother. I’m really not sure what I would do without him in my life as he has helped me out over the years and helped me to become the man I am today.

air conditioner service 

Know that you will make mistakes

Lately, I have been going all over the place for job interviews. This last one I went to was honestly one of the worst I had to deal with, but I’m still not disappointed that I went. When I walked into the building, I right away noticed that the air quality was absolutely terrible. It was way overheated inside of the place and to make matters worse, it was really humid inside of the building! I happened to be wearing a suit and tie so it was definitely not a pleasant experience. I actually took my suit jacket off and kept it folded over my arm. I was glad when I found out that I didn’t have to wait too long, it took about 5 minutes to be called in for the interview. While the climate control system wasn’t working, I was glad that the interviewer had an industrial fan blowing in the office for the interview. He also had the windows open and it somehow worked to make it a little more comfortable. It turned out that guy had a real good sense of humor and we both finished the interview just laughing like crazy. While it was incredibly overheated, he said that I would definitely get the job and that the A/C would be working great by the time I started. He promised me that. So while I did have to experience some awful air quality for a little while, it was definitely worth the experience. The guy actually told me that a lot of people just walked out before the interviews that day, and he was impressed that I was able to tough it out.

air conditioning system 

This is becoming a problem

I know it’s weird, but a lot of times instead of watching regular TV or having family movie nights, my family likes to watch funny videos online! I would say that one of our favorite sites to use is YouTube, but there are all kinds of sites with hilarious videos. This one evening when we were watching this video of these monkeys doing a line dance to this song called “Stanky legg”, that’s when I noticed it was a little bit overheated inside of our place. I went to check the temperature control and seen that it was 85 degrees inside of our house. I tried to turn on the A/C but it failed to crank on! I realized that I would have to call our HVAC company for some needed assistance. In the meantime while we were watching funny videos, I just turned on some stationary fans so we could keep somewhat cool while we waited for the HVAC technician to arrive. When the HVAC technician arrived to our place, he seen that we were watching funny videos. He recommended this one site that we decided to check out. We were totally dying from laughter while our HVAC technician got to work on repairing our A/C machine. In no time, that A/C was flowing from the HVAC vents. It was nice and refreshing and it made it easier for us to enjoy watching our funny videos. The HVAC technician stuck around for a short while and got some laughs in with us. He was a really cool guy and admitted that he worked faster so he could check out some of the videos with us. He recommended another site full of funny videos and then he had to be on his way.

air purification 

This air quality is out of control

Last year my parents finally retired and moved to the southwest part of the country.  They did not want to go to Florida as there were too many old people down there they said. So they decided on the dry temperatures of the southwest.  My mother had arthritis and she felt the dry heat of the region would help her pain and mobility. My father wanted whatever my mother wanted. After we were sure they were all settled into their new home, my wife and I planned a visit to see my parents. As we landed and entered the airport, we could feel the wonderful coolness from the air conditioning in the large open air building.  The air was cool and crisp and not humid at all. I thought to myself that this could be a very nice place to visit. That was until we went outside of the airport. The heat from the afternoon was so heavy it felt like it was pushing you to the ground. It was 107 degrees when we landed in late afternoon. It was still 104 when we got to my parents home an hour later and it was in the evening. My parents were excited to see us of course and they looked great. My mother seemed to have a load lifted from her shoulders and my father seemed younger in the desert. They explained how it had taken a while to get used to the heat but that you just went from one A/C spot to another just as we would go from one heated place to another heated place during the winter. The temperature dropped quickly as soon as the sun went down and we could even sit outside at night and be comfortable.  But not long after the sun rose in the morning the temperature started to rise. My father proudly showed me his air conditioning unit and how it was large enough to cool the whole house. Honestly, my wife and I could not wait to get back to the northeast where it was not so hot.

HVAC system 

Hardwood flooring

Some years ago when I was just starting out in business, we had a room in our office that just housed the computer mainframes.  It was a small room without windows and when everything was running the sound was almost deafening and the heat kept raising. At one point our computers began to fail, and we were told that the reason was that they were becoming too hot.  Well back then my company had very little money so we got creative with our solution to the overheating problem. We went out and bought an portable air conditioner. It looked like a robot from a syfy movie and all we had to do was to vent the unit out into the warehouse which was behind the office where the computers were housed.  Our landlord was even excited a bit that the unit would help heat the warehouse a bit in the winter. From the day we installed our easy and cheap fix for the computer room, it worked and kept the computers cool all year round. Our electric bill went up some but our computer troubles dropped by 80%. Well that was 20 years ago and now my company has a big computer room that takes up about 1000 square feet.  The computers are much smaller and infinitely more powerful than they were back then. Now we have a specialized air conditioning system just for the computer room with excellent air filtration and keeps the room at about 55 degrees and dust free. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that computers still put out a lot of heat and need to be kept cool.

A/C service plan 

My brother is so happy

My brother had never been much of a student growing up.  My grandmother always said he was street smart but not so much book smart.  I headed off to college after high school but my brother decided not to go and took a job at a local factory.  He cared more about making money than finding a career that he loved. Fast forward 10 years and I am now an executive at a local bank and my brother is still working at the factory.  He gets up goes to work comes home eats and sleeps then repeats. He has been like a robot doing the same thing day in and out. Last Christmas my family had gathered at my grandmothers and my brother and I had not seen each other in almost a year. It was the usual too much to eat and lots of football watching.  At one point my grandmother came out of the kitchen and gave a piece of newspaper to my brother. She did not say a word, just handed it to him and went back to the kitchen. My brother studied it for a long time. Then he folded it up and put it in his jeans pocket. Later I asked my grandmother what was in the newspaper she gave my brother.  She told me that it was an announcement that a local HVAC company was looking for like-minded workers to begin a career in HVAC. She thought it would be perfect for my brother. And I agreed. I went back to my job and my brother and I did not see each other for a few months. One day he called me and asked if I would come to his graduation.  I was stunned. He was graduating from a specialized course for HVAC workers. Of course I went to the graduation. My brother was smiling like I have never seen him smile. He had started on his way to a career that he would love.

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