The price we pay for education

Both of my kids are in High School and I am sure you can imagine how costly this is.

There is always some sort of fundraiser, event, or sports program that I am writing a check for. As the end of the year approaches I know that I will soon get a bill for the year books too. I can’t get over how costly they are these days. Of course, they are far more sophisticated than the ones that I had when I was in school. We just had a paperback photo book and much of it was printed on campus. Now, it takes nearly six months to put the layout together, that is shipped off to the printer, they develop a prototype, and once approved it goes into production. This means that the school must front the cost for all of these steps and then the bill for printing as well. The professional print company that has contracted with the school produces a beautiful, hard bound, book with full color pages. I am still not convinced that it costs nearly one hundred and twenty dollars per book, but, I have no choice but to pay the bill. My kids would be disappointed if they had to tell their friends that they couldn’t afford the year book. When I really started thinking about it, I guess the printing company had to pay for the equipment and supplies, pay employees, and they must have other overhead expenses. They also have to make a profit so I imagine contracting with school districts is a sure thing on their part.


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