Need to update our building management system software

My co-workers and I work in a very busy office building.

I have been with the company for five years, and my best friend has been here for almost ten.

I usually arrive to work around 7 in the morning, and I don’t go home until after 5. When traffic is heavy, I don’t get home until after 7. That’s a really long day in an office. My co-workers and I rarely get a break from the office. Next week though, every one of us is going to get two days of paid vacation. On Wednesday, we are going to upgrade the building management system software. In order to upgrade all of the building management system software, all of the system programs need to be shut down. Instead of trying to work around the software update, the owner of our company decided to close the office for two days. My co-workers and I will have the days off, while the building management system software is upgraded. I think we might spend the day at the beach, since it’s never very busy during the week. It’s been really sunny and hot this week, so the temperatures should be great for outdoor activities. Every time I go to the beach on the weekend, it’s packed with people and there is never a place to lay down. Since we have a rare week day with no work, I want to take advantage of the situation and spend all day in the Sun. My Mom even offered to pick up the kids from school, so I can spend all day at the beach.


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