Local print shop saved our event

Our committee worked for over a year planning the big fundraiser to help out our local homeless shelter.

Advertising dollars were tight so when we contacted a print shop to do the flyers, posters, and signs, we were very careful to get the most for our money.

One of the committee members found an online company that would do all of it for less than two thirds of the big box office store in our area. A few of us were nervous about using a company so far away but we ended up using them anyway. The problem came when there was a change of venue at the last minute and we were stuck trying to find a way to inform everyone who was attending. We had no time to print a new flyer from the online company so we needed to find a reasonable print shop close by. We started searching the local business listings and found a small shop that offered overnight printing at budget friendly prices. It wasn’t really advertised anywhere other than the listing but we decided to give them a call. As it turned out, the company put its money into quality equipment instead of flashy advertising. They had the latest technology in printers that used UV printing. This form of printing ensures that they copies are full color when needed, weather resistant, and dry before they emerge from the machine. Many print shops are using this now because it is also safe for the people operating the machines. The solvent based printing units still give you the same quality, however, print shops must have powerful ventilation and air purification systems to ensure the health of their employees. We all agree that our future event will use the services of this local company because they really saved us this time.



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