Building management control room is locked down

We had to call the energy management company, because two of our main computers were offline

I work in a large office building in town. The building has 17 floors and several different businesses. Our insurance company covers 10 of those floors, and we are the largest tenant in the building. Ever since we went fully automated at work, things have been stressful. Half the time, our hid card reader doesn’t work. The other half of the time, we have to scan our cards three or four times before they register. Last Tuesday, the building management control room door was locked for 6 hours. The door has a keyless entry, but the code wasn’t working. Since we couldn’t access the building management control room, we couldn’t adjust any of the lights, heat, or air conditioning. Overnight, the building management system goes into sleep mode. In sleep mode, the temperature on the thermostat is set to 76 degrees. All of the lights are shut down, except our outdoor parking lot lights and security lights. When we came to work on Tuesday morning, we had no lights in the building and the temperature was still warm and humid. My boss tried to override the keyless entry system, but she had no luck. We had to contact the building management company. Luckily, they can access all of our building systems remotely. The building energy management company unlocked the door, so we could access the Mainframe computer. Once we were inside the door, we found the problem. We had to call the energy management company, because two of our main computers were offline. Once we fixed the issue, everything returned to normal and the keyless entry worked.

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