The Son Follows the Father Into the HVAC Business

My whole short life, I have wanted to be just like our dad. He was hard at work being supportive, plus the most well-rounded man I ever knew! I believe some sons don’t have the chance to admire their dad, so I just count myself lucky. He’s owned his own Heating & Air business since I was little child. I’ve constantly seen him excel since then. He started the Heating and Air Conditioning business all the way from the ground up over some 20 years ago. It’s grown into one of the most reputable Heating and Air Conditioning dealers within a 50 mile radius! As his one and only son, he’s encouraged me to learn as much as I possibly can about heating & air so I can take over the family business some time in the future. I really want to make him very proud, so I’ve studying hard. I’ve been enrolled at our local community school as a business major, which will help me understand the other side of the business better. I’ve now been taking classes for over one year, plus our dad has already seen all the added knowledge I am able to bring to the table. I’ve also gotten myself enrolled in a heating & cooling training program. After just 2 years, I will have an associates degree in commercial plus residential heating and cooling systems. This will be get hung on the office wall next to our dads! Although I already believe I know a lot about the Heating and Air Conditioning business, I’ve certainly been able to acquire a more hands-on experience. So far, I’ve been reading about these airflow calculations, reading directions, servicing units, while there’s still so much more to uncover. I can’t wait to make our dad proud and then officially join the family Heating & Air Conditioning business.
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