Living in my sweet RV

I think my wanderlust started in my childhood, when my folks lived on the road for most of what I can remember.

For a while they drifted around in a van following the Grateful Dead, which will tell you how old I am! After that I’m not sure why they did it, maybe they had warrants on them, maybe they just didn’t want to settle down anywhere.

In any event, I never lived anywhere outside of that van for more than a few days, and I’m still the same way today. I don’t have an old VW van though, I have a sleek RV with cable tv, a shower, and air conditioning. The RV and in particular its air conditioning system, is so nice I don’t see what else a house could offer me. During the days I rarely even use the climate control, I prefer to drive like my folks did with all the windows fully open and the winds of the road flooding the interior. That is only for while driving, however, because when it is time to park I always shut up the windows and crank the AC down to the coldest setting. Over the years I have even become rather adept at troubleshooting my HVAC equipment in the vehicle. Without a regular place to live I of course don’t have a regular HVAC tech who I can trust to fix my stuff, so I learned to fix it myself. I have found that a lot of standard, weekly upkeep on the HVAC equipment will keep it running well for a long time.


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