I seriously think I made a huge mistake by throwing out my old boiler

For the past five years, my wife and I were sharing a lovely little two bedroom house up north.

  • We’ve been working on renovating the house and adding new features to it, including some changes to the house regarding appliances.

One big change we were hung up on for a while was the replacement of our heating system. We’ve had a boiler in the basement for ages, which was heated using an oil heater. While the boiler had been faithfully working for us over the last half-decade, there have been times where it seemed to struggle to keep us warm through the night. Also, it constantly sounds like the boiler is kettling now. If you weren’t aware, “kettling” refers to a furnace that has too many mineral deposits inside it and can’t function properly. It sounds like nothing, but kettling is actually a death sentence for a boiler! Anyway, when I heard that sound, I thought we’d better switch to a new heating system – and fast. We wound up cutting the connections for the boiler, throwing it out, and replacing it with a gas furnace to heat our home. At first, we were surprised by how much warmer the house felt with the gas furnace running! However, things began to change, as we noticed that the heat in the house felt drier to us. We noticed this change and immediately, we began to wonder – what if replacing the boiler was a mistake? Well, the boiler provides a certain amount of humidity as it heats the house, so now we just had dry heat. It was a rough situation, as you might imagine!



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