Finding a way to offset the heat of the kiln

My husband made his name in the art community as a sculptor.

At first he did big showcase pieces, but over time as he refined his craft he focused on smaller object.

Little pieces he could make entirely in his home studio, and fire in his hand-made kiln out back. This is where he really shined the brightest, and also what brought him the most personal satisfaction. After the car accident he was very weak for a long time, and just lacked the strength to work. This in turn wounded his confidence and lust for life. He is getting stronger now, but is still greatly affected by heating and humidity. This is a tough blow, seeing as how he works with a kiln and previously was used to high levels of heating on a regular basis. If that was no longer going to work for him, then I needed to find a strong, effective means of cooling down his studio. Finding an air conditioner strong enough to offset all that heat was going to be a tough one. I called out a ventilation expert to see what he could recommend, and he gave us some good ideas on diverting and dispersing the heat from the kiln. With some new exhaust vents and ductwork we could channel most of the heat up and away, and then put in a high powered air conditioner on the other side of the studio. Combined with the air vents, the new directional air conditioner would cool down most of the studio so my husband could work.


Hybrid HVAC system

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