Cutting Down My HVAC Use By Duct Sealing

My central heating and air conditioning system gets quite a work out in the Summer.

The air conditioning seems to never shut off because it is so hot where I live.

The strange thing is, as hot as it is, i’ve asked others in my area about their air conditioning, and they said that their central air conditioning system does get a break here and there. That is when I found out that I had a problem. It seemed there was some air getting out through my ductwork, and the answer to this was to have the air ducts sealed! With duct sealing everything, it will keep the cool air going around my house, and the air conditioning will actually reach the temperature set on the thermostat. I made a call to my heating and air conditioning business in town to set up an HVAC repair appointment for the duct sealing. I am lucky to have one of their yearly HVAC service plans, so I actually do not have to pay for the duct sealing. I pay a fee of two hundred dollars a year for this service, and I have to tell you, it has saved me a lot of money! This duct sealing job that I have to get done now would have costed me close to that yearly fee. So, you do the math! I had the heating and cooling workman out about a day later to do the ductwork sealing. And as of today, my thermostat reads what it should, and my air conditioning actually gets a break here and there!



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