I thought that was a well deserved retirement

Being the manager of a company that is associated with any repair industry can be difficult.  You need a constant increase of new buyers in order to build your corporation in addition to you need to maintain the contracts in addition to relationships with all those you already have.  For these reasons, being the boss can be stressful, however our company specializes in cleaning hospitals in addition to other medical offices so it can be a complication to our employees too.  They must all work within special rules that apply to these type of atmospheres in addition to know the risk associated with the work they perform. They may be exposed to germs or bacteria or even bodily fluids so they need to take precautions in wearing protective gear while working there.  A big part of my job is to contact additional medical offices in addition to facilities to have them sign contracts for our medical cleaning services. I show them our new list to make it evident that the people I was with and I are a trusted group with highly trained personnel; A month or so ago, a new building opened up in the medical corridor in addition to it was genuinely wanting to land that contract.  Every one of us already clean more than 2 of the other offices in the big building nearby so I felt the people I was with and I had a pretty great chance of being hired based on our reputation! When I met with the office employer I made sure to point out that our cleaning services company can do everything from everyday cleaning to disinfecting after surgeries or disease outbreaks. I was ecstatic when the people I was with and I got the call saying that they made the choice to sign a contract with us.  As a janitorial repair that specializes in the medical buildings the people I was with and I truly count on contracting with these people for a steady stream of income.

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