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It is hard to believe that it has been only a year since I graduated from school with my degree in building management software and systems.  It seemed to have taken forever to finish school, but now that I have, I am working in building automation systems. I realize that building management software design is a perfect job for me.  Over the last couple years, the job market for Building Management Systems and Building Management Software, has been increasing. There are also some good companies that want to hire graduates like myself who are able to do work with Commercial Build Control Solutions and work with Building Control Systems.  I wasn’t so sure that I would be able to find a job when I was first taking classes. Now, I am binding that I have people coming to me and asking me if I would be interested in working for them. I don’t have the concerns I had when I graduated and it has become quite the opposite. Building Management Software Design is a very interesting job, and I love how the job is constantly evolving.  I am always learning new things about my job and I am gaining more skills as I continue. I was afraid I would be bored, but there is no time for boredom when you work with Building Management Design and Building Control Systems. This field is absolutely perfect for me and I would do it again without giving it a second thought, if I had to do. I would recommend Building Management Design and Building Control Systems to anyone looking for a career.

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