I was worried about that

It can be a lot of fun when you work for  company that designs modern computer programs.  There are computers that can calculate statistics and other computers that are able to operate devices that help to complete everyday tasks, and I am responsible for keeping them running.  Competition can be really tough when it comes to developing these programs, especially since my company doesn’t have a monopoly on them. If any leaks were to occur in the information chain, it could cost the company huge losses in profit.  We need to have a lot of high security measures in place in our company. We not only need to swipe cards to get into the building, but we also have a two step long process when signing in. We have a fully automated security monitoring system that includes cameras in every area other than the restrooms.  You always need to be on your best behavior since you have no idea when or if someone is going to be watching. Even something as simple as altering a work habit, can cause management to fire you because of supposed breach of rules and the loss of trust management has in you. I love my job and I really believe that I can make a big difference by designing programs that make others life easier.  It can be really stressful because I am always worrying about losing my job. Once in a while I will see the cameras moving in the lobby, so I know that someone is watching. I know they must have cameras somewhere in a hidden area. Since security is quite complicated, one never knows when they are being watched.

LOT security 

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