My heater is the best unit

I normally have a very positive outlook on life.  I wake up in the morning always thinking that I am going to have a wonderful day.  I try not to think anything negative about anyone or anything. I want to always look at things in a very optimistic way.  This has worked for me in the past and I am sure it will work for me in the future, but not today. I woke up and smiled as I looked at all I had going for me.  I threw back the covers and shivered as I started to get out of bed so I could up the thermostat. I ended up tripping over my own slipper and I ended up falling and breaking my tooth when I fell.  I was holding my mouth as I got up and tripped over the same slipper and turned my ankle. Now, I was hobbling to the thermostat, hoping to at least warm up the house so I could get my shower, but the furnace wasn’t responding.  I called the HVAC company, hoping they could give me immediate service, but I had a four hour window, which meant I couldn’t go to work that day. I called the dentist about my tooth and they promised they could do it that afternoon.  Then I called my doctor because my ankle was swelling up to gargantuan proportions and I was thinking I may have cracked the bone. I’m just hoping that once I have the furnace repaired, I will have enough money to fix my tooth and pay the doctor.  I guess this was not a day to get out of bed.

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