Taking out my air ducts

I got hired to work part time at a video store. I have been in the task for multiple years now and I love it. The worst day by far was our first night shift. I had been trained and prepared to close the store at midnight for weeks. The first time I did it was a nightmare and it was all because of the gas furnace. The store has an aged boiler plan that frequently breaks down, then usually the boiler just refuses to heat. If that was the issue, I would have just left and went home, then nope, on our first night shift all by myself the boiler had a major oil furnace repair. There is piping with a boiler unit; One of the pipes cracked and leaked water all over the floor. The dirty water leaked into the powder room, storage room and was even on the main floor by the E-I area for the films. On that shift I had to ring out shoppers, clean up the dirty water and find a heating corporation. I needed to get the boiler repaired before I left the store. I could not allow the water to stay on the floor because it would ruin everything. I also could not allow the boiler to continue leaking more and more. I had to use the store emergency fund to pay for the boiler repair and I had to stay multiple hours later than I was scheduled. It was 1 of the worst days of our life. The supervisor was so grateful though. Thankfully, nothing major has happened since then.

air ducts

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