Heating in the spring

I have an seriously old, oil oil furnace at our house. Because it still works entirely well, I have not felt the need to upgrade it. I figured that it’s worth using it for a little while longer so that I can set aside some money over the next year or numerous to upgrade it with a more modern heating method. Even though the oil furnace works fantastic for myself and others throughout the Wintertime, it’s a real pain as we transition from Wintertime weather to Spring weather. In the section I live, the weather can be undoubtedly fickle during transition periods. Although most afternoons are still undoubtedly freezing as well as Wintertime, we are starting to experience a few warmer afternoons in the mix. Since the oil oil furnace is so old, one way I try to reduce the wear as well as tear on it is by not turning it on as well as off undoubtedly often. When I fire up the oil furnace at the start of the Wintertime, I try not to turn it off at all until the Spring weather is here to stay. Unfortunately for me, that means I have the heat running on low on afternoons that are as hot as 70 degrees! It’s simply not worth it for myself and others to turn the oil furnace off as well as risk having it not turn back on when I think that the remainder of the month will drop back down into temperatures as low as 30 degrees. When I was younger, I used to appreciate the Spring more than any other season. The past few years, I have dreaded the Spring weather because of this situation with our oil furnace. I think I have to suffer through those hot afternoons until I think the freezing weather is gone for good. Hopefully that will happen soon!

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