The old man and the A/C

What amazes me about senior living is that there’s always someone saying that things aren’t good enough for them. Don’t get me wrong – there’s plenty of things that I don’t like about nursing homes, from the often bland meals to the boring events. However, there’s also some things that I’m pretty envious of. I would love to live in a quiet facility like this, and have my own room equipped with all the things I would need to get through the day like access to the internet, a TV, a laptop – and of course, my own thermostat to keep the room as warm or cool as I want! That’s the great thing at this facility; every single room has its own thermostat for controlling the temperature inside that room. One tenant might prefer being warmer than usual, and have the heating system running to keep their room toasty. One room over, another tenant can’t stand the heat and loves feeling cool. That gentleman can run the air conditioning system for the facilities using his zone control thermostat, and have his room just as cool as he likes. I don’t have anything like that at my apartment – in fact, I don’t even have a digital thermostat! I still have one of those old manual dial thermostats that have to be arbitrarily twisted around until you find a temperature setting you like. I’m telling you, these people have it made living here!

ductless a/c

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