First phase of rebuilding

Shortly after a massive hurricane wiped our home and most of the surrounding neighborhood off of the town map, my husband and I were now up to our eyeballs in post-disaster planning. We had to somehow work with a general contractor to have a new house built, while coordinating our own lodging with a hotel and making sure that our insurance company would cover the bill. Eventually we got in the swing of things, and figured out how to handle the situation little by little. Once we found a contractor, we could begin rebuilding our home. One thing that distracted us from the stress of the situation was picking out a new heating and air conditioning system, which was more fun than we expected. There were a ton of options on the market – so many, in fact, that we had to work with another heating and air conditioning contractor and specialist just to help us decide on what was best! For heating our new home, there was the conventional electric or gas furnace, and there were more radiant heating options like a radiator or boiler system. There was even a heating system that used radiant heated floors, which would heat the house slowly but much more evenly. While that was fun to try and decide on, we wound up going with the radiant heated floors. They sounded the most cost effective, and would be a pleasure to walk on and feel the warmth under our feet!

HVAC system

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