Cleaning my A/C unit was a bad idea

When people search online to find “do it yourself” articles that focus on home and appliance repair, people often bite off more than they can chew. I’m just as guilty of it as everyone else, and heaven knows I’ve made my share of big mistakes just to try and repair something myself. That’s the thing, though – you have to know when to choose your battles, and when to leave the fighting to someone who can handle it. In this case, the “fighting” was my effort to clean and repair my home’s outdoor air conditioning unit. The first thing I did was cut power to the unit of course, but then I opened up the machine and started scrubbing away at the coils with just a damp sponge. Coils and fins for the air conditioning unit are pretty fragile and easy to warp or even break, but I was too pig-headed to think about that! Instead, I managed to snap several fins off of the front of the air conditioning unit, and warp a couple coils out of place. Ever since I did that, my air conditioning system has been acting more and more out of character, and struggling to keep my house cool in the process. Honestly, I’m thinking I just need to call a heating and A/C professional repair technician to come and perform the necessary repairs on my outdoor A/C unit. If it isn’t fixed before summer, I’m going to spend the entire month of June, July and August with no clothes on and standing in front of a circular fan.

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