Never underestimate the effect of a new air filter

I’ve always been a talented procrastinator. Sure, I tend to wait until the last minute to handle something, even if it’s important – however, I handle it with finesse and rarely get bitten by my tardiness. With that being said, there are exceptions to my lazy approach for handling deadlines. After all, there are some things that simply cannot wait! One of those things, I found, is the routine replacement of the air filter. Nothing else in the house needs to be changed as often as the air filter for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. That’s for good reason though, because that air filter prevents a multitude of problems from rising with entire HVAC system. A fresh filter each month means the dust, dirt and other particles trapped in the air filter will no longer impact the indoor air quality of your home. The more that air filter is loaded down with debris, the less air will pass through it and cool or heat your home. Plus, regularly changing the air filter means less debris will bypass the filter and float around the ventilation system! While it’s still a good idea to get the ductwork cleaned by a professional at least twice a year, regular rotation of air filters in the house is a critical preventive measure to keeping the HVAC system in good health. Otherwise, all the things that air filter prevents from entering the ductwork will find its way in! When dust, dirt and other debris finds its way to the furnace or A/C unit, the damage will be far worse.

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