House renovations

Last winter I decided to make a new addition to my home. I had always for years wanted a beautiful fireplace within my living room. Before, and all these years I have lived here, I just could never afford to look into it. I recently got a major bonus pay at my job, and I was thinking, now is the time to look into that fireplace! I did not want one of those fake gas fireplaces that just look good. Not to mention, I am very paranoid about gas in anything. So i always tend to avoid it in my home. I was then looking at having a real fireplace installed. I did not know who to call to look into this, and someone had told me to check with our local heating and cooling company as they could give us some insight into it all. The heating and cooling company was very friendly as well as they even told me they themselves could have it installed! I was actually shocked that a heating and cooling specialist could install an actual real fireplace! I guess we learn something new every day! So, I went and scheduled an appointment from the local heating and cooling company to have this fireplace installed. They had shown me photos online of different ones to choose from, so I picked my favorite looking fireplace. The heating and cooling company even have me a special half off deal for being a brand new customer to their company. I made out like a bandit! And soon, I will be enjoying my brand new fireplace in my living room, and loving the whole scenery it will bring!

HVAC update

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