Why I don’t trust mechanical thermostats

When I was a little girl, my family and I used to spend a week out of every summer at this beach house about an hour from home. It was always towards the end of the summer and right before school started, so it was like our own way of saying goodbye to summer vacation. For that reason, I loved staying at the beach house and looked forward to it all summer long! However, only a few days into the week at the beach, I would remember why I missed being at home for that entire week. See, this beach house had a mechanical thermostat – the old fashioned dial thermostat that you could find in older homes. I had no idea how this thing worked, or how my dad was able to tell what the setting was for the thermostat. I also didn’t think anyone really knew what the setting was supposed to be, as any time someone touched the thermostat it would get even colder in the beach house! My only relief from the cold came from sleeping in a loft bedroom, which was positioned just above the other bedrooms in the beach house. The heat that soaked into the roof all day long, combined with the absence of air conditioning vents, made it easy for me to get some decent sleep. The rest of the time, I had to walk around the beach house wearing a blanket or robe to stay warm, which seemed ridiculous! But, that’s just how powerful the air conditioning system was at that beach house. These days, I wouldn’t mind staying in a place as cool as that during a week of hot summer weather!

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