Can’t wait to be rid of the central air

I bought this condo because it was a steal, but it has one major problem–the HVAC. For most folks, the idea of central heating and air conditioning sounds like a wonderful luxury. But where I live, it’s honestly just one big pain in the neck. Since I’m in the far northern parts of the United States, I honestly don’t use the air conditioning at all. The only thing I really need is the central heater, which I run sometimes more than nine months of the year in order to stay warm. For this reason, the HVAC in my condo is just a huge menace. This system needed a ductwork sealing and cleaning from the first day I moved in, which was not cheap! Apparently HVAC duct is incredibly fragile, or so my HVAC contractor says, so the need for having your ductwork tended to is a very common one. I asked if changing the air filter would help, and he said while yes I needed to change it once a month, doing so would not erase the need to have my air ducts cleaned at least once a year, every single year. There was in short no way to prevent this from happening. He said if I wanted a heating system that was easier to care for, I should consider getting a boiler or a heat pump. The heat pump won’t work to keep the house warm on its own, but it also provides air conditioning, so the HVAC contractor said it would help in summer. Then in winter, having a gas boiler powering something like a heated floor would provide effective heating, without any troublesome ductwork.

central air conditioning

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