I appreciate my central cooling after a run outside –

I get very hot in the summertime.  Especially, since I’ve taken on a new workout program.  I love to run outside to stay in good shape, but i find myself sweating a lot and getting very hot easily.  People ask why I don’t go to the gym. I don’t go to the gym, because I like the feel of natural air. Besides, why spend money to run on a treadmill, when I can run for free? It doesn’t make sense to me.  Sure, having an air conditioned gym, feels good. It’s nice to be in a temperature controlled climate. But, I’ve chosen to save money and get fresh air and exercise at the same time.So, after a long run in the summer, it feels great to go into my cool house.  In order to keep my house cool and comfortable, having a working central a/c system is very important. Window air conditioning units are better for cooling rooms. I like to have a comfortable, cool house to come home too. In the summer, after long hot runs, feeling cool from an efficient ac unit is a big priority to me.It’s so important to have a working central air conditioning unit when it’s hot.  I drink a lot of water when I run. So after a long run on a hot day, I need to use the bathroom. Having a central ac system helps keep the bathroom and the whole house cool. You can’t accomplish that level of comfort in a whole house just with a window unit.

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