Turning my sons life around

A couple of years ago my youngest son was still in high school I was getting pretty worried that he was on the wrong track in life. He was never very motivated, and he was always hanging out with the same three people just playing video games. Nothing really excited him in life. I tried to get him into sports, hunting, and piano classes but nothing seemed to work. Then one day I had a buddy of mine come over to take a look at where I wanted to have the new air conditioning unit installed in the house. He was an HVAC repair tech in town, and the minute my son walked out of his room and saw him he looked at my friend like he was a superhero. My son who was always quiet was suddenly talkative asking him about all of the cool tools on his belt and how cool his HVAC repair truck was. My buddy ended up staying for dinner that night, and he even offered to give my son an apprenticeship if he kept his grades up for his senior year. My son was so excited and from that day forward he started trying hard in school and became much more invested in his life. Now he is two years out of high school and is all wrapped up with his HVAC apprenticeship. He has his own repair truck, has dozens of clients who rely on him. It sure is crazy to see how much he has turned his direction in life around, and there is nothing in this world that makes me happier than seeing how much passion and love my son has for his job as a HVAC repair tech.

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