Radiant heat

Radiant heat is a serious trend these days. When it comes to apartments in the city, most of them are equipped with radiant heat. My girlfriend and I were searching for a loft apartment last year. We needed to find something spacious, because my girlfriend has an art studio at home. She spends time I’m working on sculptures and paintings, and she is always working on a commission. We needed to find a place with plenty of space for working and living. I didn’t expect to find something affordable downtown, but a buddy of mine knew of a sublet. The sublet was a two-year deal, because the person was going away on a doctors with borders trip. My friend recommended my girlfriend and I for the apartment. We went to see the loft apartment, and we were totally amazed by the whole place. The kitchen was bigger than any apartment I have seen in the city. You could tell that it was a custom job. The bathroom was equipped with a shower and a separate toilet. My girlfriend was super excited about that. My favorite part about the loft apartment was the radiant heat. We went to see the place in the middle of a cold day, and that was enough to get us hooked. My girlfriend loved the radiant heat. I have to admit that it felt great with my shoes off. The loft apartment was priced well, and the radiant heat was a great selling point. My girlfriend and I took the lease. We have been here for almost a year now, and we love the place.

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