Lawyer office hot

After my mom was in a serious accident, she hired a lawyer to help her sort out the details of a settlement. The driver of the commercial truck was not licensed. My mom decided to get a lawyer, just in case the company decided not to pay her medical bills. About two or three months ago, my mom met with her lawyer and a lawyer from the other company. I decided to accompany my mom to the office. We sat in a large room, where the table was big enough for everyone to see each other. The room was very warm. I tried to look for a thermostat, but people were already starting to come through the door. When the lawyers enter the building, they immediately sat down and started talking. We were halfway through two pages of depositions, when I started to feel sweat dripping down the back of my neck. It seemed like the heater was working overtime. It was cool outside, but it didn’t need to be so hot in the office. I looked at my mom, because I wondered if she was bothered by the excess Heat pouring out of the air vents. She looked just as miserable as me. I decided to stop the meeting and immediately request a change in the indoor temperature. The lawyer told my mom and I that the thermostat was broken, and there was no way to fix the heat. My mom and I wondered if this was a tactic. We requested a short recess with our lawyer alone. The other lawyers left the room and I told them it was too hot to concentrate. They agreed that the thermostat and heat was a problem, and they asked to reschedule the appointment until the following week.

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