I don’t think of myself as a sexist person. I don’t think that women have special rolls, and I believe that women and men can you equally do the same jobs. Still, I was surprised last week when a female HVAC technician came to install our new system. My wife and I anticipated seeing the regular HVAC technician. A guy named Steven has been our HVAC technician for the past three years. He knows our system inside and out. When we decided to replace the HVAC system, we expected to see Stephen. Instead, a Woman by the name of Carol showed up to complete the installation. Carol had a second person with her, but that guy was just a trainee. Carol seemed to be proficient and knowledgeable on HVAC subjects. I don’t know why I felt so worried about a girl installing my heating and air conditioning products. It certainly made me think twice about my position on women and men in the workforce. I thought that I was the type of person not affected by these standards, but maybe I am just as sexist as everyone else. Carol did a great job installing our HVAC system. She finished the job in less than 5 hours, and our whole system works great. I don’t know how long Carol has been working in the HVAC field, but it’s clear that she is just as knowledgeable as any other person. I would proudly recommend this HVAC company and Carol, if any of my friends need repairs on installation work.

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