Saving on our heating costs

Now that my husband and I are getting older, we are finding that the weather affects the way we feel during the day.  Arthritis has now set into every joint in the body. During the winter, we have had to supplement our boiler furnace with our wood burning heater.   Since we spend most of our time in living area, it seems the smartest move we can make, to supplement the heating in this area. We are now on a set income and we need to watch every penny that we spend.  We are always looking for someplace to save a little bit of money. We found that we were able to save a substantial amount of money, during the winter, by keeping our thermostat set at sixty-five. We have a living area that includes dining room, kitchen and living room.  The small wood burning heater, keeps the temperature in this area, at around seventy-five. It takes a bit of work to bring the wood in and to make sure there is wood burning at all time. That little bit of added work is worth more than the cost of a tank of oil and less electricity use.  We have found that our energy bills have lowered by 10%. Our oil usage has been cut down by nearly 25%. It is cooler in the bedroom and the bathroom, but we like a cooler bedroom. We bought a small space heater for the bathroom which is able to heat up that area very quickly, and it only runs while we are getting our showers.

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