How did that happen?

When I bought a brand new air conditioner machine the other day, I was really excited about my new investment. This was a very energy-efficient air conditioner machine. I couldn’t wait to hook it up in the window and crank the AC for that cooling relief. I was so happy when I was able to run the AC for the first time in my apartment. It was really nice, because this air conditioning machine had a remote. I just put the remote in my pocket, and I took it with me everywhere around the apartment. If I felt it was too hot, I would just crank up the AC a little more with my remote. If it was too cold I could easily just turn the AC down a little bit. Well, when I had some friends over for a company, I wanted to show everybody my nifty air conditioning machine. When I went to grab the remote though, I was shocked that I couldn’t find it in my pocket. I searched all around my apartment frantically trying to find that remote. I can’t believe I had this new AC machine for less than a day, and I already lost the remote somehow! When I finally decided to stop looking for the remote for the air conditioning system, my friends asked if they could get something to eat. So I went in the freezer to find something I could cook for everybody. I was completely shocked when I opened up the freezer and the remote was inside. I honestly don’t know how that happened.


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