Complete AC tune up

I knew it was important to have a periodic tune-up performed on the car. In fact, I learned that quickly when I was a kid. It was part of the important information that my parents relayed to my brother and myself. They stressed the importance of proper car maintenance. They expressed the importance of annual oil changes, tire pressure checks, and even tune-ups. During all that time, my parents never told me that I needed it to perform the same tune up on my A/C. I didn’t find out this information until I had problems in my home. I was having some issues with the indoor air quality, and some of the bedrooms felt cooler than others. I decided to consult with a local A/C repair office. They advised me to have a full tune up on the A/C components. They cleaned the drain line, which was filled with green pieces of algae. They cleaned the coils inside of the A/C as well. They didn’t seem too dirty, but that was part of the tune-up. They also changed the air filter. It was covered in dust and pet hair, and it’s no wonder I had very little air flow in the house. The A/C mechanic advised the air filter should be changed much more frequently. He gave me an extra air filter for the next month, and a business card with the measurements written on the back. Before he left, the A/C was working much better. I could feel cool air everywhere in the house. The A/C mechanic recommended having the tune-up performed every spring.

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